Op Voorraad (In Stock), The Netherlands

Op Voorraad (In Stock) Taiwan

One of the biggest buzzmakers in retail is the pop-up shop. These temporary spaces, open for a limited time with limited merchandise, have been successful at generating exposure and enthusiasm for a product or company. Most pop-up shops invent an exciting interactive environment that engages customers directly and creates a valuable impression.

Op Voorraad (In Stock) is a pop-up shop for studio jewelry founded by the artist collective of Ineke Heerkens, Jeannette Jansen, and Jantje Fleischhut. In Stock fosters a vibrant, approachable, and independent venue for contemporary wearable art.

Ineke Heerkens

Jeannette Jansen

Jantje Fleischhut

For their pop-up shops, the collective invites a large group of jewelers (often 50+) to design and produce a limited edition of original pieces. “There were no stipulations,” says Jansen in an article by Gabrielle Kennedy for design.nl. “The pieces could be made from anything and there were no price limits.”

In the same article, Heerkens added, “I think it works because people come with a different attitude. People are so formal in galleries, but here the jewelry and the designers are more approachable. People can touch things and ask questions. Also, because we have included so many designers, I think people can get a good feel for what is going on in the contemporary jewelry field.”

The newest iteration of In Stock is being featured during Taiwan Designers’ Week at Fabrik Creative Project Space in Taipei. Can’t get to Asia by the end of the week? Not to worry. You can see all of the works on display at the In Stock Taiwan blog. You can also see their last pop-up show at the Op Voorraad blog.

Jacomijn Van Der Donk

Tanel Veenre

Ulrike Rapp

Andrea Wagner

First row, left to right:
Ineke Heerkens Trees of Amsterdam, brooches
Jeanette Jansen HouseNr, necklaces
Jantje Fleischhut Colour Your Day, necklaces

Second row, left to right:
Jacomijn Van Der Donk Penseelketting, necklaces
Tanel Veenre N.T., earrings
Ulrike Rapp Charms, necklaces
Andrea Wagner Solitair In Home Economics, rings

Installing the In Stock Pop-Up Shop, Taipei, Taiwan 2010


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