The gallery books in the Masters series always are on my list of “Editor’s Picks.” The books in the series each feature approximately 40 artists, selected in conjunction with an expert curator. Photos of each artist’s work are showcased on four consecutive spreads–eight pages–with an introduction from the curator and thought-provoking quotes from the artists interspersed throughout.

To celebrate this beautiful ongoing series, I’m pleased to offer a special giveaway of a bundle of four Lark Jewelry & Beading Masters series books. The books are Masters: Gold, curated by Marthe Le Van; Masters: Beadweaving, curated by Carol Wilcox Wells; Masters: Gemstones, curated by Alan Revere; and Masters: Glass Beads, curated by Larry Scott. To be entered for a chance to win this outstanding, inspiring collection, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m EST on Tuesday, August 10. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Friday, August 13. Click here for the official rules.

Any comment will do, but if you’d like please let us know what other subjects you want to see fleshed out with a master survey in this series. I’m pleased to report that Masters: Polymer Clay is an upcoming (Spring 2011) publication, and a non-Jewelry & Beading title, Masters: Blown Glass, is due out in just a few weeks. Among the other titles already available in this gorgeous series: Masters: Earthenware, Masters: Porcelain, Masters: Woodturning, Masters: Collage, and Masters: Art Quilts, Volume 1.

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    charleneanderson says:

    I'd love to own this series. How about including Lace Knitting as well?

    Carol says:

    Lark is producing beautiful books celebrating art and fine craft.

    Clara says:

    Looks like a beautiful series, and I'd be thrilled to own it. I'd love to see a “masters” survey in book arts.

    Chris Aiton says:

    I would love to win these books!!!! I would love to see a Masters book on art and freeform knitting and crochet. thanks for the chance to win

    manabeads says:

    What a better way to be inspired than by the “Masters”! Love the series.

    Karen says:

    Oooh, what a lovely giveaway! My fingers are crossed. And I'm interested in all things knitting …

    Amanda says:

    LOVE this series!!!! what a great giveaway! I am interested in all things beads :-)

    Ann Rosier says:

    I would like to see a Masters book on Metal Clay and one on Enameling. I would love to win this collection!

    Gretchen Coats says:

    I would love to win these!! And I think a knitting Masters book would be a good seller!

    Dalia says:

    This Master serias is great!!! thanks for fublishing it

    Beth says:

    Thanks for the beauty to aspire to, to enjoy, to inspire. to share.

    Susandilger says:

    They look like a spectacular series and OH, would I love to own them!!!! :-)

    Genie says:

    Truthfully, you guys have really hit on the major titles I've wanted. I would LOVE to see one of cast glass though. So much talent and variation!

    Novelstoo says:

    I would like to see a Silver Masters book, an Enamel Masters book, and maybe a Masters book that highlights non-precious stones, I have no idea what that could be called, so maybe just a Lark book on the subject. I am also crazy about iron and steel and there seem to be quite a few artists using this medium. Enough for a masters? I don't know. I would love to see an instruction book focusing on steel and iron. Something more advanced than just using steel wire. I think the market is saturated with beginning metalsmithing of all types. I would love to see more advanced, or at the very least, intermediate instruction.

    Carol says:

    You guys do a pretty good job at selecting the Masters to print. I want them all!!

    Sandy says:

    I'd love to win these books! I'd also love to see felting and needle felting gone into depth.

    Janel says:

    The Masters books are always great. So much inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    Adele says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the whole Masters series; I had forgotten how beautiful and inspirational they were. How about Masters of felt or metal?

    Nanz says:

    How come “Masters: Gold” isn't in the Rio Grande cataloge when so many of the other Masters series books are?
    Just wondering.

    soe says:

    Masters of knitting, felting, crocheting, silk painting, mosaic, wearable art, mixed media. Masters of Memento's, Masters of Christmas, Masters of Spring, etc. Masters of gift wrapping, Masters of Paper. Masters of Ornaments.

    Kassie says:

    Amazing things can be done with polymer. Sharon Solly can make clay look like art glass and much more. That would be a great Masters book. I would be so happy to have this collection! Kassie

    Tara says:

    Love the Masters series, would be thrilled to win any of these!

    Yebo1996 says:

    the covers of these four books are gorgeous…i can only imagine the treasures that await inside.

    Be still my heart! As a beginning jeweler, the sight of this collection makes me swoon. :-)

    revaskie says:

    Glass painting, stained glass work and metal work would be of interest to me.

    Shirley says:

    Fantastic series – would be interested to see one on silver

    Fannie says:

    Thank you for producing an ongoing series of excellent books. Would love a chance at winning this Amazing giveaway!

    Love your masters series. Would enjoy seeing a Masters: Mixed Media, or a Masters: Fiber Art . . .

    Catherine Chandler says:

    What great books! I would love to see one on silver, or even metal work in non-precious metals.

    Jami says:

    Wonderful books! Always full of fabulous eye candy!

    Deano says:

    The Masters series for me is a true blessing. It allows me to have experts next to me 24/7 to give me inspiration and to help me focus on the work I'd really like to do next.

    My suggestion for a new book is found art or recycled art, whatever you want to call it. Since we're all becoming more aware ecco-wise, I think it would be a good topic to explore.

    Michelle says:

    Mixed media! I'm fascinated by the knitting idea too. There are lots of cool and unusual knitting projects out there–like knitted cars!

    Diane says:

    My first exposure to this set of books – marvelous!

    Lora Hart says:

    I already have the fabulous Masters:Gold by Miss LeVan, but how I would delight to own the others! I love all of the 500 books, the tutorial books and anything the genius' at Lark may come up with in the future. Your grand company has done so much for the world of Craft (with a capital C).


    Rose Regenboog says:

    My students and I love the jewelry lark books and look forward to them every time!
    Anne Rose Regenboog

    Wlstarn says:

    I have Masters: Art Quilts and it's a wonderful book! (I also have at least 4 of the 500 series). All are treasure troves of ideas and inspiration.

    Joannl says:

    I'd love to see a Master: Couture Sewing…. SO much good stuff there

    Btbeadco says:

    WOW!!! This would be a great prize to win.
    Barbara Todd

    LisaB says:

    Awesome prize. How about Masters Fold Forming or Masters PMC?

    Helen says:

    hello – what about mosaic and mixed metals – would be very excited to have all of the ones offered! Thanks so much for all that you do!

    Beadviolet says:

    It must be very difficult to choose who goes into these books! How about one that explores PMC?

    I'd personally love to see a masters for silver!

    Sara Schoedinger says:

    I could certainly use the distraction to learn more & do more with the knowledge from your books!

    Marciaslager says:

    I'm fairly new to beading but have really enjoyed challenging myself with new beading projects from books that I've purchased. These are four books that I don't have but would love to own as inspiration to keep learning and trying new techniques related to beading. It would be like going to an art gallery right from my armchair:)
    Marci from Washington State

    Grace E. Li says:

    I want them ALL! ::SIGH:: Pretty, Shiney, and FABULOUS! Lark Books you have done a wonderful job inspiring us all to take our art to the next level.

    Ladydandelion8 says:

    Love the books! I would love to see one on PMC.

    Suzy Johnson says:

    Great! How about wireworking??

    schane gross says:

    I personally do metalsmithing but my mom makes glass beads and is very much a fan! She even buys and collects very intricate beads made by other artist. I've bought her books as gifts but this is a nice listing just for a gift idea. Thank you!

    Marg says:

    I love the Masters series! Such wonderful eye candy. Would like to see a book on Metal Clay

    Sage Bray says:

    I think I have more Lark books on my art shelf than any other publisher. Being a polymer artist myself, I was hoping for a polymer clay Master's book but, hey, you already thought of that! I hope it includes much more than polymer jewelry and looks at the mixed media artists that are combining other materials with polymer clay for some really beautiful and exciting artwork. I'd also love to see a Silver or Mixed Metal book. There's so much more in jewelry metals besides gold and beside the “500 …” series of Lark Jewelry books they are not often celebrated.

    Thanks for giving us artists access to so much inspiration!

    Ldarmes says:

    I love Lark Books. I think it would be nice to have a master book for wire work or mixed metals. This would be so nice to win as my birthday is two days before the closing and it would be a nice gift.

    Verena Greene-Christ says:

    What excellent books! I own a lot of Lark Books on Beading and enjoy every one of them. Because of them I have learned a lot to become better in my own designs. They inspire and turn any unenventful day into a really great one!!

    Manuela Sanchez says:

    Wonderful books

    marthy says:

    Even in Germany beaders love Lark Books! Thank you very much for all the inspiration they give us :-)

    Dottie0055 says:

    Love to see something about precious metal clay.

    Bigi Laperla says:

    I'm from Germany and also a great fan of Lark Books – I would love to have a Masters book on Bead Crochet.

    Delia110 says:

    Here in germany Lark Boods are very popular. I love these books.

    Tina Seviour says:

    Inspirational as always – every library should have these!
    Tina Seviour – Holcombe, Somerset 07845 756704

    Joy Funnell says:

    Great giveaway. I would love to see Masters: Silver Clay

    Irmgard Hoffmann says:

    Ich liebe alle Perlenbücher und möchte noch mehr lernen!

    Mary says:

    ! would like to seeabook on wireworking please!

    justval says:

    The craftsmanship in these books looks amazing. I can not wait to view them!

    Jeri says:

    Is it too early in the art form for a Masters of Metal Clay? Jeri

    Barbara Rymarquis says:

    I would be interested in a Masters book featuring wire artists, both those using wire sculpture and wire wrapping.

    Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I had no idea there were so many books in this series, I am sure they are all fabulous!

    Irene L. says:

    Masters : PMC would be a great book to have

    Marsha M Jones says:

    Winning is good.

    Angela Strack says:

    The book is very great. I would like to have it.

    Dorrie says:

    As a totally self taught beadweaver, I count on books a lot to learn what is going on. I have quite the library, but I do not have these Masters Series. I would love to add these books to my library. Please pick me!

    Catherine says:

    I think Masters: Stitching would be exciting.

    Kim R. says:

    I'd love a chance – please enter me!

    Ashley L says:

    My bead craze was recently reignited when I took an organic wire wrapping class. This series would seal the deal!

    Annamari says:

    Masters Metal Clay would rock. It would be great for the 500 series as well!

    Judith says:

    How about one on Bead Crochet? There are some outstanding works being produced in this technique.

    doxallo says:

    Oh wow! I'd love to see a Masters Enamel.

    MoonRae says:

    What a fantastic series of books!!! I'm also thrilled to see there is going to be one out on glass blowing.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win all these together

    MoonRae says:

    Great series of books!! I'm thrilled to see a glass blowing coming out soon. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win these!!

    Steph says:

    The Master series are amazing books! I dont know if we have something like that in germany.
    I love them all but I think a “master wirework” is missing.

    The 400 Polymer Clay book is a bible for most polymer artists. I just got a copy of 1000 Rings and I’m mesmerized. How about a Master Series book on unique resin works?


    Saibrahsmimi says:

    Awesome give away — I'm in

    Carmen says:

    Thanks for having the give away. Here are some suggestions: Masters Mixed Media, Masters Fiber Art, Masters Wearable Art, Masters Art Glass, Masters Metal Art and Masters Wire.

    marcy says:

    So many good ideas already listed. I like: Masters silver, Masters mixed metals, Masters mixed media, or maybe something like Masters recycled art!

    Martha Sielman says:

    I'm a big fan of the Masters series!

    Abarr says:

    Count me a supporter! How about Masters: Mokume Gane?

    Jamie says:

    I would like to see a book on wire work using jigs. – Jamie :-)

    Ruthie Henson says:

    Wow! Would love to learn more about the Masters!

    oneshining says:

    Maybe a MASTERS of Pewter, Hollowware, Fabric design, Accessory design, Carving, Weaving, Felting, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Steel and/or Ironwork, Hand thread painting(embroidery), Lace making, Baskets woven, Leather, Chain maille, Cast glass, Sculpture, Enamel, Resin/plastics, Stone cutting (the stones, just the stones). I could probably think of more. I love Lark Books.

    Waltraud Skibbe says:

    Ich habe gerade erst mit dem Herstellen von Perlenschmuck begonnen, und suche noch viel mehr Ideen. Dabei könnte mir dieses Buch gut helfen.

    M Meckl says:

    I could certainly use the distraction to learn more & do more with the knowledge from your books!

    A Skibbe says:

    ich hoffe ich gewinne dieses Buch, weil ich damit meiner Mutter eine tolle Freude machen könnte.

    Tba-snoopy says:

    The book is very great. I would like to have it.

    Miri Admoni says:

    I am a glass & jewelry artist, combining glass elments with precious and non precious materials.
    I am big fan of the Lark books, it's an endless inspiration for me!!
    I like to see mixed media, high & low together.

    cmauers says:

    I am a fiber artist. I would like to see Masters of Contemporary Textile Art. Not necessarily Quilt Arts.

    Mary Ann says:

    I would like to see the upcoming Polymer book be divided into two (though I realize it is probably late in the game for that). One book dedicated to wearable art (ie jewelry, buttons, etc.) and the other being sculptures.

    Melaniejaneb says:

    masters in pewter and masters in felting

    Debby Bewley says:

    If this series is anything like the 500 series, it will be GREAT!

    xliquidxfirex says:

    All of these books are great! :)

    Patty says:

    Anxious to see Masters: Art Quilts and this teacher would love to win something special;!

    Connie Stark says:

    Looking forward to the Collage and Art Quilt series. Love Lark books.

    Aja says:

    500 series…every xmas/birthday present list ;-)

    Barak Harel says:

    Can't wait to the 500 felt book to come out and the Masters series sounds great. Too bad I can't afford them all…

    Donna says:

    Glad I found you. I'm a craft junkie.:) Love all kinds of crafts.

    Jen says:

    I'd love to see some Masters: books on embroidery! :)

    Beth says:

    Can't wait to see Masters: Blown Glass! These topics would be welcome: flameworking; metal clay; cast glass

    Hi I Love this series and wasin fact searching the website for any forthcoing books to add to my collection – then saw the offer. Fingers crossed ;)

    Donna says:

    I love to make beaded jewelry and found this website on the Kodak Gallery. All of the books sound very interesting. Would like books on making beads, keeping my fingers crossed for the books. Thanks.

    Erica says:

    Bookbinding! I'd love to see a book on that.

    Gerry Brock says:

    I would like to read about creative useage of Handmade Paper. Gerry Brock

    Psullivan says:

    My daughter is an art history major and headed to an internship at IMA and grad school – I read everything I can to try and stay 1/2 step ahead of her

    Wow! These books look like they would be something to cherish and treat with kid gloves. I am new to these books and I would love to get my hands on one. I am mostly a fiber artist who toys with beads for small jewelry pieces and crafts and I have a couple of 'similar' type yarn/colorway books that I look at on occasion to drool and get inspiration from. This is my first time here via Facebook and I see by the tabs on top that there are places for needlework and crafts– I will check them out. And maybe you have one of this….but I'l love to see something with fiber–yarn,paper, cloth, etc and beads. Thanks for a well done site.

    Kelly says:

    I'd love to be included in the giveaway! The one I'd like to learn more about is already slated to come out (polymer clay). It might be nice to have one about design/color selection.


    shanna says:

    I have been coveting the Lark's Masters series. The work presented by the various artists is so inspirational and unique. I would love to see a Masters book on Chasing & Repoussé, and one on Enameling. Thank you publishing such a great series. I also love the 500 series at well.

    Evelyn Markasky says:

    Lark Books are amazing!

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