2010 in Photos

January 05, 2011, 13:56 pm  Posted by needlearts

This week is all about looking ahead to 2011 (and even 2012) here at Lark. But before we get completely wrapped up in excitement about what’s new new new, let’s take a minute to appreciate some of the year gone by.

We noticed our Flickr friends have been looking back at 2010 by posting mosaic collections of projects they’ve made this year. It was such a great idea, we had to make a small one of our own with pictures from this year’s blog posts.

The mosaic at right is made with images from the following posts: DeStash Diaries Volume 1, DeStash Diaries Volume 3, Quilting Addiction, Hot Sox, Daniela Edburg Knits Surreal, Tis the Season to be crafty, Fabric Remix Redux, Welcome to the Sew Tina Blog Tour, Space Spores Quilt Trilogy, Beanie Brigade, The Great Closet Monster Escape, Quilt Market/Festival 2010.

And of course we want to share our mosaic inspiration here on the blog. Join us after the break for a visual blast of 2010!

First up is Spotted Stone Studio and Pioneer Valley Girl:

Next comes Cloud 9 Fabrics and Jaybird Quilts:

Last but not least is Square One Studio and Upstate Lisa:


5 Responses

    Anonymous says:

    Wowza: that’s a whole lotta stitchy goodness! And what a nice treat to look back at 2010 on the blog… what fun we had!

    Shelley says:

    I would love to be able to look at these images individually!

    Anonymous says:

    Hi, Shelley! Good point! If you click on the links for each person’s name, you’ll be delivered to their flickr photostreams where the mosaics live… from there you can easily get to the full size images. Hope that helps!

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