Going Global: South Africa

June 16, 2010, 09:45 am  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

I’ve definitely come down with World Cup Fever. Side effects include a sudden and profound interest in all things South African. Occasional glimpses of the landscape make me want to book the very next flight to Capetown. Ocean + mountains + a large cosmopolitan city in between = I am so there! Stunning football stadiums provide an inspirational bonus to the whole sporting affair. Now if there was only a thriving community of jewelry makers…

Nini van der Merwe, Button for My Buttons 1 Medal

Carine Terreblanche, Herinneringe II

Eric Loubser, Ring

Eric Loubser, Ring

Guess what? There is! And a superb sampling of South African jewelry is coming to the United States this year. “Dichotomies in Objects: Contemporary South African Studio Jewelry from the Stellenbosch Area” is an exhibition co-curated by Lauren Kalman and Carine Terreblanche and includes several artists featured in this post. There are more than 100 pieces in the exhibition by 20 South African jewelers, each of whom is  affiliated with Stellenbosch University. The exhibition begins at Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco, where it will be exhibited for the entire month of July 2010. Afterwards, it travels to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, from September 12 through October 31, 2010.

Jan Bekker, Sirkel Jewellery, Ring

Nanette Nel, Verkeerdom Protea Brooch

Gussie van der Merwe, Maagspeld, rugspeld, borsspeld en boudspeld

South Africa’s motto translates to English as “Unity In Diversity.” This slogan seems apt to describe the country’s vibrant craft scene as well. Africa Nove Gallery and Tinsel are two galleries that promote handcrafted jewelry and local artists. This month, millions of eyes (mine included) will be turning to South Africa for sport. The time has come to begin discovering its abundant creative talent as well.

Thérèse de Villiers, Brooch/Hairpin

Liz Loubser, Brooch

Philippa Green, Flame Flower

Karin Rae Matthee, Pod Brooch

Anthi Voyatjes, Untitled #1, #2, #3 Pins

Philippe Bousquet, Business Woman

Geraldine Fenn, Pendant: To Have and To Hold

Geraldine Fenn, To Have and To Hold (open)

Thanks to Eric Loubser for being my cyberguide to South African jewelry. Please visit his website as well as other featured artists:

Jan Bekker

Thérèse de Villiers

Geraldine Fenn

Philippa Green

Liz Loubser

Karin Rae Matthee

Happy Youth Day South Africa!


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