Easy-peasy New Year’s Resolution

January 15, 2011, 08:00 am  Posted by Lark
supplies for crafting

I recently put all my jewelry-making supplies in here (decorated the cover of course) to prepare to make jewelry with friends this year.

I’ve always tried to make New Year’s resolutions that are easy to attain. Last year’s was, “Pay some bills.” And fast-forward to today? Well, my electricity’s still on! (Winner, WINNER, chicken DINNER!!) …BUT I realized that I made a mistake in making that resolution. It wasn’t FUN. And I think that’s the problem with most resolutions. They’re hard AND they’re no fun. No way to begin a new year. ‘Cause I don’t know about YOU…but really, girls just want to have fun. (Side note- I saw Cyndi Lauper at the Orange Peel recently- AMAZING.)

beads for jewelry

My "MacGyver" jewelry kit- ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!

So this year, my resolution is to have MORE girl-time. … Why? It’s FUN and I think good things happen when my friends get together. So how does this relate to jewelry? Well, my friend Beth had a great idea for some girls to get together on a regular basis to make jewelry together. So, tomorrow, at lunch, my coworker/friends and I are gathering our supplies, knowledge and ideas to make projects like shrink-plastic necklaces that we’ll be referencing from Craft-In, and using some ideas from Doodlestitching: The Motif Collection, to make some jewelry with stitched faces of our pets (I’m not sure I can do this one…) I’ll also bring up a book (Jewelry Design Challenge) with pie-in-the-sky projects that REAL jewelers have made with limited supplies (for inspiration), so I’ll post some pictures the next time I blog with what I created. … For now I’m excited that I got all my supplies together (I got an awesome organizer I decorated with a glittered-Mucha print on the front) and I have an idea of some things I could do with some lace appliques…

jewelry out of lace

I'm going to try to make something out of appliques...

Another side note, on facebook, there’s been a little status update (like a chain letter) that goes like this, “Craftin’ it forward 2011: I promise to send something I made myself to the first 5 people who comment on this update. They must in turn promise to repost this as their status.” I added, “FYI: I don’t know how to craft $1,000,000″ just in case. So I’m participating in this and have some projects to make FOR friends, too!

So please, if you have ANY ideas of easy, and fun jewelry-making projects, bring ‘em on! And let me know what kind of resolutions you’ve made for this year, if any. I’d be curious to know!


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