UPDATE: Congratulations to Traci Staves of Whitefish, Montana, the randomly selected winner of this giveaway. Our thanks to everyone who participated! ~ Ray


I just sat down to write this blog post, a giveaway of a big set of a dozen bead books to celebrate the release of Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies, and happened to notice Lark Jewelry & Beading’s two Beadweaving Master Class books released this spring, Sabine’s book and Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue, are the No. 1 and 2 books at this hour in the Jewelry category on Amazon. (See image below and, hey, look at what’s No. 3!) So, thank you for your support of the books — I hope you love them — and we’ve really got something to celebrate here!

Here’s how I like to celebrate: I’m giving away a complete set of the Beadweaving Master Class books, plus a few other bead books for good measure. Some of the books are signed by their authors, too.

Here’s the list. The Beadweaving Master Class books included are:
Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies
Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue
Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery
Rachel Nelson-Smith’s Bead Riffs (signed by Rachel)
Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance (signed by Maggie)
Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving (signed by Laura)
Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence (signed by Marcia)
Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork (signed by Diane)

PLUS we’re giving away a few more great beading titles:
Making Wire & Bead Jewelry by Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley
Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects (signed by Diane)
Dimensional Bead Embroidery (signed by Jamie Cloud Eakin)
And not exactly the same kind of thing but too much fun to leave out:
Creating Glass Beads (signed by Jeri Warhaftig)

So, two things: First, yes, you might have bought some of the books already. No worries: Enter anyway for fabulous gift-giving opportunities or to donate those books to your local bead society or library.

Second, people tell me sometimes they get frustrated: they enter a giveaway, forget to check who the winner is so the giveaway never really “closes” for them, and then later realize they’d forgotten to buy a book they really wanted. Easy solution: Click through and wishlist the books you’re interested in right now. If you don’t happen to win, you’re giving yourself a reminder. And if you do win, you’re already set!

How can you enter for a chance to win the set of 12 books? Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 25. Any comment works, but if you’d tell us who your very favorite bead artists and designers are, that’ll be an awfully fun and interesting set of comments for everyone to read through.

One winner will be selected at random and announced on the Lark Jewelry & Beading Facebook page on Monday, April 30, so please click through and “Like” the page. Also, you can click here for the official rules.

Thank you for being a part of the Lark Jewelry & Beading community, and please be sure to check out and follow our new and fast-growing Pinterest boards at Pinterest.com/LarkJewelry.













334 Responses

    Barb Grofe says:

    I would love to win these books…my sister and I make jewelry and having these fabulous books to share would be super!!! Love LarkCrafts!!!  Barb Grofe (BGrofe@aol.com)

    Carol Cowles says:

    Your giveaways are the best!  A dozen new books would keep me in projects all summer.  And, I’d give a few of them to my best beady friends.  Thanks for the chance!  Carol

    elli says:

    What an Impressive bunch of Books <3 and I am learning to see and pick some Favorites now !!

    Stitchkat says:

    WOW – a truly awesome giveaway! Hmmm, favorite bead designers. Try Marcia DeCoster or Laura McCabe or Diane Fitzgerald. Too many to name! I would love to have all these books.

    czecher says:

    I’ve been smitten with Sabine Lipperts’ beadwork for a number of years. Her designs are SO beautiful, and uses a variety of techniques.

    czecher says:

    I’ve been smitten with Sabine Lipperts’ beadwork for a number of years. Her designs are SO beautiful, and uses a variety of techniques.

    Jann C. says:

    Each designer has such different styles that I love trying all of their designs! I can’t pick just one :-)

    Jann C. says:

    Each designer has such different styles that I love trying all of their designs! I can’t pick just one :-)

    Danceswithbeads says:

    I would try not to drool as I pour over them cover to cover.  Gee, I love everyone’s work!  Such beauty everywhere! =)

    Danceswithbeads says:

    I would try not to drool as I pour over them cover to cover.  Gee, I love everyone’s work!  Such beauty everywhere! =)

    Cemerson1956 says:

    I’m fickle, I don’t have an overall favorite bead artist - so many have their own special talents. I am however loving this Master Series from Lark books – each and every book I have bought so far always succeeds in inspiring me.

    Jgerstle says:

    I already have most of these books and they are awesome!!!  I love all the designers they are all so talented and unique.  I would love to add the books I don’t have to my collection and then donate the others to a charity auction!

    I would love to win these books too! I;m always looking to learn new skills or be inspired to make different types of jewelry.

    Celtcrafts says:

    My fave is Kristin Frantzen-Orr because she was the first one I knew about. 13 years later, (last fall) I finally got to take a class with her!

    Eileen McGarvey says:

    thanks for sponsoring this give-away. I have several favorite bead artists but I think the one that comes to mind first, because she was the first one that challenged me to see beads and beading as a form for expression and sculpture, is Joyce J. Scott.   http://www.pbs.org/arts/gallery/craft-in-america/02_ciscle_on_scott/  I also love how politically charged so many of her pieces are.

    Lorraine C says:

    I am just starting getting into beading so I haven’t got any favorite artists yet.  I like looking at the different styles and picking things I would like to do.

    Rose Rushbrooke says:

    Just spent 4 days with Jean Power in England. Lovely designs.

    Maryanne Villalba says:

    I have a couple of the books already, but have been lusting after the rest of them for AGES … especially Sabine’s book which I’ve been hearing rave reviews about from my fellow beady Facebook buddies. I would be honoured to have these books included in my collection

    Leah J. Prewitt says:

    Beading is one talent in the jewelry arts that I have not mastered.  I have a small loom and have worked a few simple stitches, but those books would open the entire area of beading to me and then some!

    Lalaroro says:

    I would love to have these books. Diane Fitzgerald is my favorite jewelry designer. The glass bead book also sounds wonderful. How about some enameling books?

    Tania Hagen says:

    There are so many talented artists these days that it’s hard to find one.  I love the variety of books that are offered.  

    Brenda Davis says:

    Love Janice Berkible and Tracy Stanley as well as Mary Hettmansperger.

    Kym says:

    Wow! Those are some great books! Hope I win!

    GinaLeonardDesigner says:

    I love learning new things or relearning old things and then let my mind run rampant with the possibilities. Great selection.

    Craftrr says:

    Not fair to ask me to single out just one …  oh, just looked back and saw the s’s … so Sabine, Diane,Sherry and Laura.  I would have enuff inspiration to last for months, if not years with this collection.   I promise to share them with my BFF beading buddy, but anyone else will have to sign in blood to borrow them.

    Noel Wyres says:

    I admire all the artists whose books are presented here.  Their fine beadwork is a fabulous.  Their creativity blows me away.  I am a beader but these people are “artists extraordinaraire”.

    Anonymous says:

    Would love to win this give away…I enjoy beading!! Thanks for the chance.

    This is such a wonderful collection of books! There are so many talented artists represented, but I absolutely love the work of Sherry Serafini and Sabine Lippert!

    Roxanne says:

    These are the moments I wish I was better with names! I have a special admiration for one artist who makes amulet purses. What a fun giveaway, thank you!

    Sarah Stahl says:

    I admire Sherry Serafini because bead embroidery seems so delicate and tedious!

    Denise says:

    I enjoy most of the artists and enjoy seeing different styles of beadwork.

    Jolene says:

    Lampwork is my first love, and there are many artists I admire. A few names on the tip of my tonguue: Sherry Bellamy, Michael Barley, Astrid Riedel, Jennifer Geldard, Bronwen Heilman, Trey Cornette, Dora Schubert, Teresa Laliberte (of Lavender Creek Glass), and many, many more.

    Wwilloww says:

    I can’t pick just one designer.  I have learned so much from so many of them.  Thank you for this incredible give away!!!  Good luck everyone!

    Roberta Siegel says:

    I love Laura McCabe’s designs, but I also love a lot of others, too. Sherri Serafini, Jamie Cloud Eakin, and Cynthia Rutledge come to mind. I would love to own these books for inspiration and to share with my beading buddies.

    mary says:

    These artists all do beautiful work.  Diane Fitzgerald’s books and talent have especially inspired me.

    Bobbie says:

    They’re all fabulous, but I so admire Diane Fitzgerald, Laura McCabe, and Sherri Serafini — each has her own distinct style that inspires me each time I see their work.  From what I’ve read and seen in reviews, I suspect that Sabine and Sonoko will soon become favorite inspirations too!

    I really like Sabine Lippert’s work.

    Diane Fitzgerald is one of my favorite beaders.  I also like the quality of the Lark books.

    Barb Claytor says:

    I love Maggie Meister. Her book is fantastic and her designs are classic. I also love Laura McCabe, Marcia DeCoster,  and Diane Fitzgerald. All of these wonderful artist have taught me something !  I admire their work and the time they have taken to enrich the beading world. Well, I guess I really love all the artist who’s books are listed for the same reasons! Thanks you ladies. You have added years of enjoyment to my life.

    Heidi says:

    You guys are always so generous with your give-aways! Thanks for the blessings you are sharing with others!

    Nossub Gallery says:

    I can’t decide between Jamie Cloud Eakins and Diane Fitzgerald – then there is Marcia DeCoster’s beaded opulence that I would really, really, really like to have!

    I don’t have a favorite beadwork artist yet, but it’s a subject I’d love to learn more about. That’s why this book assortment would be so perfect :)

    Rae says:

    I love all the artists and am currently working my way through Diane Fitzgerald…awesome!

    l love Lark Books. They are classic and never go out or wear out. I like lots of their books with creative ideas from top artists.

    designlady says:

    All the artists you have listed are great, but I think it would be a toss up between, Diane Fitzgerald and Marcia DeCoster, I have the two books above and I can say that they taught me a lot. Sabine Lippert and Maggie Meister have really peeked my interest and I would love to add their books to my collection.

    Karen Blair says:

    Another great contest.  It is hard to chose who I like best.  they have all done neat projects.

    Mary Kearney says:

    I’d love to win these books!! All the artists are exceptional but I especially love Sabine Lippert, Diane Fitzgerald, Jamie Cloud Eaken, Marcia DeCoster, Laura McCabe, Sherri Serafini, Rachel Nelson-Smith, and Maggie Meister. I can’t pick one!! I hope to one day be half as good as any of them! They’re amazing!!!

    Anonymous says:

    I like all the artists but I have two favorite ones. One I haven’t met which is Sabine Lippert, and one I have met Marcia Decoster.  I have alot of Sabine’s patterns and really looking forward to getting her book tomorrow.  I have told her that I really look forward to meeting her someday because I love her work!  I met Marcia on a Bead Cruise in 2010.  I was so excited that I was going to get to take a class from her.  However, her class was on one of the rough days at sea and I couldn’t handle putting my head up and down to bead.  I was soooo disappointed and I wanted to stay so bad but I didn’t want to get sick all over her either.  So I left back to my cabin crying.  That will probably be my only chance to get to take a class from one of my favorite bead designers that I admire so much along with Sabine Lippert. All of the artists are great and I wish I could do just half as well as they do.  I admire them all.        Cheryl Norwood

    KathyB says:

    Fabulous set of books! My current favorite bead artists are …. well, too many to list here. I have so many favorites in so many areas of bead creativity, from lampworkers to beadweavers, from wire wrappers to bead embroidery artists.

    marsha says:

    I love the lark book artists, I love Rachel, Diane (taken a class), Sherry (taken a class), Jeri (taken a class), Laura (taken a class), Marcia (taken a class), Sonoko (too intimidated to take class- lol), Maggie,Jamie. The rest of the authors are new to me but want their books! You all have the best designers around. Keep up the good work. 

    Dllawson322 says:

    My all-time favorite bead artist is Sherry Serafini. Her work is so beautiful. I also like Laura McCabe and Diane Fitzgerald’s work.

    DonnaJ says:

    I would love to have this collection sitting on my shelf to give me inspiration!  It is way too hard to pick a favorite artist – their specific talents are spread across the board!  

    I like all the artists but I’ve only taken classes from Diane Fitzgerald and she is awesome.

    Anne Hesse says:

    love the beads! love the artists! love the giveaways!

    Camilla-Vanilla says:

    My favorite designer is Melanie Potter. She writes the best directions in the biz.

    Anonymous says:

    What can I say–all of these designers are renowned for their great design abilities.  We are all very blessed to to be able to enjoy the fruit of their labor.  As much as I am so looking forward to getting Sabine’s and Sonoko’s new books–makes me smile just to think about it–I wish even more of the gifted bead artists around the world (and you know who you are!) would show off their designs in books of their own.  It is very inspiring.

    Tycialk says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. Hope I win. There are to many wonderful artists out to name my favorite. But I love anything with seedbeads.

    Msbeadgal says:

    Oh gosh!  My all time favorite is Cynthia Rutledge.  I’ve taken 4 or 5 classes of hers.  Then there would be Jean Campbell, Lisa from Crystal Creations Beads Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida (an amazing and creative bead artist!).  Gwen Fisher, Larau McCabe… I could go on.  :D  <3

    Shazdeux says:

    Beading books really burn a hole in the pocket when all of them look so tempting.  Some of these books I couldn’t resist and I bought; some others that showcased techniques way beyond me, I borrowed from the library (thank goodness there’s a beader somewhere in their acquisitions department!).  I learnt beading through Chinese-style crossweave so my passion is trying to reinterpret RAW patterns in the style I’m used to.  Diane Fitzgerald is my favourite beading author: clear, concise and fun.

    Kathy King says:

    Oohh – lots of good books and a bunch I don’t have. They’re all great deisgners. Who are my favorite artists & designers? Tough question. I get inspiration from so many, I can’t pick just a few, but I’d love to own more books and get more inspiration from these artists listed!   

    Butterflylovesbeads says:

    I would love a set like this. I have taken classes from Diane Fitzgerald and Rachel Nelson-Smith have purchased several of Sabine Lipperts patterns. I love them all. Thanks for the giveaway..

    Kim McM says:

    What a generous giveaway!  If I win, I’m giving these to my daughter.  She is my favorite bead/ jewelry designer.  She is 16 and hopes to pursue a career in design.  Maybe someday you’ll be able to have a giveaway of some of her books!

    Need2bead247 says:

    I love all of Sabine Lipperts designs. another of my favorite designers is Carol Ohl. I recently discovered Jamie Cloud Eakin. Her bezeling techniques are so beautiful. What a great giveaway! I would love to win.

    Need2bead247 says:

    Sabine Lippert and Carol Ohl are among my favorite. I recently found Jamie Cloud Eakin and love her bezeling techniques. This is a fabulous giveaway. i would be thrilled to win!

      Love all these great artist’s works..sure would love to win also  thank you for the chance

    Dora Harrison says:

    LOVE all the great works of these artist..would love to win..and thank you for the chance

    Patriciahuff13 says:

    Wow, this is a fantastic offer.  I aready have several of the books.  Larks has some of the best bead books!

    Jennie P. says:

    I don’t really have a favorite but I’d love to win these great books!

    Irene in NZ says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! So many of these books are on my wishlist! I don’t think I can name a favorite artist, there are so many who do glorious work.

    Christine Wilson says:

    That is one tough question, I’ve been fortunate to have met and taken classes with so many great instructors.  They all bring something different to the party.  Tracy Stanley’s infectious enthusiasm, Christi Friesen’s humor and ability to work with all ages, Jean Campbell for her encouragement and showing me I don’t need to be afraid of my power tools, Laura Mccabe for making gorgeous design accessible to all skill levels, Ann Mitchell for her hands on help in learning to use a saw…I could go on forever…thanks to all for sharing your talent.

    Jestersbaubles says:

    I don’t have any favorite artists, but I love the look of bead-weaving. 

    Pina Miceli says:

    Diane Fitzgerald is my first and preferite artist, with your book “Shaped Beadwork” I have learned all the most important tecniques that I use today.
    So it’s very difficulty in Italy found your books, they are very concise and claire, the pictures are very easy and fun, tell me please how can I have them. 
    Thanks you very much.

    Castdeb says:

    What an awesome set of books.  I’d love to add them to my collection.

    Twyla says:

    What a wonderful set of books to own! I would have a difficult time picking just one designer as a favorite as I think they all are uniquely talented and bring different elements of design to the table and I am awe inspired by all of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing works!

    vimaladawn says:

    Wow there are several books in this giveaway that I have in my WIshlist…and some that I already have, but how cool would that be to host my own little blog giveaway if I were to win something like this!! What a great selection of books Lark Books!

    There are quite a few Seed Bead Artists that I admire and who truly inspire me…many of them are the ones published in the Beadweaving Master Class series. But many of them are struggling artists just like the rest of us…some publish in magazines and others publish their own work…but they are all rockstars in my opinion!

    I truly admire, respect and adore Marcia DeCoster, Sabine Lippert, Rachel Nelson Smith, Mikki Ferrugiaro, Heather Collin, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, Marsha Wiest Hines, Kate McKinnon, Dustin Wedekind, Nancy Dale, Marcie Abney, Gwen Fisher, Cynthia Rutledge, Lisa Kan, Melanie Potter…oh my gosh, this list could go on forever…

    Crossing my fingers to win this one!


    Julie Pitkin says:

    my heart rate just tripled. OMG what a give away, love all of these artist, but my fav would have to be Diane fitzgerald !! got all my fingers and toes crossed !!

    Hello! my favourite designers are Sherry Serafini, Huib Petersen and Mikki Rerrugiaro. Thank you for this great chance to get amazing books!!!

    It is an amazing giveaway. I do all kinds of beading projects, so I would be thrilled to get them. Especially since such books are impossible to find in my home country.

    Sabine Lippert is currently my favourite – her book is not yet availabe over here :-(  I might have to buy it even though I really shouldn’t..  Sonoko Nozue’s book looks amazing too.  I loved Rachel Neson-Smith’s first book and have heard good things about Bead Riffs too.

    PS if I’m not allowed to win I am happy to donate to a friend in the US :-)

    HeikeS says:

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway.
    I love the books from Marcia DeCoster, Dianae Fitzgerald and Laura Mc.Cabe and Sabine Lippert
    and and and.
    Hope I win. 

    Rejack63 says:

    I have beaded for a few years now, but have only been doing 3D work for a year or two, although I love a lot of beaders work I have done, the one I am enjoying right now is Mikki Ferrugiaro, I think her techniques are fabulous and simplistic, really gets you thinking out of your square, I just really enjoy learning, thats the key for me.

    Liz Thompson says:

    My favorite bead artist is Marcia DeCoster – I just love her designs.  But I love Sabine Lippert, Amy Katz, Sherry Serafini – heck, maybe there isn’t a bead artist that I don’t love!!

    beadazzle says:

    I’m new to beading and would love the set of books.  Favorite artist so far is Sherry Serafini. 

    Karen Keegan says:

    Such a wonderful giveaway, Diane Fitzgerald is my favorite, but who wouldn’t want to own them all.  Thanks for this great opportunity.

    Mardee5173 says:

    These books look fabulous.  They are the types I always drool over at the bookstore but can never afford.  This is an awsome giveaway.

    Regina says:

    Wow, what a fabuloues introduction to beadwork. I have always wanted to try my hand at beaded beads to incoporate with my stringing, this looks like the perfect opportunity… if I win! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    What a fantastic library this would be! I would learn so much. Thank you!

    Traci Staves says:

    There are so many wonderful bead artists out there that draw me into their work; I have many
    favorites; to name a few: Diane Fitzgerald, Carol Wilcox Wells, Marcia DeCoster and Sherry Serefini and so many more inspire me to focus on quality and design.  These books would be a welcomed treasure in my library, even the glass beads as I create lampwork beads as well.

    Sba13221 says:

    I’m so inspired by many people. Kate McKinnon, Lori Anderson, Cindy Wimmer, Nancy Dale, Laura McCabe, Diane Fitzgerald, and Rachel Nelson-Smith to name a few. I love making jewelry and especially love seeing what others are doing. That is so inspiring!

    Sally Anderson says:

    I’m so inspired by many people. Kate McKinnon, Lori Anderson, Cindy
    Wimmer, Nancy Dale, Laura McCabe, Diane Fitzgerald, and Rachel
    Nelson-Smith to name a few. I love making jewelry and especially love
    seeing what others are doing. That is so inspiring!

    Rebekah says:

    Lark needs a “LOVE” button!

    Kassie says:

    What a great collection! I have 4 of the books already, but I also have beady friends with birthdays. ;)  Right now, Sabine is one of my favorite bead artists. Her book is gorgeous!

    Mel says:

    Cool!  Marcia DeCoster’s designs are the best!  Take a peek at her workroom on her webpage!  I am so very envious.  Hope I win!

    Books are such a wonderful investment. They never go out of style, are right at your finger tips, and the inspiration from these artists is endless. A phenomenal addition to any beading library, but would look best in mine!!!

    Jamie says:

    You’re right, have Many of these already, but those titles would be great to donate to my bead society’s library… spread the beading joy!

    Diann Cornell says:

    What a beautiful set of bead books. There are many wonderful bead artists and designers, but two who come to mind as favorites are Diane Fitzgerald and Sigrid Wynne Evans.

    Wish I could pick just one artist but that would be unfair because I get inspiration in so many different ways from all of them.. :)

    Sharon Wagner says:

    I love The Beadweaving Master Series by Lark! The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild adds each one to our library as the come out! I would love to win these books to share with our members. With only a couple of exceptions they have all come to teach at our Guild! Maybe someday soon we will have had them all come to us in Michigan! Shout out to Sabine Lippert as my current favorite!

    Muireann says:

    I don’t know enough about designers to choose a favourite but I’d love to win these and be able to do more than simply string beads on a chain! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I’m in LOVE with Beading Fantasies!    I was up in the wee hours of this morning placing orders for the crystals for several of the projects!!

    Dogmawjo says:

    Woo hoo!  What a great bunch of books!

    Sharon Siqueiros says:

    There’s no way I can pick a fav artist, they are all the best in their own right!!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity

    Sue says:

    How exciting! There are so really nice books produced by your company and I would love to have one in my library of bead books. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win! 

    Gemroz says:

    I have some of the wonderful books in this collection, but I would love to get these books for my daughter and granddaughters.  I think they are written by some of the best beaders on the PLANET!  The fun they would have learning all of these stitches, beading techniques, design techniques…and grandma just would HAVE to keep the books she doesn’t have yet!  ;-)

    Frostyblu says:

    All these books, I’ve been told are amazing. I would so much love to have one if not all of them but with times as hard as they are, the only way I’ll get them is if I win them in a contest. This is a wonderful contest and if I don’t win these amazing books I hope that whomever does that they thoroughly enjoy them and use them in good health.

    LoNotes2you says:

    Hi.  I love the work of so many bead artists, but here are a few favorites:  Anne Benson, Leslie Frazier, Sabine Lippert, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, Sherri Serafini.

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    Frostyblu says:

    All these books, I’ve been told are amazing. I would so much love to have one if not all of them but with times as hard as they are, the only way I’ll get them is if I win them in a contest. This is a wonderful contest and if I don’t win these amazing books I hope that whomever does that they thoroughly enjoy them and use them in good health.

    Sweetrose says:

    I’ve been pining over the Chained; create gorgeous chain mail jewelry one ring at a time book by Rebecca Mojica; but there are so many great books out there it’s hard to pick a favorite!

    Kim Reid says:

    I would love a chance to enter for these fabulous books, they would offer so much inspiration!!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    camdeon says:

    This is another great giveaway.  I don’t have a single favorite…there are too many.

    Rice827 says:

    This giveaway is perfect.  I love books and beads.

    Bead Hostage says:

    My favorite at the moment is Eakin.  I got tired of checking it out at the library and finally broke down and purchased my own copy of Dimensional Bead Embroidery today.

    CoCo says:

    I don’t have one favorite beader.  You make it too difficult because you publish too many good beading books :)

    Carmen says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

    beadlust says:

    I hope my bead fairy decides to sprinkle some “good luck” dust on my bead pile.  I could use these books with it. No one favorite.

    Cbosco4 says:

    What a great collection of books, many on my wish list already…wouldn’t it be great to win them, even if it’s not me, what a great giveaway, surely whoever wins, will really appreciate it!

    Pareles says:

    thank you for the giveaway. I like all the books and artists, specially Sonoko Nuzue because right now i’m beading her free pattern of the crystal rose.

    Naomibishop3 says:

    My mum got my 12 year old daughter into beading and one day when I have stopped working hard to pay for their habit, I plan to join their obsession!

    Catnpr says:

    I just got Sabine Lippert’s new book.  It’s great!  I’d love to win one to gift to a friend.

    Lee says:

    Beads are my passion and I love the Lark books.  My fav artist is Jamie Cloud Eakin.  Her construction details are great.  She understands the engineering behind makeing a piece that hangs and wears properly.

    Maureen says:

    What an amazing giveaway!  I have many favorite designers but to name a few it would be Cynthia Rutledge, Sabine Lippert and Carol Wilcox Wells.  Thanks!

    Norma turvey says:

    what a wonderful give away! I would love to add all these wonderful books to my collection!

    Natalie England says:

    I like all of these books!  Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork is a favorite, but they are all terrific!

    Anonymous says:

    WOW ! Just like Christmas in April. That’s what I call carrying on the Holiday spirit through out the year. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a library of great masters

    Dona DeLaura says:

    I would love to be the lucky winner of this collection, Ray. I already own a few of the books bud would share those with my sister and friends. I have been drooling over the rest, but alas, the economy has been less than joyful!!

    wizensorceress says:

    I am in awe of these books and their  soooo talented inspirational authors, and am yet to have the privelege of being able to flick the pages of a single one, this collection would be the ultimate!  

    canCan says:

    favorite designer, hands down, without a doubt, no waivering, is Jamie
    Cloud Eakin!!! Her work is breathtaking! Inspirational! Awesome!
    And the her way of teaching is perfect for me. She is clear and
    precise. AND she encourages me to take off in my own direction more
    than any other beading teacher I have experienced. Love her!!!” on Lark Jewelry & Beading’s timeline.

    Jane Penrose says:

    Many of these bead books are on my Wish List already.  I enjoy Diane Fitzgerald authored books very much along with Marcia DeCoster and Carol Wilcox Wells.  I am very interested in Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies and Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue. 

    Amy says:

    Completely awesome set of books in this generous giveaway!
    Favorite designers ?? I don’t know if there is enough room on the blog to name them all.
    Jill Wiseman, Shelley Nybakke, Marcia Decoster, Sabine Lippert, Sherry Serafini – just to name a few.

    Darlene Matthews Anisimowicz says:

    excellent collection of books, would love to add these to my library. Sonoko Nozue, Diane Fitzgerald and Marcia Decoster awesome, but so are every other bead artist featured in the collection!

    Sue Szempias says:

    I just love the designs by Sherry Serafini, I am just learning how to bead and hope to do some more complicated designs soon…

    Anke says:

    I like Lark books because they are affordable and inspirational!

    Lwood44 says:

    They are all wonderful artist..Diane Fitzgerald is one of my favorite artist.I would love to win them what a blessing that would be..Maybe one day I will :)

    Would love to share all this inspiration with friends!  

    Glitterata1 says:

    What a great opportunity to read some super books.  I hope I win because I would like to be inspired to achieve greatness! Or at least to make something new to wear.

    I love bead books’…beads are my passion! my Art!  I love Sonoko Nozue, because so talented reflected in the passion of beads and amazing patterns to learn from and apply that talented sharing art!

    [...] great bead books to celebrate having two best sellers in the Amazon jewelry category. Go to the Lark Jewelry & Beading blog to see all the great books you can win by entering this drawing – and see which ones are [...]

    Beverly Herman says:

    One of my favorite Authors is Rachel Nelson Smith. The book I would most like in my collection is Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue.

    Catherine2447 says:

    I believe you’ve selected all of my favorite bead artists in one collection. How could anyone choose just one. Superb collection

    Wanda says:

    All of these books are fabulous.  I LOVE the work of Sabine Lippert!

    Rene Gallaher says:

    Well, I really love Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork so much, and right now I’m reading Chris Franchetti Michaels book, Teach Yourself Visually, Beadwork.  Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful books!

    Kitten WAW says:

    This set of books would be an amazing windfall. It would take me a couple years to be able to get them all on my own with my limited budget. It’d be great to have all this knowledge and inspiration right at my fingertips. I’m sure there are dozens of techniques I’ve seen but haven’t tried, and dozens I’ve not even heard of. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Puravida343etsy says:

    ooh ooh pick me!

    Jenna says:

    What an incredible offer! Please count me in. My beading skills need all the help they can get!

    Linda A. says:

    this looks a-maz-ing!

    Patti Hasbrouck says:

    I’m new to beading and jewelry making in general, so I’m still finding out who all the designers are.  Everything I see in books and magazines are so amazing, I think everyone is fantastic!  I’m leaning toward wire work, so I will have to say my current faves are Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley.

    Jump-Ring-Center-Germany says:

    All of them are so fantastic!!! This time my fav is the new book from Sabine Lippert. And thanks for this great giveaway

    Jump-Ring-Center-Germany says:

    All of them are so fantastic!!! This time my fav is the new book from Sabine Lippert. And thanks for this great giveaway

    Jump-Ring-Center-Germany says:

    All of them are so fantastic!!! This time my fav is the new book from Sabine Lippert. And thanks for this great giveaway

    Jump-Ring-Center-Germany says:

    All of them are so fantastic!!! This time my fav is the new book from Sabine Lippert. And thanks for this great giveaway

    Snappher says:

    OH MY GAWD!! I am salivating :))) I’ve fondled most of these books at the bookstore and dreamed of a lottery win. :)  Thanks for the chance to win!! I am crossing fingers AND toes for this one!! :)

    Mlsjewel says:

    This giveaway is to good to be true!! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Laurel B says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite!  I do love Maggie Meister’s archeological connections to her designs.  And Sabine is an absolute inspiration and a speed beader – you can’t keep up with her!  Marcia DeCoster has helped me love RAW, and Dianne Fitzgerald was the author of the first book I ever purchased.  I love them all!

    Bjmoore says:

    Outstanding!  Sherry Serafini is one artist who I have read about in past and been awe struck by the beauty she creates.  What a great opportunity to be able to work through hers’ and any of these talented Artisans books of beading instructions.  Never stop learning!!

    Jacqueline says:

    I would love to win this. 
    Diane Fitzgerald is one of myfavorite designers.

    Am totally inrto beads and LOVE anything to do with wire and heat.

    Anonymous says:

    I am a brand new beader and these books would be a great help in starting out.

    Debra Womack says:

    What an incredible giveaway!
    I can’t just choose one favorite though. :)

    Angela says:

    What a wonderful set of books. I am still new to beading and have a lot to learn. I would say Shari Serafini is my favorite artist so far.

    Diana Friend says:

    The sparkle of the beads and swirl of all the colors makes my heart beat a little faster. But the feeling of holding a new craft book brings such joy to my life, igniting dreams of what each page will create! I’m loving Stanley Levy’s Bead & Sequin Embroidery Stitches. More please!

    Claire says:

    I am in need of some books as I haven’t been doing this for very long, and so far I am doing it by feel rather than someone with any knowledge. So as you can imagine  It doesn’t end up as the picture in my head!! I don’t have any favourite author yet, I just need massive help. Thankyou for this giveaway I just need a bit of luck now to obtain a copy.

    Sjgraff says:

    How awesome! So much talent, it’s hard to have a favorite.

    Sheilaruth24 says:

    Follow Sabine on Facebook..would love to own her book. I also am always in lust for the designs of Sherri Serafini and Laura McCabe. Thanks for the opportunity to own them all.

    Jannicke Tesdal says:

    I love beading and of course beading books!many of my favourites here!Always interesting to learn new skills trough such great artists!Beadweaving is not so known in Norway where i live,but i try to “spread the word” whenever i can!Giving away some of these books would definately help,but i would keep the 2 newest to myself for future interest and self development!

    Cwhitejewelry says:

    LOVE the dimensional bead embroidery!  I am fascinated by how beads become a sculptural piece and want to learn more.  What an amazing collection of books!

    Betty Maple says:

    Must have new inspiration! Need new books!

    Anonymous says:

    Any one of these books would be a great addition to my collection.  I think Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects would be the one I’d most like to have.  Thanks.

    Celeste says:

    I enjoy Takako Samejima. Creative people always awe me!

    Linstar53 says:

    Thanks for the opportunity in your giveaway.  A few of my favorite bead designers are Carol Dean Sharpe and Terri Richards, and I love the wirework skill of Edi Schaefer.  They incorporate such lush colors in their designs.

    Garnie Bethea says:

    I don’t really have a favorite artist.  They all are amazing.  But Diane Fitzgerald does stand out because I used one of her books to make my first piece.  Don’t ask me which book I used.  I borrowed it from a friend some years ago.  I love bead weaving and will try every design I find.  Thanks for this giveaway.  I surely pray that I win.  These books will fit into my collection very proudly.

    Lynnette says:

    I have become a beading maniac lately!  So I am crossing my fingers and making a wish to win this fabulous giveaway!

    Chris says:

    ‘so hard to choose a favorite.  I just got Beaded Fantasies and Japanese Beadwork and I am in awe of those, ‘can’t put them down.  If you are thinking about purchasing them, don’t hesitate if you love beadweaving.  This selection is wonderful and if I won, I would most definitely donate the ones I own to our library for others to enjoy.  Favorite???  For the moment, I must say, Beaded Fantasies, but they are all so high on my list.

    peachfuzz613 says:

    What an amazing deal! All of those books sound wonderful.

    9llev18 says:

    thank you for the giveaway  they look very interesting

    H.alda says:

    Wow, what a collection! Crossing my fingers and toes…

    Sandra says:

    I’m just getting back into beading so all of these wonderful looking books would send me over the top.

    Sierra says:

    What an incredible set of books!  I would love to be able to study them to improve my beading skills.  There is yet so much to learn and questions to be answered.  Thank you!

    OOOOh such lovely books! My favorites over the years have been Carol Wilcox Wells, Fran Stone, Sherry Serafini among many more. I have been beading a long time and am very grateful that it was not just a passing fad but has become an Art Form. Wonderful. Would love to add these to my collection!

    Zeenafruchter says:

    what a set of books!  i have and love beaded opulence, have made some fabulous things from there, for myself, daughters and   daughters in law. would love to have this set, will keep me busy for months if not years.

    Keshakeke says:

    I LOVE beading! It is a stress relief and always makes me HAPPY to see a finished project! My favorite is Diane Fitzgerald’s book right now. It is AMAZING:). Thank you for the giveaway!

    Kris says:

    What a haul!  Amazing!  I’m smitten with Sonoko Nozue’s work.  I would love to have these books!

    Laura44 says:

    Just starting to do bead work and would be proud to be the owner of these books.  Thank you

    Asteride says:

    I really love the work of Sonoko Nozue. Her style is light and complex at the same time. A simple vision with great effect. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Christine Bolin says:

    The colors on the front of these books is beautiful. I am sure the pictures are beaufitul, too!

    Wormlynn says:

    I dont have a favorite author, but I love beading, I recently took a class on making heat pendants with bi-cone crystals & loved it! I would love to learn more shaped beadinf techniques!

    janers41 says:

    What a generous and amazing giveaway!  Thank you for the chance to win these great books.   :)

    Connie Keck says:

    These look like great books, I love them all.  My fave though is Maggie Meister’s classical elegance.  It fits my style.

    rickdonna says:

    There are just too many good artist to name a favorite.  I have been trying so hard to learn that these books would be a great inspiration.  It is fun though to read the other comments about favorite artist then look them up to see what they are all about. A good way to learn! Thanks for the chance to Win!

    Ellen says:

    I’m just getting started, so I don’t really have favorites yet.  I love them all!

    Joyce Pusel says:

    Wow! What a great bunch of books.

    Joyce Pusel says:

    Wow! What a great bunch of books.

    Gail_Warren says:

    The books would just add and compliment my collection. Diane Fitzgerald is the bomb. I am trying to learn and see all I can about beading. I can not get enough. Thank you for being here with us for our beading needs.

    Deb says:

    So many wonderful books!! I don’t know that I can pick a favorite designer, but the latest I’m thrilled with is Sabine Lippert’s new book.  I have really enjoyed learning from publications by several of your authors.  

    maisiet says:

    I have not done any beadwork yet but have started looking at a couple of books to add to my skills. I am an experieced knitter and is hoping to use beadwork to add to and maybe embellish my knitting. It would be awesome to have a selection of books to refer to.

    J L says:

    I like seed beads and all designs using seed beads.  I mostly self taught so I am not really know any bead instructors.  From the titles presented here, I am interested in Embellished Bead weaving.

    Kitblu says:

    I’ve not been in the beading world long enough to have favourite artists or designers. I take inspiration from Kathy Shaw’s blog, Shawkl. I am especially interested in bead weaving and would love to incorporate it into quilting/sewing designs, as well as jewelery.

    Vestus says:

    I love all beading books, I don’t have a favorite.

    Lori Morton says:

    I am very new to beading………no favorites yet….would love to win these great books! Thanks for the chance!  :)

    Judy says:

    These are wonderful books and would love a chance to own and share with my bead group.  Thanks for this opportunity

    Liana says:

    Love the updates and especially the free downloads. I always learn something from your postings!

    Kim Reid says:

    I would love a chance to enter for these fabulous collection of books!!
    Thanks :)

    Cammy2 says:

    Love the creative and unpredictable beauty of fused glass and lamp work beads>  I would love to learn more about the lamp work process.  Thanks for the generous nature of this give away!

    Jaanl8 says:

    I love Diane Fitsgerald’s work.  She does such amazing designs which represent many different cultures.  And her choice of beads, feathers, etc make each peice so interesting.  Oh, to have some of her books would really be heaven for me. 

    Myra says:

    It looks like there would be years worth of inspiration here! Great Selection!

    Usairdoll says:

    I have done beading in the past but I’d really like to learn to make my own jewelery. My Mom is a silver smith and my sister makes jewelery with beads, gems and wire. It’s too bad for me as I don’t live in the same state so I could learn more. All the books look amazing and I know I could learn alot.

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win some gorgeous books.


    Needleworkr1 says:

    I knit and have taken one class thru my knit guild. The teacher was local and has now published a beading book.  Her name is Betsy Hershberg.  I am looking forward to seeing the Lark collection and learning more techniques.

    Perlenclub says:

    Great books with wonderful projects. My favorite designers are Marcia DeCoster and Sabine Lippert, but I love them all!

    Sue Jensen says:

    I would love to add a new larkin book to my collection. I have a few now and they have wonderful books and authors!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.  I’m not sure I’m expert enough to have a favourite designer, but I am constantly impressed by the work of Jean Power.

    Anonymous says:

    Just learned how to crochet with wire this week…Yay, another technique!
    Sonoko Nozue’s book looks fabulous. But, I’d really love to add all of them to my beadwork library.

    Colleen says:

    Wow. What a fantastic give away. Beaded Fantasies and Japanese Beadwork look amazing. I want a peek!

    C. Leonardelli says:

    I like Ann Draeger’s work.  Lisa Kan is also a favorite.

    kathrynn polfer says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

    Penny Boehmer says:

    Jamie Cloud Eakin. I am self taught and really want to learn more about bead embroidery. This book looks so amazing!!

    Varda says:

    Actully I don’t have a favorite – I love them all!

    Ramune says:

    Beading is my lovely hobby and a big part of my life. All books are great!!!!!!!!!

    Greyhound Gal says:

    I’m a self taught jewelry designer and have used the local library for learning and inspiration. So far, in my limited study, my favorite designer is Jema Hewitt and her Steampunk Emporium book. What amazing creations! I also like Heidi Boyd and Irina Miech. I found this site through Craft Gossip, which gives me daily inspiration. I am always learning and looking for new ideas to build into my work.

    Mariella Boschetti says:

    Wow! How many beautiful books! My favorite is “Beaded Fantasies” by Sabine Lippert

    Nan says:

    Oh Wow! What a super collection of beading books! I would absolutely LOVE to win these! A couple of my favorite designers are: Diane Fitzgerald and Sabine Lippert. And of course, Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue is exquisite. I teach myself from books, so winning this would just be so inspirational. Thanks for the chance!

    Nan says:

    Oh Wow! What a super collection of beading books! I would absolutely LOVE to win these! A couple of my favorite designers are: Diane Fitzgerald and Sabine Lippert. And of course, Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue is exquisite. I teach myself from books, so winning this would just be so inspirational. Thanks for the chance!

    Txredstreak says:

    I am a huge fan of beaded ornaments, Thanx to Jamie Cloud and Debbie Moffet Hall. My Christmas tree is greatly admired for my ornaments. Gift giving and holiday shopping is no longer a huge head ache and/or struggle to delight family and friends with great gifts. Everyone gets ornaments that are keep sakes. The joy on their faces is all I could wish for.

    Txredstreak says:

    I am a huge fan of beaded ornaments, Thanx to Jamie Cloud and Debbie Moffet Hall. My Christmas tree is greatly admired for my ornaments. Gift giving and holiday shopping is no longer a huge head ache and/or struggle to delight family and friends with great gifts. Everyone gets ornaments that are keep sakes. The joy on their faces is all I could wish for.

    Jackiemarchant says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention I truly love any and all jewelry artisans books, blogs etcccccc…I am a beadaholic to the extreme and strive to absorb as much jewelry lessons and beading techniques as I possibly can so any books, magazines etc I can get my hands on I use to help me be a better jewelry artist……So I am truly excited to see several books on this list I have never had the pleasure of reading and using to better my techniques…I am a Jewelry blogger and would love to share my site with you
    Thank you for your kindness bye for now and happy beading to you one and all

    Beaddoll says:

    I love all these books. I have met most of these teachers and refuse to say who is my favorite as they are all wonderful

    Alicia Hartley says:

    Oh, where to start?  Diane Fitzgerald, Marcia DeCoster, Sabine Lippert…the list goes on and on.  :)  Someone is going to be very fortunate to win these books!

    Cyndi L says:

    Without a doubt, Diane Fitzgerald.  She does what I can barely do, even with her directions!

    elli says:

    My favorite Artist (Bead, Lampwork, Metals etc) is Laura Bracken, she has gotten me interested in working with my tools again … which is saying a lot for a 70 year old tired Artist … thanks to the many others I have then run across.

    Miranda Ackerley says:

    I would love any of these, but Marcia Decoster’s patterns always fascinate me.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura McCabe’s work and was super excited to see that she launched her super-fabulous new page earlier this month. Another close favorite is Marcia Decoster and her structural designs. 

    Josanne says:

    I love using beads, I don’t have a favourite designer per se.. But I would love to win these books to add to my collection, believe it or not, I don’t any of them

    Pete Steiner, Buffalo, NY says:

    Choosing a favorite artist is nearly impossible! At the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying Abby Hook’s new _Wire Jewelry Masterclass_. The book lives up to its title.

    Yaya_beads says:

    Oooh…some sensational books here! pick me!

    Yaya_beads says:

    What a fabulous collection of books!

    Yaya_beads says:

    Tring to get a comment through; this is try #3. Apologies if they all come spitting out at once!

    Eva Maria Keiser says:

    Another fabulous “give-a-way” :)  My list of most inspiring and innovative bead artists are:

    Madelyn RicksValerie Hector
    David Chatt
    NanC Meinhardt
    Bea Valdez

    Thank you,
    -Eva Maria Keiser

    Janette says:

    I love all the books! What genorus giveaways.

    Harperetal says:

    Kate Fowle remains my favorite bead artist!!

    Cath says:

    I love nearly all the bead artists you publish and, if I could, would buy all their books. Which is not possible of course… and it is impossible to decide which one to buy and which one not… so I pray for winning them all :) however, should I really need to choose, then I must admit that the last one from Sonoko Nozue is really what I prefer: sleek, sober and elegant supremely well pictured beadwork.

    Smeatondenise says:

    I really love how Lark stay on top of and even ahead of what beaders and crafters want.  Their books and emails and inspiration to beaders is a mainstay of creativity and we all appreciate it!!!

    paula says:

    wow!! what an amazing giveaway! i love any designs that have bright colors and/or beaded charms

    Ajapp says:

    Books and Beads – my two favorite things!  

    Clrimmer says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! 
    Sherry Serafini, to me, is the goddess of bead embroidery.  I am totally in awe of her works of art and aspire to do some passable bead embroidery one of these days.

    Sharayah Sheldon says:

    Always searching innovative techniques.

    Pdxcyn says:

    So many great ones but I would say my all-time favorite is Sherry Serafini.

    Driggers says:

    I’m still pretty new to beading so don’t really have a favorite yet.  I’m just enjoying learning about all the cool stuff that can be done.

    Jen says:

    I love beading books. I have met some of the wonderful artists/authors and have became friends with them it’s ways great to meet a kindred spirit.

    Jen says:

    I love beading books. I have met some of the wonderful artists/authors and have became friends with them it’s ways great to meet a kindred spirit.

    Lois2037 says:

    Wow! This is very generous! I am drooling at the possibilities.

    Lois2037 says:

    Wow! This is very generous! I am drooling at the possibilities.

    MsJoD says:

    Love both Sherry Serafini and Diane Fitzgerald, was fortunate to take a class from Diane at the Bead and Button show in Wisc. Would love to win the books to share with my Read and Bead book club members!

    Demsk1it says:

    Would love book!

    Isabee says:

    Love beads”

    Beth Eltinge says:

    I learned my first bead stitches from “Creative Bead Weaving” by Carol Wilcox Wells.   I still turn to it again and again.

    Aimeere says:

    I really respond to Sherry Serafini’s edgier pieces.  I bought that book of hers you have pictured and she had some great tips even for seasoned bead embroiderers!

    Kcapophotography says:

    I am not sure as I am not  familiar with beading artists but I am anew explorer in this region who is wanting to learn about beading and see what wonders are out there 

    Debbi Gola says:

    I absolutely love the designs by Laura McCabe. I’m so glad that her book is included in the prize package – which, by the way IS TOTALLY AWESOME!

    OMG!! I LOVE Janice and Tracy’s wire and beaded jewelry!!! I would be overwhelmed owning these books!! They seem awesome and would be an added compliment to my beading gallery!!!

    OMG!! I LOVE Janice and Tracy’s wire and beaded jewelry!!! I would be overwhelmed owning these books!! They seem awesome and would be an added compliment to my beading gallery!!!

    Kamallina Sador says:

    I really love beading and I learn by myself. I don’t have any books from others countries about beading and I hope I can have them. .

    Linda says:

    i follow a whole lotta peeps, not sure i can narrow it down to just one

    Terri says:

    Id love to add these to my beading library!

    Penny says:

    Love Lark Books and a bunch of the bead artists they publish. I’m especially fond of the work of Sherry Serafini and Jamie Cloud Eakin.

    OMG.  I’m so glad I found this before the deadline to enter.  I would love to have any of these books.
    I love anything by Diane Fitzgerald and Glenda Payseno.  Also have recently found Nancy Dale on Facebook.  Her stuff is marvelous too.

    Kafactor says:

    Definitely Diane Fitzgerald!

    Melissa says:

    One of my favorite bead artists is a local Northern California woman who took up loom beadweaving after retiring.  Her work is inventive and precise, and each bead is placed with love of her craft.  A year ago or so she started showing symptoms of Parkinson’s and is no lover able to continue her fine work.  Thank you for your generous giveaway.

    Ada Terrell says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to win this great selection of books. I have purchased severl of them but would love to have duplicates to give to my beading friends. They are perfect gifts. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Patricia Williams says:

    I admire so many of the bead “stars” it is really hard to pick a very favorite however, I have had the pleasure to bead with Marcia DeCoster, Jean Campbell, and Tracey Stanley.  I love Heather Power’s Humble beads; Diane Fitzgerald is such a wonderful source of information, education and inspiration.  So many beaders are inspiring today even those who are not yet on the national scene as bead stars. There is so much to learn about this art and every book out there has inspiration and information for those of us who are trying to learn the art of hand crafted jewelry be it beaded or wire and metal.  Thanks so much to Lark for this amazing opportunity.

    Kathyvberg says:

    Love all of these designers and their books!  With such a wide array of techniques and designs to work from, one would never run out of projects.

    Coloknapp says:

    I must say that I can;t keep up with all the new bead artists and their amazing creations-the beading world is changing so fast!  Maybe one of these books will help!

    Chesbets says:

    I love all the books, I am just getting started and am self taught.  So all the help I can get is great

    Shirley Moore says:

    What a stunning giveaway! I have Diane Fitzgeralds book, and as I was using it today, I was thanking God that she is such a math whiz! I love that she has already figured out how to make these amazing shapes, and that she shares!!!!  All the Masters are phenomenal, and I am planning on owning all the books. Of course, I would like it to be through winning! But regardless, I will get them all eventually! Thank you for publishing such talented designers!

    Joann Loos says:

    There are so many great bead artists out there… Diane FItzgerald, of course, Marcia Decoster, Cynthia Rutledge, NanC Meinhart, Carol Wilcox Wells, Carol Cypher…..  I’m sure I’ll think of more.

    Anonymous says:

    Terrific selection of books! Thank you for the contest!

    There are so many terrific designers, I couldn’t possibly choose. I find that I am first attracted to a design by the color choices.   Beverly Ash Gilbert has some luscious colors and I’ve been experimenting with various types of free form. So, I have been studying her work lately.

    Fun to read everyone’s posts. Happy Beading!

    Kathie Skipper Prout says:

    An incredible collection of books for one lucky person! I am inspired by many artists including, but not not limited to Sonoko Nozue, Charlene Sevier and Dianne Fitzgerald~ whom I followed when I first began my love of beadworking. The list is long of the many artist’s I admire and respect for their talent and inspiration. Thanks for doing these giveaways to help more people have to opportunity to learn about the many facets beadwork design and help those blessed to win them gain skills to find their wings and soar to new heights with their love for art of beading!

    Pamela Auerbacg says:

    nancy cain is my favorite bead artist.

    Pam Auerbach says:

    nancy cain is my favorite bead artist.

    Amykohn says:

    It’s impossible for me to choose one favorite artist, as I am inspired by different elements in each artists work - e.g. the colors and funkiness of Yvonne Irvin (from MyElements), the geometrical shapes of Diane Fitzgerald, the 3D elements from Judy Walker’s beaded spheres, the delicacy of the designs of Melanie Potter, the surprise of the elements Laura uses (like eyeballs!), the preciseness of Marcia DeCoster – and these are only a few.
    I also have a mentor/colleague, who works in a very quiet way, but when we work together the ideas just fly and innovative, creative and wonderful pieces are born.
    Then, all of a sudden, doing the dishes or walking down the supermarket aisles, an idea hits me and I run home and create a piece that is my own – yet connected to all the bead and wirework artists out there!
    Amy Kohn Designs

    Laurasue says:

    Great article!!!  Exciting news for the bead world!!  :-)

    Hi everybody!
    What a stunning giveaway! OK… If iI must choose beaders throughout the world? It will be some extraordinary french (and unknown) beaders who create wonderful beading : Pencio, Poupoune, lilie-poupette! but the master for me is really Huib Petersen: such a very nice man and so talented (and not only with beads… The shawl he knitted recently was a piece of art!

    What a beautiful gift this would be!!  I have wanted for a long time to change the direction of my beadwork and haven’t know how to do it.  These wonderful books would be the catalyst I would need to try new techniques and make some of the beauties I have wanted to make but didn’t have a clue as to how to accomplish this!  My head is spinning with ideas just by looking at the covers.  I love getting lost in my beads!

    Red says:

    enter me

    Anonymous says:

    enter me

    Bonnie Elliott says:

    So many fabulous artists for me to be able to choose favorites. But, I can imagine how exciting it would be to have all of these wonderful books on my shelf – thanks, Lark, for the fun contest!

    Sandra says:

    I love to look at other’s work, but don’t really have a favorite since even if I don’t like a design or style, I can appreciate the work put into it.

    Sweet Freedom says:

    What a wonderful selection of books!

    Mosterlily says:

    Love reading about everyone’s favorite bead artists. These comments have given me several new sources of inspiration.

    Barbara Conrad says:

    I remember buying my first Lark beading book.  I took it home and read it from begining to end underlining inportant tips and sections.  Having had a learning disability all my life, I was amazed at how clear the instructions were.  Along with the beautiful photos and great diagrams, I was able to follow a pattern to successful completion in record (for me) time.  From that day on if I see a new Lark Book on beading I buy it immediately, no matter my budget.  Each book is as great as the last.  My favorite books have been Sherry Sarafini’s, Laura McCabe and Jamie Elkin Cloud and  Hidie Kimiel (sic).  Looking forward to the newest books coming out.  Thanks so much for making my beading successful.

    Abarrabarr says:

    I’m working on a project now where I, as part of the Seattle Metals Guild, am combining with a glass bead maker from the International Glass Bead Society – it’s a pretty amazing collaboration in honor of the IGBS’ annual meeting (‘The Gathering’).  So, I’m quite into exploring glass beads at the moment.

    Liquedesigns2 says:

    Just like everyone one else I’m inspired by too many artist’s to name…however since i’m headed to the gem faire this weekend one person stands out in my mind.  I really like Donna Palmer of (BeaDragon)’s style, she’s so knowledgable and has come up with some really great patterns..can’t wait to see what’s new this weekend…-Angelique

    Wendy Chercass says:

    i love beading and am a fan of all the fabulous bead artists featured!!

    Flwrchyk says:

    What an incredible list of stars, I would love to create anything from these wonderful books!
    To choose a favorite is difficult but, Sherry Serafini’s work so amazing

    Centralko says:

    She hasn’t published a book, but MaryEllen Kramer is an amazing artist whose creations run the gamut of styles, often embellished by her husband’s glass work focal bead.  Her current passions are beaded dolls and embroidery works that take beading design to a new level.  

    I can’t pick just one! I have been inspired by Laura McCabe’s use of beetle wings and have also developed a love/hate obsession with eyeballs. Creepy!  :)
    Some of Sherry Serafini’s work is also a bit on the dark side which I find refreshing from the common use of Swarovski crystals and “bling”. What a wonderful collection!

    Nckjenner says:

    I can’t decide on a favorite bead artist (I’m still fairly new to beading), but I just received Sabine Lippert’s book today and I’m in awe of her designs!

    Lori L says:

    oh my!  Choosing a favorite bead artist is like chosing a favorite child – just can’t be done.

    Carla G says:

    I don’t have any specific favorites.  I’ve learned so much from lots of different artists and designers.  :)

    CaroB559 says:

    I feel like a sponge.  Each artist/author has their own specialty.  I couldn’t pick just one.  I love to learn something from each one of them.  In order to accomplish that, I already own several of these books.  The most recent being from Marcia DeCoster, Sherry Serafini and Diane Fitzgerald.  So keep the books coming from such talented beaders and I’ll keep learning.  That will make me a happy camper….errrr …beader.

    Annmarshall says:

    I would love to own these books. My favourite beading book is The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox Wells.

    Kirsten says:

    I’d love to learn more about beads and beadwork.

    Dlynn124 says:

    To win these books would be such a honor and to pick just one designer would be so hard when all of the designs are out of this world!!!!!

    Anonymous says:

    Okay – like everyone – I love Marcia Decoster, Heidi Klumm and Sherri Serafini.  But I have to say that my favorite will always be Carol Garfield.  Carol is the owner of Dancing Beads in Medford, Oregon and when I walked into that store looking for an extra long thin needle (I didn’t even know how to bead) – I saw a bracelet on the wall that Carol designed and was a sample for a class she was teaching.  I signed up for the class and there has been no looking back.

    nck says:

    I don’t have a favorite bead artist, but I received Sabine Lippert’s book yesterday and can’t wait to try one of her projects

    Gina says:

    What a selection! I must confess that I already own two of the books, but am frothing to get my hands (and eyes) on the others. Never enough beading books and patterns, that’s what I say. The beading community is among the most generous when it comes to sharing our passion and the inspiration it adds to our lives. My fav artists are Sabine, Sherry and Marcia, but who can choose from among them – combined they present an ever-growing tapestry of colors, textures and mini feats of engineering to keep us, their avid fans, hungry for more. Who would have dreamed that math and geometry would re-enter my life in such a fun way. Bring it on, girls (and guys) – we love those complex challenges of following along with you and creating our own masterpieces, and even venturing into the mysterious creative process ourselves as we learn and develop our own patterns and techniques. I’m right behind you!

    Bmwarn says:

    Diane Fitzgerald is one of my favorite’s.  I have not tried any of Sabine’s books, but would love to!  This is an amazing group of books.  Thanks Lark for this amazing give a way!

    There are too many designers to choose from.  I do love Sabine and Marcia DeCoster.

    Gina says:

    A BBBB indeed! While I must confess I already own two of the books, I’m frothing to get my hands (and eyes) on the rest of these puppies. Personal fav artists are Sherry, Sabine and Diane, but as a curated selection these books and individuals represent an amazing body of work that continues to inspire our passion and admiration. The beading community is one of the most generous in that for me it embodies the motto: each one, teach one – I’ve never met a beader who isn’t ready and eager to share what they are working on, help a newbie out with a new stitch or give frank feedback about material and color selection. It’s part of the charm of belonging to this wacky, fabulous group. I’m personally of the mind that you can never have enough designs and patterns on hand, and it has inspired many of us to venture out onto the ice of unique creative designs ourselves … and who would have thought that all that school math would be so fun and useful in creating true feats of color and engineering. So bring it on, girls (and guys – sorry Ray), keep those designs coming.

    Stacey Deoudes says:

    One of my favorite bead artists is certainly Marcia DeCoster, but most of these books have been on my wish list for quite some time now.

    Giuliana says:

    Am I late? I adore Sabine Lippert, I already bought some of her projects from her website “Try to bead” and I liked them very much. They are astonishing! I’d like also to learn embroidery technique, so Cherry Serafini’s book might help me to do it! Fingers crossed! 

    What an AWESOME set of beading books!  THANK YOU for this opportunity to win this set.

    Forevrbeading says:

    I love to bead and challenging myself with new designs. Then, sometimes I create my own designs. I would love to add to my limited library. The world of beadweaving is a kaleidoscope of ever changing colors and shapes!

    Anonymous says:

    Being more familiar with wire-and-bead jewelry making, I do not have a lot of experience in working with intricate beading patterns, stitches, and seed beads.  I would love to learn, though!  These books are simply gorgeous, and I would love to peruse every page!  Thanks so much for sponsoring these wonderful giveaways!  :)

    Rachel W says:

    How fun!  And trying to pick a single favorite is impossible.  I love Marcia DeCoster and Diane Fitzgerald and so many others.

    Rachel W says:

    How fun!  And trying to pick a single favorite is impossible.  I love Marcia DeCoster and Diane Fitzgerald and so many others.

    Christine says:

    almost missed it!  I would love to win this!  I love all of the authors in this collection!  :)

    Christine says:

    almost missed it!  I would love to win this!  I love all of the authors in this collection!  :)

    Carol says:

    Gosh, someone out the is going to be extremely lucky to win this set of books. I’ve seen a few of them in the local bead stores and they are beautiful. The books are very well illustrated and the authors have obviously taken a lot of time to share their expertise and knowledge with the reader.

    It’s difficult to choose a favorite since each one brings something new and unique to the table. If I was made to choose, I think Diane Fitzgerald would probably be my favorite, with Maggie Meister and Sherry Serrafini following closely behind.


    Laura says:

    Sonoko Nozui is a favorite and these are some amazing books.

    Yvonne King says:

    This is so exciting!! Definitely a great giveaway!
    I LOVE Marcia DeCoster’s designs–She is one of the reasons why I love right angle weave so much! 

    I am just drooling over that collection.  So much knowledge contained within those pages.  Please enter me in the drawing.

    vicki canman says:

    Well Im a little late lol the books look great though. awesome giveaway good luck everyone

    Kym says:

    So many wonderful books!!!

    Cwhitejewelry says:

    Jamie Eakin’s bead embroidery is fantastic!  I’d LOVE to play with this collection!

    Amykohn says:

    Congratulations, Traci! Don’t you feel like you found buried treasure?!?!

    Amykohn says:

    Congratulations, Traci! Don’t you feel like you found buried treasure?!?!

      Traci Staves says:

      Thank you Amy.  I was in shock and floating on a cloud all day and yes, that is exactly how it feels!

    Debbie says:

    Love to wear and make jewelry…never tire of the process and the fun of wearing finished projects!

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    I want to start learning!It is very beautiful!

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