Key Pendants Abound

July 06, 2010, 15:56 pm  Posted by Lark

Key pendants are a popular trend. Traditionally keys have represented security, safety and mystery. Perhaps now, they also have us thinking about opening new doors and economic hopes. I was curious to see what the indy artists of Etsy were doing with the idea. Here’s a sampling of some keys that grabbed my attention.gallery of keys

1. shabbychicadee 2. Veriska 3. COGnitivecreations 4. PattieBee 5. meganstelzer 6. meltemsem 7. GwenDelicious 8. JewelryDeli 9. ArtDaily


11 Responses

    sy says:

    aww these are so cute. i love the 3rd one with the little devil wings.

    Nicole says:

    Love seeing so many interpretations of one motif.

    justval says:

    My husband has his grandfather's key (the man was 101 when he died), what a wonderful and creative way to enjoy them instead in lying around in a drawer.

    Jeri says:

    Keys are also being used by many lampwork artists. Beads are created directly on the steel shank, some fixed in place and some so that they can slide. It is a great combination of old and new! Jeri

    I love #1 and #7…number #1 is pretty and #7 is just so authentic looking! I'm hoping on this trend wagon!

    Meltemsem says:

    All of them awesome, amazing finds! Thank you so much for featuring my key pendant! :)

    Sophy says:

    A customer brought in a fabulous key, looking for chain and beads to go with it. It turned out it was the key to her grandmother's house – her gran was deceased and this was going to be a wonderful way to honor and remember her with.

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