The Scent of Jewelry

July 29, 2010, 13:14 pm  Posted by Lark

A wireless web of scent can be scent from one "wearer" to another

Jewelry isn’t just eye candy anymore… It can now be a treat for your nose (well-being and social life) too!

I heard about this crazy new technology called “Scentsory Design” from my friend, Meagan, after we saw “Inception” with a group of friends. Along the same futuristic line, Jenny Tillotson has created a jewelry line that sends scent by a wireless web from, say, a spider brooch to another piece of jewelry- like a beetle brooch.

It can spray a sample of fragrance to send an aroma ‘message’ that could be healing (lavender), protective (insect repellent), seductive (pheromones) informative or communicative. The user of the piece could whisper a message into the spider brooch, then transmitting the message to a beetle brooch worn by an admirer.

The spider’s sensor, implanted in its abdomen records the humidity of her breath and releases scent from the beetle onto a localized area, creating a personal ‘scent bubble’. (Granted, it seems like it would be a lot easier and more realistic to say, “Hey! I like you!” rather than whispering to your brooch … but maybe not as much fun!)

Though it may sound a little futuristic, I think the concept of using scent for heightening everyday experiences like watching TV, talking on cellphones and now for fashion, could be right around the corner. … what do you think?

This beetle brooch can communicate by scent...


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