Put a Ring on It: Rock Rings

February 18, 2013, 14:48 pm  Posted by Lark

Once while standing in line, I happened to overhear a woman talking about her diamond engagement ring to a friend. She turned to greet her acquaintance and, as she flung out her left hand for view, pronounced, “Check out my rock!”

It was an interesting moment for a couple reasons, though I was especially intrigued by her reference to the diamond as a “rock,” which I realize isn’t uncommon, but still caught my attention. Yes, diamonds are rocks and they come from the earth, but when I hear the term, my first thought isn’t of precious gems–it’s of smooth river stones and pink canyon walls and the little shifting pebbles lining the campus path of my alma mater. To me, those are rocks, and they do beautiful credit to the classification.

We’ve just celebrated a Season of Love (of course, arguably, that season is year-round), and I’ve been reflecting on the ring as a symbol of love. In this, my fourth and final day of this symbolic exploration, I’ve decided to meander through Etsy in search of compelling rings reminiscent of the unexpected and literal interpretation of “rock.”


Geodes, topaz, concrete, beach rocks, and pretty little river stones all contribute to this delightful exploration, and I thank the artists mentioned below for creating such beautiful pieces in celebration of the natural wonder we find in our midst.

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Geode Agate Slice Ring :: popins


River Rock Ring :: CinagroFarm


 Cosmic Blue and Purple Druzy Ring :: hannahnaomi


Dry River Stone Ring :: carriegarrott


Double River Rock Ring :: DBAatEtsy


Chalcedony Druzy and Raw Blue Topaz Ring :: YaronaJewelryDesign


Lavender and Red Geode Ring :: LooksDifferent


Concreso Concrete Ring :: MinterandRIchterDes


Beach Rock Ring :: katejonesjewelry


Honey Amberlite Ring :: HardCandyGems


Teal Druzy Geode Ring :: HardCandyGems


Green Circular Beach Rock Ring :: slradornments



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    No one has said it yet, so I just had to:
    Beth … you rock!

    Great post. What beautiful work from all these artists, too, with lovely photography.

      Beth says:

      Ha! Thank you for the kind words, Ray, as well as for the rock pun :)

      Beth says:

      Ha! Thank you for the kind words, Ray, as well as for the rock pun :)

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