Got Anniversary? Get Jewelry!

June 30, 2010, 14:59 pm  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

There’s a longstanding tradition that dictates what type of gift is given on a specific wedding anniversary. For example, the first year’s gift is paper, the second year’s is cotton, and so forth and so on. Since jewelry is the best of all gifts, I found myself wondering if it would be possible to stay true to this custom while giving it a bit of a twist. Could one gift a piece of jewelry each and every anniversary and stay within the traditional parameters?

After throwing down and picking up my own gauntlet, here’s the collection I created for the first 20 anniversaries (plus two bonus pieces for 80 and 90 years of marriage!).

PAPER: Mary Hallam Pearse

COTTON: Felieke van der Leest

LEATHER: Nathalie Mornu

LINEN: Constanze Schreiber

WOOD: Julia Turner

IRON: Sophie Hanagarth

WOOL: Lisa Klakulak

BRONZE: Asa Halldin

POTTERY: Peter Hoogeboom

ALUMINUM: Malaika Najem

STEEL: Talya Baharal

SILK: Evelien Sipkes

LACE: White Owl

IVORY: Monique Pean

CRYSTAL: Evert Nyland

TOURMALINE: Atelier Zobel


TURQUOISE: Joanna Gollberg

AQUAMARINE: Tom Munsteiner

CHINA: Gesine Hackenberg

OAK: Bruce Metcalf

GRANITE: Nina Mann

Many thanks to the jewelers featured in this post. Please visit their websites for more information and images.

First Anniversary, Mary Hallam Pearse
Second Anniversary, Felieke van der Leest
Third Anniversary, Nathalie Mornu
Fourth Anniversary, Constance Schreiber
Fifth Anniversary, Julia Turner
Sixth Anniversary, Sophie Hanagarth
Seventh Anniversary, Lisa Klakulak
Eighth Anniversary, Asa Halldin
Ninth Anniversary, Peter Hoogeboom
Tenth Anniversary, Malaika Najem
Eleventh Anniversary, Talya Baharal
Twelfth Anniversary, Evelien Sipkes
Thirteenth Anniversary, White Owl
Fourteenth Anniversary, Monique Pean
Fifteenth Anniversary, Evert Nyland
Sixteenth Anniversary, Atelier Zobel
Seventeenth Anniversary, Seth Papac
Eighteenth Anniversary, Joanna Gollberg
Nineteenth Anniversary, Tom Munsteiner
Twentieth Anniversary, Gesine Hackenberg
Eightieth Anniversary, Bruce Metcalf
Ninetieth Anniversary, Nina Mann


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