Ringing in the New Year!

January 06, 2011, 18:00 pm  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

Danielle Miller, Ring A Day

Nina Gibson, Ring A Day

Kest Schwartzman, Ring A Day

Looking for a creative New Year’s Resolution? Perhaps one that pushes you to use and grow your jewelry-making talent regularly? Well, you’re in luck!

Online art “challenges” are all the rage thanks to the good-old Internet, which just happens to be an excellent host for global communities creating collectively! (A+ for alliteration, Marthe!)

On the heals of the wildly successful Ring-A-Day challenge, more internet-based jewelry challenges are just getting into gear, and it’s not too late for you to join in the fun, make new friends, experiment with new designs, techniques, and materials, be inspired, be supported, and most importantly MAKE JEWELRY!

Lisa Hopkins Design, Ring A Week

Citizen Objects, Ring A Week

Danielle Miller, Ring A Week

Ring A Week (RAW) was conceived and initiated by Thomasin Durgin. The goal for each individual in the group is to create, photograph, and post—you guessed it—one ring per week throughout 2011. That’s 52 rings per participant, which seems infinitely more sane manageable than the 365 rings needed for last year’s Ring A Day!

Evelyn Markasky, TADA365

Maria Apostolou, TADA365

Over at TADA365 (True Addicts of Daily Art), Mary Lu Wason formed a group with an interesting twist. Jewelers have committed to making progress every day in 2011. They will show their steps forward with photos—inspirations, samples of techniques, finished pieces—whatever progress they made that day. The goal is for each participant to have at least one new collection or series that is “show-ready” by the end of the year.

Thomas Mann, Project from Jewelry Design Challenge

Jewelry Design Challenge by Linda Kopp, Lark Crafts, 2010

Sydney Lynch, Project from Jewelry Design Challenge

And if you haven’t seen Linda Kopp’s book Jewelry Design Challenge yet, you’re in for a real treat. Thirty top-name jewelers design, make, and share instructions for a project, and each is made from the same nine materials. (Download a free earring project by Rebecca Hannon here.) A truly clever concept and a must-have for every jeweler’s library!

And…drum roll, please… later this year, Lark Jewelry is publishing a collection of Ring-A-Day images in the aptly titled book Ring A Day. So exciting!

To learn more about last year’s Ring A Day challenge, here’s a link to my Art Jewelry Forum blog.

To learn more about the amazing jewelers featured in this blog, please visit these links: Danielle Miller, Nina Gibson, Kest Schwartzman, Lisa Hopkins Design, Citizen Objects, Danielle Miller, Maria Apostolou, Evelyn Markasky, Thomas Mann, and Sydney Lynch.

Have you started or joined a group jewelry challenge for 2011? Have you set a personal jewelry goal?  If so, leave a comment to proclaim your resolutions!


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