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July 15, 2010, 16:04 pm  Posted by Lark

A simple lace applique necklace attached with a chain

More and more over the past year I’ve noticed a pinch of lacy femininity added to funky outfits in the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, and also in other cities. A gauzy and delicate rose brooch pinned to an otherwise plain black tanktop or an ivory lace headband paired with ripped jeans and a T-shirt. And I think it’s awesome! I’ve always loved a bit of Victorian-inspired flair.

One aspect I love about fabric lace jewelry is that it’s easy to make. I started playing around with lace appliques  you can get in craft stores or online at Lace Heaven or Etsy when I was making my wedding veil, but I ended up not using them. I decided they just looked perfect on their own!

What I love about lace fabric jewelry is you don’t need a soldering iron OR a sewing machine. And if you don’t want to buy lace, you can repurpose the edge of an old tablecloth into a necklace or cut up a doily to make earrings.

To make earrings, all you need are posts or french wires. For a necklace, you simply attach a ribbon or chain. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with feminine fabric jewelry, because it’s an easy yet inventive means to a fashionable end.

Adding a simple drop bead adds a lot to these lace applique earrings.


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    Ray says:

    Carol, I love that this jewelry is so easy (yet styling) that I even I could make it! Um, not that I'm spending all my spare time making myself lace necklaces. Snap!

    ... says:

    I *never* thought I would find lace jewelry appealing, but you've shown off some real beauties. If I could snag that necklace in black to suit my wardrobe, I would be good to go.

    justval says:

    Absolutely a fantastic idea. Love the necklace!

    Kc-carr says:

    I've loved lace for years. Never thought of making it into jewerly though. Thanks for the article. Karen

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