Meet the Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! jewelry designers

September 28, 2012, 14:31 pm  Posted by Lark

One of the very best things about writing the brand new shrink plastic jewelry book Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! has been working with the talented group of designers who contribute jewelry designs for the book.

This craft is new enough that looking online for pieces that catch my eye, experiment with a new technique, or make me stop and think, Wow, that’s made from shrink plastic? makes me feel like an explorer.

In the book, the designers are generous enough both to share what they’ve discovered about shrink plastic (how best to print on it, punch holes in it, shape it, fuse pieces of it together, and more) and to answer my endless questions (what size jump ring? which kind of paint? how many inches of chain?). I can’t thank them enough, and I know you’ll want to make just about every project in the book.

These designers are all doing incredible creative work in shrink plastic and many other media. I’ve linked to some of their wonderful Etsy shops and blogs below. Stop by and see what else they’re making! You’ll feel like an explorer, too, and you may discover some great holiday gifts.

You also can download a PDF with the instructions for the book’s Origami Plane Earrings by designer Tonia Mo or for three other projects (Cat and Milk Brooch by Kathy Sheldon, Not-Your-Grandmother’s Cameos by Tamara Berg, and Paper Plane Ride Necklace by Stasia Burrington) by clicking right here. Buy the book on BN.com, Amazon, or at your favorite local craft store or bookseller. And, be sure to join Lark Jewelry & Beading on Facebook for daily pics of great jewelry and beadwork, craft and jewelry community news, and alerts to free projects and giveaways on our blog.



Jodie Anna




Elizabeth Baddeley







Anna Boksenbaum






Tamara Berg








Stasia Burrington





Heather Davidson








Jalene Hernández




Cathe Holden









Dana Holscher





Erin Inglis








Donna Mallard





Tonia Mo





Jessica Poundstone





Stacey Rawlings






Cynthia Shaffer



Kathy Sheldon







Morgan Shooter





  • Nancy Moore

    Kathy, another person to see would be Tina McChrie – shrink plastic star fantastique! She was an innovator of using this art form and created fabulous works more than 15 years ago. She and her daughter, Lauren, own Oskadusa, a great bead store in Solana Beach, CA. Tina now lives in New York but I’m sure Lauren would be glad to share her mother’s art with you. No one creates designs like Tina.
    Thanks – Nancy Moore

    • Kathy Sheldon

      Thanks, for that tip, Nancy–I will definitely look up Tina’s work. I’d love to see it!

  • Amelia Critchlow

    I’m loving the creepy photo place tag – can’t believe I’ve got to get ready for Hallowe’en next! :0

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