As metal clay continues both to mature and to popularize as an artistic category, the need for books that go beyond the basics also grows. In response, Gordon Uyehara, one of the world’s most prominent and accomplished metal clay artists, is releasing the book Metal Clay Fusion in March 2012 at bookstores and craft stores near you, as well as from Amazon and BN.com.

The book includes 40 pages of instruction in metal clay fundamentals, techniques, and design and artistic philosophy. Then, Gordon presents more than 20 original projects, mostly of jewelry but also of several small home-décor objects, such as a chopstick rest, a bell, and an incense burner. See photos of some of the book’s beautiful projects below. The metal clays Gordon utilizes include silver, bronze, and copper. The book also shows gallery photos of excellent metal clay work from Wendy Wallin Malinow, Barbara Becker Simon, Hattie Sanderson, Linda Kaye-Moses, Hadar Jacobson, Liz Hall, Holly Gage, Louise Duhamel, Tina Carvalho, Gwen Bernecker, and Angela Badule-Crispin.

Visit Gordon’s website to learn more about the artist. Thank you for being a part of the Lark Jewelry & Beading community, and please connect with Lark Jewelry & Beading on Facebook.

Bronze, Silver & Pearl Pendant from Metal Clay Fusion


Bronze & Copper Flora Bracelet from Metal Clay Fusion


Bronze Asian Bell from Metal Clay Fusion



Bronze Clay Mask Pendant from Metal Clay Fusion



Tri-Metal Hollow Bead from Metal Clay Fusion


Tri-Metal Pendant from Metal Clay Fusion


Poison Pill Ring from Metal Clay Fusion


Honu King Incense Burner from Metal Clay Fusion


Congratulations to Peggy Goldblatt of Mercer Island, Washington, the randomly selected winner of an advance copy of the book from the original version of this blog post. Our thanks to everyone who participated.


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    Bobbi Jansky says:

    I would live to try to make some of those hollow beads….am crazy for the mixed metals!!! Love this work

    Yebo1996 says:

    ive made a few rings and pendants, but obviously need to make more :)

    Lisel33 says:

    I am a long time fan of Gordon Uyehara. I have been working with metal clay for over 6 years and teach it as well as create with it. This book looks awesome!

    I love to make rings with my metal clays. Each of them has a story, the inspiration to make it came from an event, a picture or nature. It is fantastic to think of it in the morning and be able to finish it the same day.  
    Can’t wait to see Gordon’s book and his fabulous work

    Art4dh says:

    The book looks beautiful.  Would love to learn the latest.  

    Krschwartz5 says:

    I really am just a beginner in clay and even more of a beginner with the metal clay… I can’t get enough of it.  I am always searching for new ideas.  This book would be awesome!

    I love metal clay and am always blown away by the creativity and quality of Gordon’s pieces.  Great to see this book!

    Corinne Preston says:

    I use to just make patterned pendants with metal clay. I feel like this book could really help me up my game and reincorporated metal clay back into my work.

    Gordi is awesome and I can’t wait to see his book! I use a variety of different metal clay brands, formulas and types, mostly for creating jewelry. Occasionally I will combine metal clay with other media, such as polymer or glass, but mostly I just use it by itself or with gemstones. I also love keum-boo and often will add 24k gold foil accents to my silver metal clay jewelry using this diffusion bonding technique.

    I’ve only done simple pendants and a bead.  would love to make a ring with moving parts!

    Melanie Muir says:

    I am a jewellery designer working in polymer clay, but I have an insistent voice in my head telling me to explore how to marry metal clay to my first love, polymer and create a design-led match made in creative heaven!

    Kim Paige says:

    I make mainly pendants & earrings and was recently fortunate enough to take TWO classes with Gordon in August (Honu pendant & Bail link bracelet).  I’d like to add more sculptural elements to my work :)

    Dragonfiremail says:

    Gordon’s work has always been an inspiration!  I have worked in PMC since silver first came out in the 90′s and his work is my favorite.  Would LOVE to learn more of his techniques!

    Linda Leach says:

    Gordon continually presents new and inspiring pieces … so glad he has this book coming out for those of us who have not been able to take one of his classes … Thank you so much

    Joy Funnell says:

    I work with silver clay and enamel, and I can’t wait to see Gordons book. His work is such an inspiration!

    Jai says:

    I have just made simple pendants and earrings. I’d like to try doing mix metals.

    I’ve been exploring metal clay as a way to broaden what I can already do in metal. I’ve watched lots of tutorials and am ready to make the plunge.

    HelenC says:

    Gordon is an awesome teacher and a metal clay genius!!!  I have been fortunate to take some of his classes!  I can’t wait for his book! 

    I would like to make pieces for assemblage.

    Sylvia says:

    It is always wonderful to view his edgy, seemingly ancient, sometimes alien works of art.  I 

    Dori Benner says:

    I would love to try this, I actually have a package of silver clay that i bought but have been afraid to justjump in there, i am sure with some instructional help and ideas i would be able to do it, I would more than likely get hooked because i have always had a problem with “manufactured” findings and locating stuff that would go with the designs in my head, i could give that search up and make my own. It would be awesome!

    Carrie says:

    I have been making mainly pendants for about 4 years now.  I am in the process of becoming certified and instructing.  Gordon’s work is the first place I turn for inspiration.

    Lisa Briles says:

    What beautiful work, can’t wait to see the book.

    I took his spinning prayer bead workshop at the MCConference in Chicago last July. He is my favorite metal clay artist. I would love to have this book to pursue more mixed metal clay pieces with articulations and learn his finishing techniques. I want to do more sculptural pieces with metal clay.

    Cemerson1956 says:

    I haven’t yet tried working with metal clay, but am really interested in starting – would incorporate with my beading

    Julesck41 says:

    i’m working with polymer clay but would love to learn to work with metal clay

    Jennie P. says:

    I have been wanting to work with metal clay for a while now. I’m really interested in making my own charms, beads, rings, etc. The book looks wonderful!

    Lori says:

    I would love to make that pearl pendant. I love the texture on the bronze cirle!

    Barbarabriggsdesigns says:

    I would love to have Gordon’s book! I’ve admired his work for so long. I miss using silver clay and am working with bronze clay since silver has soared in price. It appears that Gordon is using bronze and copper clays as well.

    Jennifer Raney says:

    Gordon’s work is awe inspiring and such an wonderful inducement to work with this amazing medium. I use metal clay to supplement my OOAK gemstone and pearl jewelry.

    Cara Frey says:

    I would LOVE to combine my clay and jewelery interests. Who knows where it can lead?

    Usairdoll says:

    What great pieces pictured. My Mom does silver work (silversmith?) and has made me several pieces. I’d love to win this for my Mom.

    Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win.


    Dottie Arnao says:

    The book looks awesome.  I strayed away from metal clay for years and now have gotten back into it. It’s been great creating personalized functional books and toggles for friends.

    Brandy Boyd says:

    I’ve been amazed by Gordon’s work since i first saw it over 10 years ago. His work is a continual inspiration for me on my metal clay journey. I hope this book is as amazing as i think it will be and can hold me over until i am able to make it to take a class from him in person!

    Mitzi Warren says:

    Gordon has been one of my metal clay idols for several years, and I was honored to have taken both his Hidden Bail Link Bracelet and Pearl Round Box Ring classes with him last August at the Metal Clay Retreat in Chargrin Falls, OH. But there is still so much to learn and I can’t wait to get his new book!!  I’ve made mosty pendants, charms and beads in PMC and Art Clay Silver. My favorite techinque is to ‘draw’ my Tree of Life series and custom name or initial pendants using syringe clay.

    Danoldcans says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book! 

    Donna Griggs says:

    A polymer clay jewellry artist I have been wanting to add PMC for a while. What a perfect way to learn how from one of the masters.

    Sue Smilesalot says:

    I love the poison pill ring and the turtle! I’d love to get a hold of this book.

    Mandy L. says:

    I’d like to make jewelry with it. These pieces are beautiful!

    ArborVitae says:

    Looking forward to retirement so I can learn more about metal clays- this would be a great book to add to my library!

    Deci Worland says:

    I would like to make organic forms and textures, I would love to give it a try!

    Jessiclay77 says:

    I love Gordon and took his Honu class a few years ago. I make jewelry mostly featuring box construction.

    Denise says:

    I would like to combine metal clay with my fused glass and beaded jewelry.

    Sherrie Brittig says:

    I love Gordon’s work, but haven’t had the opportunity to take a class from him.  I would love to have his book as the next best thing!  I make metal clay and glass jewelry, and am interested to see what I could bring to my pieces after studying his techniques and artistic philosophy.

    Pontowd says:

    I just love the creativity of these pieces.. I would love to make my own necklace with clay and a gem.. how fun.

    DebS says:

    I love these pieces!  I make a lot of silver and copper pendants and earrings.  These bronze designs are lovely.  I hope to work more with bronze clay this year and this book would be a great inspiration. Thanks!

    Kathy Frey says:

    As a wire jewelry artist I’ve been wanting to explore the possibilities of combining wire with metal clay, particularly as a sculptural outlet. This book looks like it would inspire great things!

    Anna Belkina says:

    I would try it with lampwork!

    Deborah A. Weaver says:

    Love the examples you showed, this is my year for trying new things, have slowly been buying little bits and pieces hoping to try the metal clays, this book would be such a welcome addition and I wouldn’t have to waste any of the precious metal clay. I would have your instructions to guide me.

    Katie Hanrahan says:

    I am so excited about this book! Gordon is an amazing talent and fantastic teacher. I have taken some classes with him and they are top-notch! I work primarily in silver clay but have played a bit with the base metal clays (bronze and copper). I’ve just started working with PMC Sterling clay and am bubbling with the possibilities of this new and very strong silver clay!

    Paula McDowell says:

    Amazing and seriously inspiring…a level to which I aspire.

    Roxanne Coffelt says:

    I am certified in precious metal clay and wanted so badly to take his cosmic honu class at the Bead and Button show last June.  But my daughter was getting married that weekend so I couldn’t.  I would love to learn how to do more 3D  type things.  So far I make pendants and earrings mostly and sometimes pair it with fused glass.  You can see my work at http://www.shanghaitai.com

    llheidi says:

    I would love to make metal clay work as precise and imaginative as Gordon creates. I’m still at the point of experimentation and voice-searching though… But I’ll get there… ;)

    Heidi says:

    I am all over the place with the metal clay work I currently create (let’s just call them experiments…) ;) and thoroughly enjoy any and all eye candy from artists I greatly admire, *ahem* Gordom…

      Llheidi says:

      Oops, I posted again, I didn’t think the first time went through. Ha ha… :-o

    considering how good the projects shown here are I’m sure this book will inspire creativity in anyone who reads it and hopefully one of those someone’s will be me I’d love to try tri and bi metal projects but never quite had the courage,hopefully with this book I would gain it

    Lissa says:

    Beautiful work. I’m sure the book is wonderful too

    Niranjan Khalsa says:

    I’m planning to buy a new kiln and can’t wait to try the bronz and coppr clays. I’m interested it making pendants and dangles that feature gemstones and combine them with my leather and wire wrapping projects. It would be great to have this book- I’ve been a huge fan of Gordon’s work ever since I laid eyes on his Saul Bell award ammonite necklace!

    NJ Brand says:

    I have been wanting to try metal clay… not just for jewelery but to explore other organic art forms. Gordon is considered to be one of the best in this field and one of the best instructors in metal clay, having his book(s) would certainly be a tool and inspiration as I begin my metal clay journey.

    Colllett Withers says:

    I use clay and would like to do both. Trying to learn all I can about different fusions.

    Beth says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book!

    Annita says:

    what wonderful things..the book must be marvelous!

    Marta Irvin says:

    Beautiful work! Looking forward to this book!

    I’m really wanting to incorporate bronze and copper clay with my lampworked beads & chainmaille.

    Rachel M Dow says:

    This book looks very interesting. I am currently investigating alternative metals to use in my jewelry creations.

    This looks like such an interesting book. I have been working with metal clay for over five years and still continue to be inspired by everything that the medium offers. I also create fused glass jewelry.

    Thom_carter says:

    Gordon’s work is so inspiring. It would be great to has his book in my studio.

    Ziva says:

    Must have in my library of Metal Clay books!!!

    Wendyoes says:

    I am such a beginner in the metal clay world that the projects in this book are only a dream for me. But I still would love this beautiful book, if only to remind me of the possibilities if I keep working at it!

    Sharon says:

    I  would love to see it metal clay with small crystals oh how beautiful that would be and very feminine…

    Jessica Clay says:

    I love Gordon and took his Honu class a few years ago.  I make ewelry mostly boxes and hollow forms.

    Gail in Florida says:

    I love making jewelry combining metal clay and polymer clay, and Gordon Uyehara has always been my favorite metal clay artist.

    I was fortunate enough to meet gordon at the metal clay  word confernce, I was so impressed with his techniques, it was a pleasure to see him in action. I am very happy to know he has finished his book. I cant wait to get it! I have made earrings pendants and charms out of art clay and PMC+ .I recently mad a pair of art clay silver earrings shapped like a leaf with dichrolic glass stone insets. I also made afree form frame  for a pendant with artclay and cubic zirconias  I  also have been experimenting with artclay overlay paste, painting it onto ceramics.I am looking fowrd totaking Wanaree tanners coper clay class atlanta!

    Teena says:

    I have never had the opportunity to take a class from Gordon but I love his work:-) Love to get this book so that I could learn from him!!!

    Peggy Goldblatt says:

    I fell in love with metal clay and the endless possibilities some 6 years ago. I was lucky enough to take Gordon’s Honu class at B&B show 2 years ago. I am really excited about his book because I could really use some more advanced techniques and ideas. I am certified by both PMC and Art Clay and have been teaching locally for 4 years.

    Ernie Hendrix says:

    I’ve only made a very few things in metal clays but now I have my own kiln and am excited to get started in this wonderful medium.  I make jewelry with polymer clay and would like to translate some of the designs into metal clay as well as incorporate some of my polymer pieces into metal clay pieces.

    c.r.mole says:

    Wow, not another book I will be wanting to buy soon!  Looks great.

    Ann Rosier says:

    I love Gordon’s work. My husband took his class in Chicago. He has wonderful class instructions. I would love to take a class with him. He’s a great guy

    I love Gordon’s work and  I am looking forward to see his book 

    Karin Breukelman says:

    I have been working with polymer clay for several years now, but I would love to try to combine it with metal clay. I see this book as THE opportunity to give it a try!

    Leslie Wayment says:

    So far I have attempted very little, other that pendants.  I usually tell my husband what I want and he makes it.  So much easier.  I love the projects pictured.  Especially the sea turtle, since I live where they nest every year.

    Kimis_Jewelry_From_The_Heart says:

    Amazing work, can’t wait to see all the detailed instructions inside. Learning from someone so well versed would be an honor.

    Cawsmobile says:

    I currently work in several medias (fiber, clay, wood). I would love to so more with metal. This looks to be a great idea book

    Jesi Ferguson says:

    I’ve been working in polymer clay for about four years and have just discovered the art of metal clay. The first piece of metal clay work I saw was by Gordon and I was just blown away. There is just something about metal clay that calls to me and who better to learn the art from than Gordon.

    Sue Counselman says:

    Starting in October I told my family what I wanted last Christmas:  a precious metal clay class!  I completed the introductory course two weeks ago and feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of something I’d like to explore much, much deeper.  This book looks simply amazing!

    Cloudz10 says:

    I too would love to win Gordon’s book.  I recently discovered Gordon on Facebook and became a fan of his work.  I would love the opportunity to take a class (or many) with him. He is an inspiration and very gifted artist. Thank you Gordon for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

    Cloudz10 says:

    Agh! I forgot to mention that I make mostly pendants and earrings, but would love to learn to make bracelets and rings in the different clays. Now I have only tried siver clay, because I don’t have a kiln yet. On the wish list!

    Helen says:

    Would love to learn this technique and would love to win this book!

    I start working with metal clay last december. So I am a bloody newbie but I am very interested in this material and so I look all over to find the best books to learn all about techniques and beautiful jewelry. And I think here is a book that will be my favored one. I like the pearl pendent very much because of the combination silver and gold metal clay. Mostly I think silver and gold doesn’t work together but in this case it looks very beautiful. Since four years I work with polymer clay and now I would like to combine it with metal clay. But for this I have to learn all about metal clay and I think this book would be very helpfully! 

    Erin Michael says:

    Gordon is sooo predictable–all of his things are remarkably beautiful and magnificent. :) I’ve worked (dabbled, really) only with the silver clay, but I’d love to get my fingers in the other metal clays!

    wanaree.tanner says:

    The wonderful thing about metal clay is it’s absolute versatility, Gordon expresses this quality in a genuine and unique way. I think as artists this the most we can hope for ourselves and other artists in any given medium. He continues to push boundaries with what is possible in metal clay!

    I love working with all kinds of metal clay!  I have made dragons, depictions of forest scenes, whistles, and more.  Once I made a bracelet for a friends wife that had a garden path with a small mouse under a leaf.  His eyes were tiny sapphires.  She loved it!   Gordon’s work is always inspirational, and he’s an excellent teacher as well.  I very much look forward to his book! 

    Bernadette Denoux says:

    I have not had the pleasure of taking a class with Gordon as they are always full, but have seen his work at metal clay conferences. He is the one teacher that I would love to take a class with because his work is amazing. I need his book to share with my students especially since they are into sea life as I teach in Key Largo Florida.

    Andrew Thornton says:

    I love Gordon’s work!  Owning one of his pieces before I die is on my bucket list!

    I mostly make pressed out coin pendants with metal clay.  I love to make reliquaries and small wearable shrines, incorporating my love of paper and mixed media art.

    Ashley Malinowski says:

    I would LOVE to make things from the metal clay. I saw it being used before at art shows and think it is fabulous. The turtle is a person favorite from the pictures above. Thank you so much for the chance to win. :) 

    Ashley Malinowski says:

    I would LOVE to make things from the metal clay. I saw it being used before at art shows and think it is fabulous. The turtle is a person favorite from the pictures above. Thank you so much for the chance to win. :) 

    Mikki says:

    Would love to take a class with Gordon.  I guess this would be the next best thing!  I work in all the metal clays and have my work in area galleries.

    Bob says:

    I have made pendants and rings and bezels for fused glass pendants.  I want to incorporate metal clay with my llampworked beads.

    Susan Reinemeyer says:

    I took Gordon’s Honu pendant workshop, and I’m very excited about the new book! Everything he makes is wonderful – love the poison pill ring and the tri-metal pendant especially.

    Susan Reinemeyer says:

    I took Gordon’s Honu pendant workshop, and I’m very excited about the new book! Everything he makes is wonderful – love the poison pill ring and the tri-metal pendant especially.

    I make silver clay jewelry but I have a new package of copper clay just waiting for me to use it! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Adori L'Argento says:

    I love the combination of different colors and metals in the design. 

    Adori L'Argento says:

    I love the combination of different colors and metals in the design. 

    Marilyn Tompkins says:

    I’ve taken classes in metal clay and loved it.  I made earrings and a pendant to match.  Would to have this book for more inspiring ideas.

    Marilyn Tompkins says:

    I’ve taken classes in metal clay and loved it.  I made earrings and a pendant to match.  Would to have this book for more inspiring ideas.

    Gordon is an amazing artist!  I have always wanted the pleasure of taking a class of his…but, he always seems too far away.  I am so excited about his book.  This will bring him a little closer to home.  I would love to explore his sculptural techniques with the bronze clay!

    Wow seems like you are a genius in metal Clay!

    Be creative to sell Creativity

    You are my intake, I own few web logs and very sporadically run out from to brand.

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