Jewelry in Black & White

February 08, 2013, 13:25 pm  Posted by Lark

I haven’t posted in a while and was considering where to begin. Basic black & white struck me as a perfect starting point. It is a simple color pairing that often leads to a striking design. Here are some great examples of jewelry featuring this color combination from an array of etsy artists.


Click here to see the photo mosaic at its vivid full size.

Mosaic of black & white jewelry

1. jenniferloiselle 2. orcapeppa 3. blockpartypress 4. chantaldefelice

5. thalassajewelry 6. mariagotijoyas 7. TillyBloom 8. luxurybyvera

9. maldonadojoyas 10. Jewelrybyfrancine 11. OrangeDogCrafts 12. blockpartypress

13. mariastudio 14. Waterrose 15. ArtemisFantasy 16. gildedlilyglass

17. ArcadiaBeads 18. jascamille 19. SiAtelierShop 20. elukka



2 Responses

    Waterrose R says:

    What a lovely collections…thanks for including my necklace!

    Mandy says:

    I do love the simplicity of 2 or 3 colors & the dramatic effect it can create. Thank you for
    including my polka dot dog brooch in this beautiful collection!


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