Jewelry Bridal Bouquets

January 20, 2012, 10:42 am  Posted by Lark

vintage jewelry bouquetI was sitting in a brew pub when a wedding party came dashing in to take pictures around the beautiful copper brewing kettles there. The enthusiasm of the group made everyone look, but what I focused in on was the amazing jeweled bouquets that the bride and her bridesmaids carried (see photo left). What a great use of vintage and costume jewelry. It reminded me of those beautiful old pieces of jewelry my grandmother loved. The bride’s bouquet could even be made up of a collection of special pieces of jewelry from family and friends.


Take a look at this collection from various etsy artists. Click here to see the jewelry bouquet mosaic at its vivid full size.

gallery of jewelry bridal bouquets1. Croska 2. thebejeweledflorist 3. Vaughndesigns 4. LX Designs

5. Luv U Lila 6. Vaughndesigns 7. Surroundings 8. Modulation

9. annasinclair 10. Lionsgate Design 11. Noaki 12. The Heirloom Bouquet


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