Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes is, as I’m writing this blog post, the No. 1 book in Jewelry and in Beading on Amazon.com. Which is pretty awesome, as well as deserved: Jill, it’s a fantastic book.

This earlier post (click here to go there), featuring Jill’s Flirtation Bracelet and Bohemian Earrings as downloadable projects, has so far generated more than 400 Facebook “Likes” and nearly 3,000 StumbleUpon, um, “Stumbles.” (You may think I’m just making that term up, but trust me: I’m an editor.) Which also is awesome, and demands a follow-up: hence this post.

I’m pleased to share with you two more downloadable PDFs from Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes. I hope you love them, and that they give you a nice preview of Jill’s beautiful, inspirational, and creative work that’s so well captured in the projects in her new book. Download these PDFs right now:

French Quarter Lariat from Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes



Ray of Light Bangle from Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes


Ray of Light Bangle variation from Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes

Jill Wiseman

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Also, don’t miss our October giveaway of a complete set of signed books in the Beadweaving Master Class series: Click here to learn how to enter. It’s easy! (Honest — after all, I’m an editor. Honesty is in the job description.)