Laksmi Pendant from Maggie Meister's Classical Elegance

I’ll cut right to it: Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance, an entry in our best-selling Beadweaving Master Class series, is new this fall and receiving rave reviews all around. See some excerpts from reviews below, but really, I think the best way for you to get a sense of the book is for us to give part of it to you. So, click here for a PDF from the book of Maggie’s Laksmi Pendant. Take a look, get started beading, and enjoy!

If you’re intrigued, then by all means, explore a little bit more: read an in-depth interview with Maggie from this summer; try out her beautiful Artemisia Earrings, another project PDF from the book; and download two bonus PDFs of great projects made for the book but not in it due to space limitations, and that are now free online exclusives: Fiore Earrings and Liternum Brooch.

Then read some praise for Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance that has just begun rolling in:

“All of the jewelry I thought to be very beautiful, and I think the general concept of the book – connecting bead weaving to classical ancient elements – works wonderfully. I would suggest this book more for intermediate level beadweavers than those who might know very little about making seed bead jewelry. There is lots of inspiration here for the novice, but for those with experience, I feel the projects are very doable.” (5-star review) ~ About.com Jewelry Making

“Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance takes it’s inspiration from the classics: architecture, antique jewelry, and textile elements from history and other cultures worked into beautiful, ornate jewelry. It’s jewelry meant to be both impressive and wearable and succeeds in that very well. Recommended for advanced beginners who want a challenge and intermediate beaders.” ~ Bella Online

Laksmi Pendant from Maggie Meister's Classical Elegance, in an alternate colorway

“Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance is filled with sumptuous designs that are reminiscent of a museum collection of rare and exquisite jewelry.” ~ Craft Gossip

“The book is exquisite. I’m inspired.” – The Bead Dreamer

“Yes, it is THAT GOOD. I am all ga-ga over this book. The pieces have a museum quality feel with a modern day practicality. You just can’t beat the projects she offers. There are 20 designs in this book, a nice balance of earrings, necklaces and cuff style bracelets. For the intermediate to advanced seed beader, this book will be a a joy to play with.” ~ Sig Wynne-Evans

“Maggie Meister takes you on a creative voyage through millennia of art from all around the world. Maggie perfectly catches the essence of great historical artwork in her beadwork masterpieces.”~ Sabine Lippert

“Precise instructions and skillfully drawn diagrams complete each project. Nothing is left out. Her book is a creative adventure.” ~ NanC Meinhardt

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    Guest says:

    Thanks for this wonderful project and thanks for letting beaders have one book by Maggie. Will there be a sequel with other Maggie’s masterpieces? We all need more projects by her. :-)

    Zquilts says:

    Where else could you meet someone who would know Bellingham?!
    This books sounds like another winner for Lark. Stunning collection of necklaces shared here. I never would have thought about being interested in making any sort of jewelry without Lark! tee hee

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