Spring into Summer Jewelry

April 20, 2011, 17:30 pm  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

For My Dolly, Barefoot Sandals

The Shag Bag, Cuff Bracelets

Märta Mattsson, Brooch: Reversed Beauty

Cherry blossoms, baby bunnies, and bare feet…Oh yes, it’s springtime! And if this warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t enough to melt the heart of a certain editor who shall remain nameless, it’s also jewelry trade show season…and spring book release season…and summer jewelry season…

—stream of conscious writing comes to a screeching halt—

What? Summer jewelry? Jewelry has a season? Wait a minute…can jewelry be seasonal?

Marthe's Pendant, Maker Unknown

Several years ago, I won this pendant in a silent auction benefiting student scholarships at the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Conference.

I am wearing it today, but for about half the year, like linen skirts and white sandals, it remains in storage. What gives?

Is it the color (white), the light material (wood), or my heavy winter clothes that make this pendant a warm-weather piece for me?

Is this just another quirky personality trait, or do you have “seasonal” pieces, too?

And how on earth can a piece of art be seasonal? Is it simply because it is worn?

To (far from scientifically) test my theory, I did a bit of online shopping for other pieces I would only wear this time of year. I have to admit that most of what I found was perfectly suitable for year-round wear. But, here are a few images that fit my seasonal aesthetic (and that I would love to find in my Easter basket!).

Vicki Mason, Pink Radiant

Anya Kivarkas, Arnold Lulls sketch, c.1610

Alexis Bittar, Small Rose Dust Lucite Hoops - Sunset

Nervous System, Two-Layer Center Ring

Ariane Hartmann, Necklace: Within Word

Rose Quartz Signet Ring, Bauble Bar

Rose Quartz Signet Ring, Bauble Bar

Because a certain editor who shall continue to remain nameless currently has a tiny bunny residing in her hedges (obssessed!)…and, because baby animals are impossibly adorable, here are some more images of great rabbit jewelry.

Warmest wishes for lovely long days

and may your summer jewelry keep you cool!

Brooke Stone Jewelry, Silver Stylized Rabbit

Märta Mattsson, Brooch

Dallas Pridgen Jewelry, Bunny Pendant

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For My Dolly, The Shag Bag, Märta Mattsson, Vicki Mason, Anya Kivarkas, Alexis Bittar, Nervous System, Ariane Hartmann, Bauble Bar, Brook Stone Jewelry, Dallas Pridgen Jewelry

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