Jan Baum, in The Penland Book of Jewelry

April 08, 2011, 17:44 pm  Posted by Lark

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Top to bottom: Group shot and detail of "Botanical Fiction: Chrysanthemum Brooches" by Heather White van Stolk (photos by Dean Powell); "Seep" by Maria Phillips (photo by Doug Yaple); "Vishnu Dreams" by Douglas Harling (photo unattributed)

Lark recently released The Penland Book of Jewelry in paperback, which was a good reason to peruse its pages. I worked as editor Marthe Le Van’s assistant on that book; flipping through it again was a fun trip down memory lane. I remember, lo, all those years ago, recognizing with a gasp just what Heather White van Stolk had cast for her Botanical Fiction: Chrysanthemum Brooches. I recall meeting the charming Jaime Pelissier, who had come to our offices to discuss his chapter. I marveled over Douglas Harling’s exquisite granulated pieces, and was fascinated by Maria Phillips’ electroformed objects.

The book features ten master jewelers who’ve taught at the Penland School of Crafts:

Each artist contributed an essay that touched on his or her background, sources of inspiration,  approach to jewelry-making, photos of their work, as well as a photographic demonstration of a technique they’re best known for. There are galleries by invited artists, too.

The book is chock full of terrific visuals and valuable information, and I’d be hard pressed to say what I like best about it, but poring over the photo demos is definitely near the top of my list. How to pick just one to share with you?

I ended up selecting the Hands On section written by Jan Baum because I’m partial to lockets—I loooove the notion of hidden compartments–and I’m crazy about her use of arabesques, plus I love the shapes she forms in the hydraulic press.

So click here to download a PDF that shares Jan Baum’s die-forming technique.

Work by Jan Baum. Left to right, "Generations" (photo by Phil Harris); "Hot Style" (photo by Courtney Frisse); "Mark-ed" (photo by Bill Bachhuber)


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    Jenny Hoople says:

    Magical :) I really like that Seep necklace!

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