The Plastic Show Invitation, Velvet da Vinci

Rebecca Strzelec, Brooches

Every so often, jewelry featured in a Lark gallery book is gathered together for an exhibition. It’s a major deal for us when curators are so inspired by the artwork presented in our books that they undertake the complicated and courageous task of organizing and hosting a corresponding show. We feel so fortunate when galleries and museums embrace the jewelry in our books and give it a fully dimensional, public life.

The Plastic Show is an incredibly exciting example of this unique partnership. 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs, curated by Susan Kasson Sloan, was the basis for this exhibition now on view at Velvet da Vinci gallery in San Francisco, California through October 31.

Susan Kasson Sloan, Red Curl

Lin Stanionis, Seed of Temptation Brooch

Arthur Hash, Chain Necklace

Velvet da Vinci was the very first gallery to mount an exhibition based on a Lark Jewelry book. In 2004, gallery owners Elizabeth Shypertt and Mike Holmes curated and produced 200 Rings, a traveling show based on 1000 Rings. Since then, they have put together six exhibitions based on our books: 100 Brooches (2005); The Necklace Show (2006); The Earring Show (2007); The Pendant Show (2008, Mike Holmes and Elizabeth Shypertt co-curated this book); The Enamel Show (2009); and now The Plastic Show.

Anthony Tammaro, One A Neckpiece

Velina Glass, Uro Brooch

Kath Inglis, Shard Pendant

To enhance The Plastic Show, Velvet da Vinci added a couple of interesting twists. Jewelers selected for the exhibition were asked to send multiple pieces rather than just the published ones. This request enabled Velvet da Vinci to present a broader and more enlightening range of the featured jewelers’ work. As part of the installation (and as a great service to the viewers), the gallery posted descriptions of the different types of plastic next to the pieces in which they were used. Melamine, bio-resin, PVC,  silicon, acrylic, thermoplastic, photopolymers, rubber, urethane, polypropolene…the variety can make your head spin!

Peter Chang, Brooch

Peter Chang, Brooch

Jantje Fleischhut, Alpine Rose and Star

Sofia Bjorkman, Brooch

And we, as jewelry enthusiasts, have an amazing opportunity to view this extended collection online. Velvet da Vinci has posted photographs of all the pieces in The Plastic Show on their outstanding (and extensive) website. This blog post features several pieces from the exhibition that are not in 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs. I encourage you to visit Velvet da Vinci’s website to see the current exhibition, as well as full archives of previous ones. It’s a jewelry-lover’s dream!

Sayumi Yokouchi, Brooch

Yuka Saito, Leaf Wings Brooch

Ela Bauer, Ring

Suzanne Golden, Plastic Fantastic

Sarah King, Necklace

Rebecca Hannon, Orna Necklace

To learn more about the jewelers featured in the blog, please visit these links:

Kathryn Wardill, Pink & Grey Pod Necklace

Anthony Tammaro
Arthur Hash
Ela Bauer
Jantje Fleischhut
Kath Inglis
Kathryn Wardill
Lin Stanionis
Peter Chang
Rebecca Hannon
Rebecca Strzelec
Sarah King
Sayumi Yokouchi
Sofia Bjorkman
Susan Kasson Sloan
Suzanne Golden
Velina Glass


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