Transformer Jewelry

June 16, 2011, 13:44 pm  Posted by Lark

My first and favorite piece of jewelry was a necklace that transformed into a brooch, hair clip AND into a little toy girl with red hair. I thought she was awesome. And of course the plastic jewel was PRICELESS. (It was called “Sweet Secrets.” I’ll post a fun 80s commercial at the end of this blog about those gems.)

My love for dual-purpose jewelry has continued over the years with poison rings (I’ve never had to put it to use, though), lockets, ring watches…anything that has a purpose OTHER than looking pretty.

These days, I’m becoming more attracted to the pieces that have a classic look, but with a modern secret twist that can allow you to take pictures, use video, save your files to your USB necklace… it’s insane what has transformed into jewelry lately.

What would you like to see double as jewelry? A weapon? A mini computer? I’m sure if you search hard enough or wait long enough you can have it.

This sleek bluetooth bracelet vibrates when your phone is out of reach. It seems like it would be convenient in theaters, meetings and loud clubs. I thought this was pretty cool for less than $20.

This necklace does double-duty as a waterproof 4GB MP3 player that’s less than $40. … If it would transform into a doll, too! ;)

And a Hello Kitty USB pendant? Why not?

And here’s my favorite:

Pretty cool, eh? This ORB mobile headset doubles as a ring and also can be used 30 feet away from your phone. It vibrates if you get a call, like the previous bracelet, but also has a voice-to-text device so you can read messages on your ring. It should be available for sale soon.

And as promised, here’s the retro 80′s commercial that features my first dual-purpose piece of jewelry:

  • http://twitter.com/AFeistyRedhead Ashley Little

    Whoa! Flashback! I had that exact same Sweet Secrets. I need to ask my mom to look for that…

  • Meagan

    Hey, I had a couple of Sweet Secrets back in the day!  I think I had that panda…

  • Lauren

    HOly Crap! This is the coolest blog ever. BOOKMARK!!! 

  • TransformableNinjaMatic

    Very cool. I never had any Sweet Secrets™ stuff, or transforming jewelry for that matter, but awesome post.

  • http://www.amidorablecrochet.blogspot.com Scrapoholic

    oh my word….I completely forgot about Sweet Secrets….haha what a flash back I had some of them when I was little :)

  • Sarah

    I’d go for the headset/ring.  Then you can casually glance at your hand to see who’s calling and make it look like you’re too into whoever you’re with to answer the phone.  They feel good about themselves, you know it’s just the credit card company calling.  Win/win

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  • TamalynJensen

    Love the headset/ring also. Now, does the ring also have a way to page my phone when I misplace it? =)

  • Anonymous

    Have you been able to find the ORB anywhere? I think it didn’t make it to the open market. I waited and waited but nothing as far as I can tell :(

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  • Angela

    How tragic that these posts happened a couple of years ago but still no ORB