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July 16, 2010, 16:55 pm  Posted by Lark

Got the wedding photos from Sandra Stanbaugh last night–oo-ooh, very exciting! Here are just a few.

Cupcakes by Short Street Cakes

Cupcakes by Short Street Cakes

Aaron and I with our little niece, who carried my train

Gorgeous bracelet by Liisa Paunonen, cool fascinator by Emily Wootten

Gorgeous bracelet by Liisa Turunen, cool fascinator by Emily Wootten, smiles by Love (groan!)

Welcoming the guests, post-ceremony

Welcoming the guests, post-ceremony

Two of my favorite guests


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    Ray says:

    Beautiful couple, so sweet niece, great looking cupcakes! (Love that you led with the cupcake photo.) In case you were wondering, Nathalie, I moved this post into the Jewelry/Beading feed. (I couldn't even figure out where “uncategorized” went to.) Who are those two party crashers in the bottom photo, though? Thanks for sharing these glimpses into your special day, Nathalie and Aaron!

    Ray says:

    Enchanted by the cupcakes? The Short Street Cakes URL is easy to remember: http://www.shortstreetcakes.com.

    Stacey says:

    You look so beautiful and happy. Mazel tov!

    Jeri says:

    I didn't see that fabulous bracelet until I read the caption! I was too busy noticing the “love smiles”. I know there are many years of happiness ahead of you both. Jeri

    justval says:

    Absolutely love the black and white photos, they show so much more detail and depth. The picture of her hand on his shoulder as they lovingly gaze into each others eyes is priceless!

    Kathy says:

    Beautiful pictures Nathalie. Thanks for sharing.

    Karen B. says:

    Lovely photos, Nathalie! Congratulations and much happiness. (And LOVE those cupcakes–a great idea. But they pale in beauty beside the glowing bride.)

    ShannonYokeley says:

    Beautiful photos to remember your beautiful wedding! Nathalie, you know how to throw an awesome wedding and dance party!

    I'm know I'm tardy to the commenting party, but Nathalie — you look beautiful! Congratulations!!!

    Beth says:

    What a wonderful celebration of a beautiful couple–thanks for sharing these photos, Nathalie! That fascinator was PERFECT!!

    Hi there

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