100 Pretty Little Projects Giveaway…3x the Fun!

August 25, 2011, 15:47 pm  Posted by needlearts

The response to the first giveaway we held for 100 Pretty Little Projects was so overwhelming–nearly 300 entries!–that we knew we had to do it again. After we thought about it, we decided that not only did we have to do it again, we had to do something even bigger than before.

So today, for the second and final giveaway of this book, we’re giving away three copies! For those of you playing along at home, that’s 300 pretty little projects : )

To enter for a chance to win a copy of 100 Pretty Little Projects, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Friday, September 2. Any comment is fine—though we’d love to hear what pretty little project you’ve been working on this summer! Three winners will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Monday, September 5.

Click here for the official rules.


208 Responses

    wendy says:

    I’d love to win this book… looks cute! Although it’d also be great if I could win some extra time in my days to use for making pretty little projects in…

    Muireann says:

    My summer was mostly taken up with a pretty big project – my first blanket! – but I’m looking forward to small projects for the next month or so. Thanks for the chance to win!

    I just made a lunchbag, which I suppose counts as a pretty little thing! But I’d like to have this book to make some wall art for my empty bedroom walls!

    Amy S. says:

    I recently crocheted a Cthulhu with a top hat. I’m uploading a photo to my craft blog tonight: http://www.monkeywaffles.com.

    Handmade Retro says:

    I’m making a small quilt for a friends unborn baby!

    Susan Tennison says:

    I love the darling little projects.  I am working on an embroidery sampler – shows lots of different stitches right now and just finished a yo-yo pincushion.  Small projects are good!

    Laura J. says:

    i would love these projects!

    Purpl7 says:

    I have been quilting for my daughter. She needs a new quilt before winter comes.

     Great looking !! Would be easy and fast to make for gifts.

    Sally Knight1 says:

    Making a series of bags — handbags, totebags.

    Maggie B. says:

    Ooo!  Oooo!  Pick me, pick me!!!!!  I would sooooooo make wonderful things from this book!  I’ve made a rockin’ pencil case for my Prismapencils this summer!

    Would love this!  I made a goldfish print skirt for my daughter this summer and would love to have some other little projects to work on.  :)

    Sagittarian1955 says:

    I would love to have this book!  You asked what we have been working on….well, I have been working on 4 little granddaughters, lol!  My daughter and her 4 girls are temporarily staying with me, so life is somewhat chaotic right now.  I’m looking forward to being able to do crafts again!

    Perhaps I will have better luck in round #2!!

    Dawn says:

    Hope I am one of the three lucky winners THIS time  :)

    Connie says:

    This book would be perfect for our grand daughter in-law who is  making small projects to keep food on the table.  She would really use it and appreciate it.  Right now she is making and selling rings out of old buttons that are gorgeous.

    Southernbelleamee says:

    I could always use more pretty little things I’m my life!

    Hope Burr says:

    Let’s see what am I working on, well I’m knitting a baby blanket, and also just put a quilt top that my grandmother had started. She passed away in 1979, and I got the quilt after she passed away. It’s a true labor of love. After I’m done with this quilt I’m going to make one for our bed, then going to start on making the scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon. I’m always working on several different projects.

    I would love this book! Especially before Christmas. Need some ideas!
    I’ve been working on knitted stars and hats all summer!

    Thank you! I would love to win one of these books! :) I’ve been sewing lots of things for the kiddos and for charity this summer! Most recently were my son’s new favorite comic strip pjs and today I’ve been working on trick or treat hair accessories…always something fun!

    Thanks again!

    I would love to have this book. Currently I am into amigurumi crochet. I love making little creatures for my kiddos. This book has lots of things they would enjoy too!

    Carol Goodemann says:

    Love, love, new fun little projects and would enjoy trying some from the book~!!

    Jagels says:

    I’ve been making pin cushions and potholders.  I would love to have this book. thanks.

    I’ve just finished two little knitted hats for my son and daughter :)

    Kinzerclan says:

    oh i am so happy you are giving another one away.. how nice of you…  i have been working on my new craft room this summer.  now that both my sons have moved out i have an extra room  i am transforming into a craft and sewing room for me. i cant wait to have it all finished. i have painted over the dark blue with lilac and replaced the fish wall paper border with pretty little tea cups.  painted the woodwork and am ready to take the old carpeting up. i am going to paint a friendship ”quilt” on the floor. i have asked friends to design a quilt block and i am going to paint their block on my ”quilt”.

    Kinzerclan says:

    oh i am so happy you are giving another one away.. how nice of you…  i have been working on my new craft room this summer.  now that both my sons have moved out i have an extra room  i am transforming into a craft and sewing room for me. i cant wait to have it all finished. i have painted over the dark blue with lilac and replaced the fish wall paper border with pretty little tea cups.  painted the woodwork and am ready to take the old carpeting up. i am going to paint a friendship ”quilt” on the floor. i have asked friends to design a quilt block and i am going to paint their block on my ”quilt”.

    Mrasch1616 says:

    I have been busy making critter hats!  :)  But today my son and I glittered pumpkins… it was so fun and there is glitter everywhere to prove it.  Let’s see if my vacuum is all that it claims to be!

    Schmidthappens1956 says:

    I would love to win a copy! The projects look fun and quick to make for gifts. It’s time to start making my Christmas presents and I know this book should have plenty for me to make!!!!!

    Sharongrand says:

    I do a program yearly for my sewing group re: quick Christmas projects.   Looks like I need this book.

    Goygirrl says:

    I don’t drag my machine out much, so I’d like ideas for small, hand-sewn projects

    Holstefamily says:

    I am so glad to have another chance to win this book.  Most of my summer was consumed making 2 wedding dresses, and I am totally ready for some simple little projects before I start in making costumes for a performing arts high school for the new school year.  Plus, these projects would be perfect to work on during the lull times between costume changes during the plays.

    Linda says:

    I love making small items.  For the last few years, my coworkers have all gotten little handmade items for their Christmas gifts.  Last year, the office was buzzing with “I wonder what she made for us this year.”

    Ramona M. says:

    I have been making cosmetic bags,quilts and helped a young friend make a bag for her guard “guns” to be carried in.  I love both small and big projects.

    Readerwoman says:

    This summer I have been working on making crocheted flowers, accented with unusual buttons. I have also been working on some shawls for charity. I love to do little projects, they don’t take up much room, or take much time to complete! Thanks for another opportunity to win!

    dj says:

    What a fantastic idea.   I’m always looking for cute little projects to do.   An awesome way to have ‘downtime’ between large, complicated projects.

    making baby quilts – but I would sure love to win one of these books!

    Ahpfeil says:

    I just finished a quilt top but that hs been in the works for several years.  This summer I made some cute little bucket bags to be used for gift bags.

    justval says:

    I have been busy making headbands and a few pocketbooks for my daughter in college. 100 Pretty Little Projects book looks fantastic!

    Ladydiane says:

    I would really like a copy – here’s hoping!

    Tdelling says:

    Alas, I haven’t been working on projects this summer. That’s why I need a copy of your book so I can get ready for Christmas!

    I have been working on several new items for my Etsy shop this summer.  It was weird to be making halloween items in July!

    Marie says:

    I’m making a hobo bag (my own pattern), pj bottoms, and curtains! Halloween decorations are next!

    Pamstitches says:

    I have several of the “pretty little” books and love them!

    Anne Kendall says:

    I’ve been so busy trying to finish BIG projects (two large quilts), that I haven’t had time to make much just small and fun.  Let’s see.. one tiny pair of robot-patterned overalls, one small baseball-themed shirt, and one little cowpoke quilt for my grandson, plus a patchwork block trivet for my daughter.  I think that’s about it for the small stuff! I badly need a lot of fun little projects to save my sanity!

    Holstefamily says:

    I am so glad to have another chance to win this book.  I spent the summer working on 2 wedding dresses and am so ready for some easy little projects before I start making costumes for a performing arts high school for the new school year.  These projects would also be perfect to work on during the lull times between costume changes during the plays.  Here’s hoping . . . . . .

    Meganarline says:

    I’ve been making lots of pretty little purses lately.

    L Grabow says:

    My pretty little project is binding a Double Irish Chain Quilt that is a gift for my Mom and starting a quilt made of Bari J’s Paris Apartment fabric. By the time I finish these projects  I will definitely need 100 Pretty Little Projects to work on for christmas Thank you for the contest

    Lauren says:

    Oh wow, how adorable. I haven’t really done anything in awhile but I’d love to get back into it.

    looks like something I NEED!

    Alvina says:

    Looking for new ideas for my after school kids at the library! We do small projects & I am always looking for new and innovative ideas! Would love to see “100 Pretty Little Projects!”

    Fligamapoof says:

    I made water bottle cozier for my family when they come to visit. They love having their own water bottle and picked out which fabric they’d have as theirs. Also helped grandkiddos cover clipboards with tissue paper using mod podge. Also cut down a candy display box then covered it in scraps of batik using mod podge also. It turned out beautifully

    Readbks says:

    Pincushions! I love to make pincushions! Thank you for having this giveaway.

    Toni says:

    I missed out on the last give-away. This book and the projects look so cute — I’d love to win a copy:-)

    Woolensails says:

    I love making small items as gifts for my friends, this book would be wonderful.
    I just finished some small stitcheries and made them into mini quilts.


    jackie w. says:

    Totally awesome and generous!

    Sandie says:

    I am so excited that you are doing this giveaway again!  Small projects are just right for stash scraps and making gifts!  I have been sorting buttons all summer, so I can open my own shop this fall!

    Anitamyeo says:

    This book is the absolute cutest! I love books like this <3

    Gaye says:

    Very nice of you to add more books to give away.

    APH says:

    I would love this book!  This summer my 3 girls and I have been making our own stuffies!  Turtles, monsters, you name it!  This book would be perfect for all 4 of us!!

    gayle says:

    I would LOVE this. I’m big into projects that I can finish quickly. This summer I’ve been sewing zippered pouches and little purses and crocheting amigurumi animals for my kids.

    valerie.boudier says:

    I would love to win this – I like small projects – have made a few taggies this summer

    Sakehanska says:

    good morning. this is the first time I am here: I did not knew you till today. I would have a chance to win this book: it looks useful for me. hope I am lucky!! I have not a blog, I am not on facebook or twitter (and so on..) so I ask if it is possible for me to participate at this giveaway. ah, I live in Italy. do you send to Italy? many thanks. marta

    Slhightower5 says:

    Oh I want to win this!!! I’ve made several small clutches, one mini quilt, and am finishing up a set of pot holders.

    Emily Schelley says:

    I am working on recovering the pillows that came with my couch? I need small projects because I have little chance of finishing the big ones.

    Deb Fancy says:

    wow I love pretty little projects!  I have a great little 3″ doll that I make with a bonnet!

    SewLindaAnn says:

    Right now I’m working on a swap based on the Cups and Saucers book. It’s fun.

    Trish Johnson says:

    I am hooking a rug inspired by a photo my father took about working on the extra gang  (railway) in 1936.  Not sure whether it will be pretty.  I am thinking about hooking a rug about bugs, that might be prettier.

    Crystal W. says:

    I would love to win!  I’m working on all kinds of little projects for the little one we are expecting in less than 2 months!  My next project is book slings and an owl crinkle toy with ribbons!

    Lindsay says:

    I’ve been embroidering little motifs inspired by arts & crafts period stained glass windows on hand towels lately!

    Jennifer Stevens says:

    I made polka-dot ribbon barrettes for my daughter and her friend!

    Syjackson says:

    WHat a great way to get into other crafts!

    Debbie Hallamek says:

    My little project this summer is hand knit soap sacks for the shower.  Quick and easy!  Debbie H

    perrycounty says:

    I would love, love, love to win a copy of 100 Pretty Little Projects…I am in the process of making comfort quilts for giveaways for underprivileged kids for Christmas…and I bet, no I know, that there are some cute little crafts in this book to help me out!!

    Heather S says:

    I’m so so excited about this! I’m working on some embroidery projects! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Cheers! 

    Cass says:

    Time for making holiday ornaments!

    suzee says:

    I’ve been making tons of reusable shopping bags!! this book looks great!

    Wonderful giveaway, thanks!

    Denise says:

    I’ve been making gnome hats for baby presents.

    Julia McGuire says:

    what an awesome giveaway. I’m still blogging about my giveaway wins.

    Michelle H. says:

    I’m sewing curtains for my kitchen; I have some Pottery Barn fabric and I’m making my own cafe curtains for the 3 windows in my kitchen.

    Suze says:

    What a fun book! I’ve made little zipper bags for friends this summer. Plan to make more for Christmas gifts.

    Susan C says:

    My pretty little project is painting some shelves and using tulip stencils on them.
    smchester at gmail dot com

    Katherine Riley says:

    I have been working on knitted socks and doilies for Christmas presents.
    rilekat at gmail dot com

    Cemetz09 says:

    Love this book!  Thanks for the second shot at a win.  I have been working on close line wrapped bowls :)

    Sarahalee says:

    I would love to win this book for my daughter :)

    Argylsok says:

    My pretty little project is a knitted lace scarf for my mother.  It should be ready for her birthday… in January!  (Cheshire Cat grin)

    beatrice says:

    Would really love to win this book.  I enjoy all kinds of crafts especially those associated with fabric yo-yo’s.

    Joseph says:

    I haven’t done any of these projects, but my sisters 4 little girls would absolutely LOVE these!

    Nancy says:

    Gotta love a new project!

    Michelle Cain says:

    Aww, this would be great!  My artsy step-daughter would LOVE this, and I would love it too!

    Shaiha W says:

    I don’t know about a little project but I am in the process of designing up 4 necklaces for a blog hop

    Maidofpaper says:

    Pretty?? Know nothing about pretty… I must really need the book. nan

    Michael says:

    This looks like a great giveaway!

    liz carlin says:

    I love it.

    Amy L says:

    This would be so much fun to use at a crafty get-together with my daughters.

    Gina says:

    Ive got a ton of pretty little projects started…but would love 100 more!

    Gina says:

    I have a ton of projects started…but id love 100 more pretty projects to work on!

    Julie says:

    I’d love to win the book. Just finished planning a project from Susan Wasinger’s The Fiesty Stitcher: Sewing Prjects with Attitude. Wonderful book!

    Jpainedawes says:

    woo hoo…love a chance to win this book!

    Jan says:

    Would love to win!  Thanks!

    Queen Mum says:

    My summer projects have all revolved around the upcoming wedding of our son.  And, somehow, I’ve managed to add a few new crochet items to the Etsy shop….. 

    Mary Anne says:

    I love giveaways.  Can’t wait.

    Katherine says:

    I would love to win this book!

    Kat says:

    I have been working on de-stashing my studio this summer. Little by little I MUST get thru all these bits of fabric so I can make room for more, haha. Would love to win this book! Yay!

    kathyS says:

    I’ve been working on small 9-patch quilts in black and white — fun, fun

    Jokittens says:

    I’ve been working on projects for my first grandbaby.  I just finished sewing up an owl pillow/softie for him.

    Sue D says:

    I have been working on doll clothes for my granddaughter.

    Anonymous says:

    I have a wedding shower and wedding coming up and this just might have some cute ideas.

    Gardensandy says:

    I’m always looking for small gift projects for Birthdays….I love your “100 Pretty Little Projects”!!!!…..

    Heather R says:

    A new purse is in the works. I have a job interview. 

    Chris Herbkersman says:

    Just love little projects. Right now I am making Zombie Felties-too cute for Halloween

    Hi. Love all your books. I have some of the pretty little ones already so this would make a nice addition. Thanks.

    Beth says:

    Those are so cool!  Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Andrea Britain says:

    Just found your website through Pinterest…love it!!  Thanks for the freebies…looking forward to finding out more about Lark Crafts. :)

    MarciaW says:

    I’m a former Florida Gator too. It would be fun to win a copy of this book and share with my Gator mother. Thanks. 

    Amy G says:

    Thanks for posting patterns for making stockings for craft hope.  I love their projects and am interested in exploring your site to see all the cool crafty things you are doing.

    right now i am working on a back to school shirt for my daughter, then it will be some pajama pants for fall!  Thanks for the give away!

    I didn’t get much done over the summer, but now that the kids are back in school, I’m ready to go! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Lgrenfro says:

    Lots of fun looking projects in this book!

    Courtney Goldin says:

    As always, I have 2 projects on needles (washcloth and socks) and one that’s on it’s way to getting started (a soaker for my son). Hopefully a book like this would give me tons of ideas! 

    Anne Bailey says:

    I’d post some pictures if I knew how!!  Sorry, bit of a Luddite with computers!  Love the site.

    Annmarieboune says:

    Ooh, thanks for doing it again! 

    Loriaba says:

    I’m always looking for a quick project and leave to Lark to do just that. Thank you for your giveaway!

    Songsiren1 says:

    What a cool book! Great Giveaway!

    Sarah McG says:

    Oh wow what a great giveaway!

    For my summer project, I’ve started a paper-piecing quilt. It’s fun so far!

    I am new to this site and have never done any pretty little Projects though I would like to as they do look fun

    Heather says:

    I am working on a baby blanket for my cousin. Very excited for a new little one.

    Dawn says:

    I have been working on turning some of my scraps into yo-yo’s. Would love to win for some ideas how to use those yo-yo’s up!!  Thanks for the opportunity!  Good luck to everyone  :)

    Robertapepper says:

    I could definately deticate 3 days per project and have the entire book accomplished by fall of next year -Gosh I hope I win a copy so I can try out this Fall resolution!

    Kim says:

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts. Would love to have some new ideas.

    Cindy Pauley says:

    Made clothes for my girls when they were small now I’m into crafty projects.  Made Kindle cover for my Dad.  Would love more great ideas. Thanks for the chance to win them.

    Oh_chauncie says:

    The main focus of my art-ing and craft-ing has been to make baby and toddler clothes. Working with Heather Ross’ and Anna Maria Horner’s patterns have allowed me to use up a lot of the odd and small fabric pieces in my collection that are too cartoony/wacky for any other purpose! It’s been fun and surprisingly easy.

    I’ve been working on a pretty little granny square baby blanket for my co-worker. One more row and it is finished!

    Olsonkyla says:

    I am all about making small, quick and very fun projects. Not sure if my friends are tired of homemade gifts . . . . but I won’t tire of making homemade gifts! And, I am teaching my 12 yr old daughter to do the same! She loves little sewing projects.

    Debi (Scholl) Cutter says:

    I made a mail organizer. :)  It was quick and fun!!! Would love 100 little projects!!! :-)

    Quick projects make great gifts! 

    Quiltsis2001 says:

    I haven’t done any sewing projects this summer because we had a fire for Mother’s Day.  I just got a “new” machine, and I am so ready to get back to sewing!  I need some new projects!

    Christina Wright says:

    Always looking for projects and books, to add to my stash  :)

    Ellen Fontaine says:

    I just finished a beaded figure and am working on paper-pieced hexagons for a ‘someday’ quilt.  I am also cutting strips from some old fabric scraps I found in the garage to make an “antique” quilt. ;-)

    Angeladuvall42 says:

    Currently working on making notebook covers for my daughter for school…then making her a new purse for school, and then making me a dress… my husband and I are renewing our wedding vows soon, so I am making me a dress and making decorations for the service… Oh and Christmas gifts…I am always sewing something….

    Srobirds78 says:

    This summer I have been doing alot of knitting! recent project…Mohawk hats for the High school Football team! In school colors!!!! Go Indians!!!

    Andrea Noren says:

    Been working on baby blankets, pocket scarves – fairly small projects!

    jackie says:

    Thank you for offering this book in your giveaway, hope I win!

    Jennifer says:

    This book looks great!!!

    I’ve been working on a few little projects: placemats, pin cushions and potholders.

    Nasly Yadid says:

    How amazing! I would love this inspirational book. As a busy mom, without much time to spend sewing, I love the concept. Thank you very much for this giveaway.

    Kirstenjett says:

    My projects have been pj’s for the kids, placemats, small quilt wall hanging. Love all kinds of projects!

    hawkypuck says:

    I haven’t worked on any but I would love too.

    LauraL444 says:

    I’ve been working on Christmas presents, like fort kits and felt campfires for my nephews.  Thanks for the chance to win!

    Kc says:

    I would really love to work on something that I would finish. So I am hoping small is finishable.

    Jenny says:

    I’ve been working on a big proj. for the past three weeks or so – and I’d love to switch to small and quick projects soon!  I’m crocheting a rag rug for our living room, with a GIANT crochet hook.  It looks folky and nice, but it’s taking FOREVER!

    Taryn says:

    I love to sew! That’s all I have energy to say right now with two girls two and under. ;)

    Jann says:

     I  would love to do some of the projects in this book .

    Suzanne says:

    I’m always looking for a fun small project to do. Would love to win this book.

    Cindy says:

    I recently finished a signature quilt as a gift for a young couple leaving our church returning to former ministries.

    Dell says:

    Making some pretty pouches and working on a small fabric basket.

    Leigh says:

    I made a bracelet of 1″ fabric squares, beads and wire. Very cute! And I’d love a chance to win the book!

    Jagels says:

    I made a pretty little pillow and purse this summer as well as finished two quilt tops.  love to create!

    Lauraoka says:

    This book looks like a lot of fun. My pretty little projects have all been Christmas-based this summer. I am determined not to stress during the holiday season this year.

    Thanks much, Laura O.

    Henria O. says:

    Seems like an awesome book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    Teresa says:

    Little projects (especially little QUICK projects) are great fun to do with my daughters!

    Martinanderson8 says:

    Ooo, I’d love to win a copy of 100 Pretty Little Projects! It’s perfect timing for some holiday sewing projects, great stocking stuffer items.  

    Cobaltgypsy says:

    I’ve only just gotten back into stitching and this little book would be wonderful to keep me going without getting overwhelmed! Thanks so much for offering it! blessings, Gypsy  http://www.cobaltgypsy.etsy.com

    Jacqui Morris says:

    This book looks fantastic! And I love that a male is promoting it. I love showing my son that sewing is not just for girls!

    Hautemarme says:

    This summer I made draperies for my daughter’s new home and lined them all with a solar/blackout fabric.The panels were long and cumberson to work on in my tiny sewing room but I think they turned out great.  I also sell on etsy and I love to give a little gift with the scarf necklaces I make.  I bet 100 Pretty Little Projects has some great new ideas for me. Cheers! 

    Krista Shufelt says:

    I get intimidated by large projects — these look perfect!

    Kristin says:

    I haven’t been working on many “little” projects this summer, but I did start one big project- my very first quilt! It’s thrilling and slightly terrifying, all at the same time. :)

    sue dulle says:

    I hae tried needlefelting, ukrinian eggs, and needlepont. Always lookin for new things to keep me busy ;-)

    kfurdell says:

    I need some small, quick projects that will give me satisfaction while I toil away on other never-ending projects! (Like my crocheted afghan that’s been months in the works and is still only halfway done.)

    rickdonna says:

    Oh, this would be a great book to have!

    Chris says:

    I’d love a copy of this book. I’ve been working on making ribbon flowers. I need more inspiration!

    Stracey2010 says:

    this looks like it has a lot of great projects to try

    vtarcher33 says:

    would love to win this for my wife!

    I would love to have a go to book for those days the kids have nothing to do!

    Alison T. says:

    This is a great giveaway. I love doing fun crafts. I haven’t been doing too many projects lately, though. I have mainly just been drawing and painting. Thanks for the chance.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

    shawna says:

    This would be lots of fun!

    Jnmacdonald says:

    I haven’t started yet, but I want to make a bulletin board for my daughter’s room.

    erma Hurtt says:

    These are cute.

    Malmort01 says:

    Would love to have this book so many cool things..


    We like projects!

    gala says:

    i’m always looking for some new ideas,thanks

    theyyyguy says:

    For Carole!


    Anonymous says:

    I made seven cute taggie blankets for the new babies in our family circle.  Thanks for the chance to win this fun book.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

    Deanna says:

    I like my other “Pretty Little” books.  Would love to add this one.

    Margascrafts says:

    I always do little projects to send on the mail to put a smile on my friends hearts, any season with no particular reason. I would love to get more ideas.


    Ericka King says:

    Would love to win this to start a collection for the kids to do arts and crafts, thanks for the chance!
    ericka082 at gmail dot com

    Mari Anne Simpson says:

    I’ve been working on “pretty little” keep the change purses and kookie kritters.  Hope to see this book!!

    Anonymous says:

    i would have a lot of fun with these projects
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

    kathy pease says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)

    Bonnigene says:

    I would love to have this book….it would be very fun to do some of the projects with my daughters

    Melissa Snoopy says:

    I haven’t had any time for projects this summer, but I would love to do some this winter!

    Kendraco22 says:

    thanks for the chance–been doing some cricut crafts this summer

    Heatherstamper09 says:

    I would love to win this. I have been working on crocheting a blanket all summer!

    Amanda Coalwell says:

    This summer, I decorated little memo boxes for friends I left behind when I went to college, and filled them with inspirational quotes. (amandacoalwell@yahoo.com)

    Tina R. says:

    I would love to win! I’m student teaching, soon to graduate and have my own classroom – so having little projects and ideas like these at my fingertips would be AWESOME, and such a time saver!!!


    Eesa says:

    I have just become a Girl Scout Troop leader for 10 girls!  I would love to share the wonderful world of crafting with them, I see many community projects and badges in my future!  What a wonderful start this would be to a troop book-library!

    Kathleen says:

    Thanks for posting the great projects.  I would enjoy doing more of the same from the book.  Thanks for the opportunity!

    Candice says:

    Nothing this summer really…I’m a winter project person.

    I would love some new projects to make!

    Niccimoro says:

    I just discovered needlepoint and I’m working on a “showgirl” pillow case for my friends’s bachelorette party!

    carol y l says:

    I have made some pillow cases this summer. The kind you us to cover your sleeping pillows. They turned out nice. I also have been collecting low cost vintage linens I find at estate sales and love to decorate with them. I also look for vintage fabric to use for things from clothing to projects because fabric is very pricey now and this way the cost is so much lower. I have also started to look for vintage Pyrex which is a great value and I love to use it and am buying at estate sales for my son also.
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

    Garrettsambo says:

    I have been working on a scrapbook. 

    meme says:

    My 5 year old and I have been decorating wooden boxes for Christmas

    Mcmhunt says:

    some really cute fun projects…especially like the pillow!

    Ophelia says:

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