Sand Art at the Beach

June 08, 2010, 10:19 am  Posted by Lark

It’s summer and time for the beach. I’ve got my bucket, shovel, sunscreen and am headed for the sand. My inspiration is all the amazing sand art I’ve seen posted lately.

Here’s an elegant, sensual  sand castle I love.

sand castle by the ocean

Check out all the beautiful sand art sculptures that were at an annual competition in Canada.man sculpted in sandI like the simple artful drawings in the sand that include other stuff found on the beach like dried grass, drift wood, and shells.

simple sand and dried grass drawing

For the ultimate in sand art beauty and precision check out the work of Jim Denevan. He’s amazing.circles in the sand on the beach


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    megfinn says:

    A beach lover to the max, I LOVE this. That last photo is unbelievable!

    Sarah Nall says:

    That truly is amazing. Makes me want to grab some beads and charms and make some beachy jewelry.

    debbieb97 says:

    Such amazing sculptures. Kind of sad they will be gone with the tide.

    sy says:

    oh wow these sand arts are amazing!

    The beach art is truly stunning. I just LOVE this.

    Beth Sweet says:

    Kathy, these are beautiful! And it's so interesting that you mentioned Jim Denevan–I have an environmental art calendar hanging in my kitchen, and Jim's beach work is featured for the month of June. So great!

    rebelb says:

    visitors from my home planet!

    lsmoore says:

    Ok, the circle sand art is just the coolest ever. Can't even begin to imagine how long this took, and where you can get enough beachfront to make it happen! I now live on the SC coast, and it's always busy with either humans or animals. Awesome work. Makes me start thinking of a necklace…hmmmm……
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Shaiha says:

    Oh my goodness! Those are amazing

    Kathleen says:

    Fun in the sand… simply amazing! I love Art.

    name says:

    koemntarz moj


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