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June 15, 2010, 16:57 pm  Posted by Lark

metal earringsOne of the questions most frequently asked at Bead & Button is, “What class are you taking?” More often then not, the answer is not one class, but many. Classes are offered at all levels and on all sorts of topics. I choose a class called Metalwork Earrings taught by Kay Rashka, a perfect choice for a beginner like myself. In a short amount of time Kay guided us through tracing, sawing, sanding, filing, hammering, drilling, oxidizing and bending wire to make a simple pair of earrings. filingsandingdrillingKay was a great teacher and I, like most of my fellow students, left the class wanting to blackmagic dipbending wiredo more. The Bead & Button Show is a great venue to both explore areas of new interest and expand your skills.

p.s. The earrings shown are the ones I made!


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    Ray says:

    Beautiful earrings, Kathy! I'm so glad you got to immerse yourself in the Bead & Button experience. Thanks for sharing some of it!

    sy says:

    looks fun *_* the earrings are so cute.

    Bluemoon406 says:

    The Bead & Button show looks incredible! I want to learn how to make earring like these, they are beautiful

    AmandaCarestio says:

    These are great, Kathy! So glad you had fun.

    Patty says:

    I had the opportunity to attend the Bead and Button show several years ago – two years in a row. What a wonderful experience. I took four classes or more each year. I'd love to go again, but I have to use up the many thousands of beads I bought first!!!!

    TamaraG says:

    You must have taken Kay Rashka's class – she is great – I've taken her class before and can't wait to take more from her. It's amazing how your jewelry making skills can improve by taking classes – they are so worth it!

    Guida says:

    A friend of mine who owns a bead store in California just told me all about her first time at Bed & Button. Sounded so awesome and now I want to go…….I'm there sisters!

    Argylsok says:

    Your earrings look really intriguing.

    Are they heavy, or are the materials light enough so that an average ear can bear the weight?

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