I think puzzles and brainteasers are supposed to keep your mind sharp, but I can’t remember.

In the playful spirit of the holidays, I offer you the following impromptu guessing game.

Can you identify all 32 celebrities in the following photos based on their jewelry?

(Answers at the bottom if you get stumped.)

Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Wilma Flintstone, David Bowie, Elsa Schiparelli, Keith Richards, Sade, Marilyn Monroe

Angelica Houston, Karl Lagerfeld, Miss Piggy, Georgia O'Keefe, Sophia Loren, Mr. T, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy

Diana Vreeland, Neytiri, Queen Elizabeth, Rosa Parks, Steven Tyler, Nancy Cunard, Wilma Mankiller, Etta James

Marc Bolan, Isabella Blow, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Billie Holiday

Answers, Left to Right
Row 1: Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Wilma Flintstone, David Bowie
Row 2: Elsa Schiaparelli, Keith Richards, Sade, Marilyn Monroe
Row 3: Angelica Houston (in Calder), Karl Lagerfeld, Miss Piggy, Georgia O’Keefe (also in Calder)
Row 4: Sophia Loren, Mr. T., Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy
Row 5: Diana Vreeland, Neytiri from Avatar, Queen Elizabeth, Rosa Parks
Row 6: Steven Tyler, Nancy Cunard, Wilma Mankiller, Etta James
Row 7: Marc Bolan, Isabella Blow, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor
Row 8: Madonna, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Billie Holiday


29 Responses

    Brenda Schweder says:

    How fun, Marthe! I think I know about half! Can’t wait ’til Friday!

    Novelstoo says:

    OK, here goes. Audrey Hepburn, Kathrine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Keith Richards, Princess Di,Rose Kennedy?, Queen Elizabeth,Raquel Welch, Wilma,Greta Garbo,Madonna,Mr. T, Angelica Houston,Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly,Marlena Deitrich,Cher,Twiggy,Halle Berry,Pablo Picasso,iman,Mickey Roark,Tommy Lee, Marilyn Monroe I just don’t know any more and half of what I have is probably wrong. The black and white one that has a brooch that looks like it could be a Calder piece could be his wife Louise.

    Novelstoo says:

    I forgot to add Miss Piggy to my novelstoo list

    Colleenbaran says:

    Oh, fun.

    Karl Lagerfeld- 3rd row 2 over
    Navi from Avatar- 5th row 2 over
    Coco Chanel- 7th row 3 over

    Roycecreative says:

    wouldn’t know where to begin, but can’t wait to find out who’s wearing the silver lobster

    Cynthia says:

    Michelle Obama, don’t know, Betty Rubble, the singer from the DiVinyls?, Coco Chanel, my grandma!, Sade, Madonna or Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Manson, Miss Piggy, Eleanor Roosevelt, that scary actress/socialite from Dynasty, Mr. T, Jackie O, Twiggy, Diana Vreeland, Naavoo (spelling? ) Queen Elizabeth, Pat Nixon, Keith Richards, Elsa Schaparelli, don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, Winona Ryder, Grace Kelly?, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Lady Diana Spencer, my teen age neighbor/skate punk/scenester, don’t know.

    Whew! Thanks to some clever image grouping I was even denied the use of Tin Eye!

    Anonymous says:

    I’m loving these responses (even more than creating the grid…hard to believe because that was super fun!) Maybe we’ll make it a regular feature, like the puzzles in the newspaper. Ha!

    Melissa says:

    I think the black & white one (third row, last one) is Georgia O’Keeffe made by one of her good friends — maybe Calder?

    HalsteadBead says:

    How fun is that! Great game!

    Colleen says:

    Ohhh, this would make a brilliant regular feature!

    Annrishell says:

    second row, first pic is the Duchess of Windsor. fourth row, Sophia Loren, Mr. T, ?, and Twiggy.

    OMG….is that a lobster necklace???? I’m going to come back and try this later. How fantastic! I love this game!

    across 1st row: Michelle Obama, Prince, Flinstone, David Bowie
    2nd row: audrey hepburn, keith richards, Naomi Cambell, ??
    3rd: ?, DIane Lane, ?, ?
    4th: Can’t place her, Mr. T, ?, Twiggy
    5th: mic jagger, Prince, Queen Elizabeth, Jackie O
    and I give up!

    Winddancerstudios says:

    first row ? from the planet of the apes, Wilma Flintstone, ?
    second: ? Kieth Richards, ? Madonna (not enough chest for Marilyn Monroe)
    third: ? ? Miss Piggy ?
    fourth: Sophia Loren, Mr T, ? Twiggy
    fifth: ? Form Avatar, Queen Elizabeth, ?
    sixth: no clue
    seventh: ??? Anna Nicole maybe
    eigth: ? Princess Dianna, ??

    Car34hbar says:

    the last one in the last row that no one seems to know is Jean Tierney

    Treshia1 says:

    Last row, 3rd in, I think its Johnny Depp (during 21 Jumpstreet days!!)

    Mitzi916 says:

    1st Row L-R Michelle Obama, Cher, Wilma Flintsone, Lady Gaga?
    2nd Row L-R Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, ? , Madonna (or Elizabeth Taylor)
    3rd Row L-R ?, Micky Rourke, Miss Piggy, ?
    4th Row L-R Sophia Loren, Mr. T, Grace Kelly?, Twiggy
    5th Row L-R Rose Kennedy?, Halley Barry?, Queen Mother (or Queen Elizabeth?, Grace Kelly?
    6th Row L-R Keith Richards (Or Mick Jagger?) ?, ?, Grace Kelly
    7th Row L-R Stephen Tyler, ??, Audrey Hepburn?, Princess Diana
    8th Row L-R Madonna, Princess Diana, ?, Marlene Detrich?

    Cynthia Deis says:

    ahh, Johnny Depp! yes, that’s it!!!

    Guest says:

    top row: Jada Pinkett Smith, don’t know, Wilma Flinstone, Madonna.
    next row: Audrey Hepburn, unknown, Iman, unknown.
    4th row down, 1st picture on the left: Raquel Welch.
    All others: I have no idea. :-)

    Mitzi916 says:

    Revising my guesses:
    4th Row L-R Sophia Loren, Mr. T, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy
    8th Row L-R Madonna?, Princess Diana?, ?, Gene Tierney?

    Ok, it’s Friday already… where are the answers??

    Anonymous says:

    Hi Mitzi! I’ll be revealing the identities of the “jewel-ebrities” at 5:00pm EST. Thanks for playing!

    Anonymous says:

    I’ll be revealing the jewel-ebrities at 5:00pm EST. Thanks for playing. Great guesses!

    sabinea says:

    marthe, that’s not an easy game, but fun…

    1st row: ?,?, wilma flintstone, ?
    2nd row: ?,?, iman, marilyn monroe
    3rd row: ?, karl lagerfeld, ?, ?
    4th row: sophia loren, ?, ?, ?
    5th row: ?, neytiri (avatar), ?, ?
    6th row: steven tyler, ?, ?, ?,
    7th row: ?, ?, ?, ?
    8th row: madonna, lady di, ?, grace jones

    Valerie says:

    Too much fun, Marthe! Love it.

    Colleen says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t guess the one with Bowie.

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