[I originally posted these four downloadable project PDFs on September 19, but these two books are doing so well now that they have released that I thought it'd be a nice idea to bring the post back today for everyone's attention. ~ Ray]

Books in the beautiful, brand new I Can series from Lark Jewelry & Beading offer comprehensive, illustration-rich courses in beadweaving stitches. These books (with the first two releasing officially in November 2012) are accessible for beginners but equally designed for experienced beaders looking for either a refresher class or simply a range of exquisite, inspiring projects from exquisite, inspiring teachers.

Mabeline Gidez

Melissa Grakowsky

We’ve started the series off with two of the best in the business: Mabeline Gidez authored I Can Right Angle Weave, and Melissa Grakowsky wrote I Can Herringbone. The authors made all the projects in the books — more than two dozen each — and the books include galleries of invited artists’ beadwork using the stitch.

As usual, I think the best way to give you a taste of the books is to give you part of the books! So here we go: Right here we’re making available from each book two downloadable project PDFs:

Braided Bracelet from Melissa Grakowsky's I Can Herringbone


Lotus Flower Necklace and Earrings from Mabeline Gidez's I Can Right Angle Weave


Athena Necklace from Melissa Grakowsky's I Can Herringbone



Egyptian Queen Collar from Mabeline Gidez's I Can Right Angle Weave


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