Visit Joanna Gollberg in her studio

June 03, 2010, 16:28 pm  Posted by Lark

I recently got the pleasure of visiting Joanna Gollberg (a nationally recognized jeweler, metalsmith, teacher, and writer) in her Asheville, N.C., studio. So, to give you a peek into who she is and her day-to-day work, I filmed her sharing the kinds of jewelry pieces she’s working on and she talks a little bit about how she got into the business. Her most recent book that just came out this month is The Ultimate Jeweler’s Guide, the most complete user-friendly reference guide to making handmade jewelry.

Joanna Gollberg's latest book is richly illustrated with color photos, illustrations, graphs, templates, and charts.


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    Teresa_smith73 says:

    Great interview and she is a great author and inspiration!

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