Thomasin Durgin is a stand-out participant in the Ring A Day Project on Flickr. I’ve been watching her mix it up with classic metalwork, shocking political statements, innovative use of alternative materials, and inspired conceptual pieces. If that weren’t impressive enough, she’s also created video art.

“Making one ring per day for a year is challenging,” Thomasin says, “and I’ve found it helpful to switch between mediums to keep it fresh for myself. Some of my videos are made as conceptual rings and some simply demonstrate the uses of rings that I’ve created. I know virtually nothing about making movies, but I have a lot fun playing with i-Movie and exploring stop-motion techniques.”

Whether I’m snickering at Thomasin’s stop-motion claymation or saddened by her commentary on the gulf oil spill, I’m always surprised and delighted by the range of her fearless explorations.

Watch two more videos by Thomasin Durgin after the jump.

For more information about the Ring A Day project, see this post on the fabulous new Art Jewelry Forum Blog.


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    Experimetal says:

    fabulous article, designer and rings!
    love the RAD project!
    can't wait to see more!

    Inbar says:

    What a great article and rings ! Thank you !
    Tomi is a great artist she never stops surprising me…. I am a big fan of her!
    I have a big respect to all the RAD project participants – It's really hard to make ring a day !
    Thank you Marthe for following this project !

    Carole Cornell says:

    Tomi rocks! I love her creations.

    Ray Hemachandra says:

    These wonderful videos provide thrilling creative inspiration–even while they voice despair over creative fatigue! Marthe, thank you for sharing Thomasin Durgin's work.

    What amazing creativity!

    Kate Doub says:

    Thank you for sharing this Marthe,

    I look at her work with wonder. love, and praise,

    Thomasin's Mom

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