Wish you were hair

June 12, 2011, 19:08 pm  Posted by Lark

One thing you can’t help but notice at Bead&Button are the fun, funky hairstyles. All the colorful plumage makes it seem like you’re in the rain forest instead of at a convention center in Milwaukee. You go, ladies!

Green and black: waiting in line at Meet the Teachers

Red, orange, blonde and spiky: a German lady at Meet the Teachers

Strands of Soflex glimmer magically in Sharon Peters' hair

Pink on red--and check out Rita's gorgeous necklace!

Rita from the back, showing the red Soflex (note the, ahem, "artistic" focus)

Blue, with yellow-and-black-striped feathers: Laura McCabe

Purple tips on Julianne McCabe (Laura McCabe's mother-in-law)

Purple: happy student Betsy Barnard

Sue Hitchler says her husband hasn't noticed her newly blue 'do!

Jeannette Cook

I want hair like hers!

Gwen Youngblood, whose business card is also hot pink

A happy attendee on her way to shop

Pat (at right) jokes that with her hairclip---that's quite literally what it is---she's one of Marica DeCoster's "marciettes." (More artistic focus.)

...and another marciette!


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    I LOVE this! So awesome to see so many different ages rocking the color.

    Lori says:

    Yup!  I had half a head of pink hair as well and loved not being stared at for the WRONG reasons, LOL!

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