Spring’s First Flowers

March 08, 2011, 17:10 pm  Posted by Lark

The first daffodils are poking up in my backyard. The best part of spring is the bursts of color coming after the beautiful muted grays of winter. Spring flowers are such a barrage of yellows, purples, and pinks. The landscape brightens with their vibrant colors as the days grow longer. I hope you enjoy this gallery of spring flower jewelry in celebration of the season.

1. dreamglassbylezlie 2. shopsomethingblue 3. helixelemental 4. DesignByByn 5. jeanevogel

6. skippingstones 7. lanternlitestudio 8. ZeGique 9. strandedtreasures 10. lisacoffaro

11. Radlana 12. JumpGlass


11 Responses

    Anonymous says:

    What a lovely collection Kathy! Genuinely made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and oh-so eager for flip-flop season!)

    Bluemoon406 says:

    this is awesome, I think spring has the most wonderful colors.. and they all look nice to wear, as well

    Ruth Gonzalez says:

    As soon as I opened up this cheery mosaic of spring flowers, I knew it was a Kathy post! Every time you put together one of these mosaics, I get sucked in to checking out all the various artists. What a great solution to grey sky blues.

    That’s beautiful. Thank you for including me in your gallery!!!

    Jumpglass03 says:

    So many lovely things! Thanks so much for including my pendant!

    ZeGique says:

    What a great collection! Thank you for featuring me!

    jess says:

    these are great spring jewelry piece. i especially like the flower earrings with the red backdrop. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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