A few weeks ago I posted a fairly pathetic blog entry bemoaning how my gender meant I didn’t receive fabulous jewelry like my Lark Jewelry & Beading teammates do. Well, I can bemoan no longer!

To my surprise and delight, Jeri Warhaftig, author of the wonderful books Creating Glass Beads and Glass Bead Workshop, has generously gifted me with two brilliant bead necklaces.

The first piece is a variant of her STAR bead that will be carried into space on the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour, Mission STS-134, which is now scheduled for April 29 at 3:47 p.m.; read all about this wonderful bead, the shuttle ride, and the Beads of Courage organization in this earlier post.

The second piece is a tube bead Jeri is now developing. Take a look at both beautiful beads, and let me (and Jeri!) know what you think.

And then, if you want to make some beads yourself (perhaps even for yourself or loved ones rather than me), consider picking up a copy of Jeri’s Creating Glass Beads, a new book already receiving universal acclaim:

“A beautiful and thoughtful book.” ~ The Bead Dreamer

“Really cool glass bead projects … I highly recommend this book for both the beginner and the more advanced bead maker.” ~ Craft Gossip: Glass Crafts

“Attractive and full of color, this is definitely another great book by Lark. Wonderful!” ~ Lorena Angulo

“A wonderful resource … This is an amazing reference book for anyone looking to expand their skills in making glass beads.” ~ Confessions of an Overworked Mom blog

“Lampworkers will be inspired by this creative how-to book on making lampworked beads and pendants. If making beads is your passion, this is a definite MUST HAVE for your library.” ~ Lorelei Eurto

(I also want to thank photographers Carol Barnao [STAR bead] and Marthe Le Van [tube bead] for capturing the beads in pixels.)


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    Sharlyngp says:

    I am a beadmaker and Jeri’s beads are the best! I love the two you are showing and would love to win one! I can’t wait to see her book. I have her other book and go to it continually for ideas and information. Did I mention I’d love to win one of those necklaces?!

    Jeri says:

    HI Ray!! It was so much fun to wake up to this blog post in my email and to see you wearing my beads with a grin! They each look great on you!! Enjoy, and thanks for the kind words, Jeri

    Cyndi L says:

    Awww! That was so nice to read this morning…they look great on you Ray :-)

    Sheryll says:

    Until the industrial age, men adorned themselves with beautiful jewels just as women did. Unfortunately, with the exception of some indigenous peoples and Hollywood rap stars, men today are discouraged from wearing adornments. I was delighted to see Ray wearing Jeri’s two wonderful beads and I hope this is the start of a great new trend for men!

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