3rd Annual Birthday Book Giveaway!

November 23, 2010, 08:35 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

vickiehowellOver the past few years, giving away copies of some of my favorite craft books (generously donated by Sterling Publishing and Lark Crafts) on my birthday has become a tradition. I’m a gal who loves presents, especially giving them, so getting to do this every November 18th is a real treat! Well, today’s the day, and even though budget cuts have trimmed down how many prizes we can give, any of these titles (ahem, including my own ;-)) would make a fantastic edition to your crafty library! So, take a gander at the list, click on the links to read more about each book on Barnes&Noble.com (and if you should feel so inclined, hit “like” while you’re there), and post a comment (see, rules below) for your chance to win. Enjoy!

NEW BONUS ITEM! (as of 11/23)

Thanks to the folks over at Simplicty, I’m thrilled to be able to add a bonus prize to the giveaway mix: the Deluxe Sidewinder! Hey Sew-ists, this one’s for you. :)

Craft Corps: Celebrating the Creative Community, One Story at a Time
(While you’re at your computer, share your craftiness at CraftCorps.org!)

Pop Goes Crochet
(Have you sent a PGC e-card to your crafty peeps? Do it here!)

AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher
(There are loads of quick-to-make gift ideas in this one!)

The Joy of Sox, by Linda Kopp
(This one almost makes me want to sit down long enough to knit socks! Almost.)

Fa La La La Felt, by Amanda Carestio
(I’m adding this one to my own wish list–the holiday cuteness speaks for itself!)

Knit & Wrap, by Nathalie Mornu
(Psst! Nathalie’s the woman who also wrote the wildly popular A is for Aprons book!)

Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection, by Aimee Ray
(I *heart* Aimee’s doodles!)

101 Snappy Fashions, by Cathie Filian
(Another great project by my fellow red-head-in-craft!)

Vintage Knits, by Marnie Fogg
(See the lovely Valerie Shrader’s post about this one here.)

Cowlgirls, by Cathy Carron
(You know how I love a good pun–she had me at Cowlgirls.)

For a chance to win a copy of one of these 10 books, leave a comment on this post with what your favorite crafty gift to give is. All comments must be received by 11/26/10, at 10pm EST, and we’ll pick 10 random winners. Click here for the official rules.



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320 Responses

    Tori MacLennan says:

    One of my favorite craft gifts to give are hand knitted washcloths rolled up in threes and tied with rafia. Someitme I make a small knitted drawstring bag and put the washcloths inside. This is my favorite way to give them. I can’t tell you how many people tell me year after year how much they loved their gift and how much use they have gotten. It really makes my day!

    C. Wilson says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is knitted toys for my kids and nieces. I’ve also made felted toys and softies for them for Christmas, Easter, birthdays… I’ve even had my niece stand by my chair while I finished her latest gift :) . –Carrie Wilson

    Elena Tucker says:

    This year my favorite gift is knitted and felted slippers. I have my whole craft group making them and it has been so fun to see the different color combos the girls have chosen. Elena

    Skaro964 says:

    I like to give hand knit gifts


    Lgentry says:

    I love to give hats and scarves or any home made gift. People have forgotten the value of a gift made by someone that loves you. The thought and prayers that go into the gift and the joy of seeing it used or worn.

    Tinamc says:

    ,,, for a long time it was scarves… then hats… cookies… pajamas… :)

    Rachel Hausladen says:

    I am sometimes afraid to give gifts for fear that they won’t fit or won’t be the recipient’s taste. However, I find that baby items, specifically sweaters, make great gifts, are relatively quick to knit compared to adult sized items, and are generally ooohd and aahhhd over regardless of the knitting knowledge of the recipient parents. I have been pleasantly surprised that my parents use these gifts as much as possible and even sometimes pass them along to new cousins/babies when their children are too big for them anymore. These items were meant to be worn, an not kept safely tucked away, so I love that more than 1 child is wearing them!

    Tabbie says:

    My favorite gift is crocheting scarves and hats for homeless and less fortunate ones. The expression on their face is PRICELESS!!! Happy birthday!

    Maya Headley says:

    My favorite craft to give is little amigurumi ornaments made from leftover yarns.

    Erin Donahue says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! My favorite craft is crocheting although I have begun to dabble in knitting.

    Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday! I love to give knitted gifts, especially socks. ~Bonnie Craig

    Bonney says:

    I love to knit little scarflettes. (I don’t think that’s a real word.) They are great gifts for the girls at the doctor’s office and the dentist’s office. They’re a quick knit and great to have on hand.

    Henleyalice says:

    hi vickie, i just got into knitting this year and it is great! i love your show also you are gifted girl. i would love to have aware knits and crochet goes pop and crafts corps. my name alice henley at 1262 friendship ch-rd chaunccey ga. 31011. Just in case i win those but i never ever win anything, but htanks for the chance. By the way have a Happy Birthday!!!

    Chevyrell says:

    These are all Great!!!

    Purl Bickersticks says:

    My favorite gift to give is artisan herbal soaps wrapped knitted wash cloths, or knitted scarves, or knitted hats.

    Songbirde says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of your own book, Vickie!
    BTW, Your baby is the cutest little thing I think I’ve ever seen, and she looks SO much like you! :-)

    Gayle P. says:

    I give away knitted fingerless mittens and dish cloths. Thanks and Happy Birthday!

    Currently I love to give oversized crocheted flower pins as gifts. And my birthday was Monday! A new crafty book would be a super fun birthday gift to receive! :)

    Ellen R. Margulies says:

    I love to make felted bowls. When I use multicolor yarn they come out marbelized and look so pretty. Everyone can use them for loose change, to keep your keys in, for buttons that need to be mended, little memo pads, so many possibilites. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sandie Drozdik says:

    Every year I try to pick something I can make for all the woman in my life. The woman that make the families run smoothly. Each year the kids get gifts..but the mom’s always give and not so much always get. So that said, I try to make a little something for those mom’s to let them know that they are loved. This year…I’m making wristlets…and I’d love to make some of the cowls or wraps from a few of those books posted to mix it up!

    DWannalou says:

    I like giving knitted/crocheted scarves in the winter and fabric scarves in the summer. Hope you have a happy birthday!

    Mamaselander says:

    Happy Birthday Vickie!

    I like to give gifts that are appropriate for the recipient.. pretty easy to figure out since most of my crafty giving is limited to kids and babies. :-)

    Rebecca Selander

    yvonne mathews-davila says:

    have a great birthday! I love to make scarves as gifts.
    Yvonne Mathews-Davila

    Nicole Hamilton says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give away is upcycled bracelets out of packaging tape rolls. I knit or crochet covers for them and they are always a hit!

    P Pes says:

    I like making shawls or scarves to give as presents.


    Kristie says:

    Happy Birthday! This year I’m making shoulder bags and fabric bookmarks with monograms or small designs painted on them as gifts for friends and family. I can’t say I have a favorite handmade gift. It changes each year. I’ve done a lot of scarves, fabric wrist cuffs, hats, beaded jewelry, etc.

    I love making mitts for people!

    Hannah Deter says:

    It depends on the recipient. I like to give scarves, personalized notebooks, jewelry, ornaments…..
    Happy birthday Vickie!

    RonG says:

    Happy birthday!
    Being the mom of 5 kids 5 years and under, I don’t have a ton of time to devote to anything too complicated, but I do love to give a hand made gift. Combining knitting or crocheting with minimal time and little brain cells to devote to the task (you know what I mean, moms), I tend to make and give smaller items, like hats and handwarmers. They’re fun to make, easy to take-along to doctor’s visits and play dates, and always get the oohs and aahhhs.
    Oh, and my real name is Bridget, b/c I honestly can’t remember if I use a screen name or not at this point. :)

    Bridgie says:

    Yups, accidentally posted as my husband.

    Lisa Cody says:

    For men: a neutral (black, grey, brown, olive, etc.) ribbed scarf
    For women: a lacey scarf that can double as a shawl
    For new babies: Baby “Ugg” boots (featured on Knitty Gritty)
    For cats: felted round bed
    For dogs: Hoodie sweater or felted dog bones

    Dawn Lowe says:

    Every year my husband’s family does a handmade gift exchange, it is the highlight to my holiday season. I love making a gift specific for someone, last year it was a dining table sized doily with celtic designs in it. The year before that it was a butchers style apron for my father in law. This year it is something embroidered with a soft circuit (and that’s all I am saying for now)

    Tessiv says:

    My fave crafty gift to give is a scarf…I LOVE all the possibilities..each one unique to the giftee…no two are the same.

    Tammy_j_castleberry says:

    First off, Happy Birthday to you, Miss Vicki!e! I hope this finds you & yours there in Austin happy & well & getting ready for a rip roaring birthday celebration. I have every book that you have written and love each and every one of them. Over the last couple of years, I have found myself really drawn to cowls. Scarves are nice and for the most part, easy to make. But they can be cumbersome and get tangled up in things or lost on the floor when you take off your coat. Hats are fun to make but they play hell with your hair. That’s why I love a good cowl and would love to a copy of CowlGirls in my Knitting Library. Afterall, a girl’s gotta look as pretty & stylicious as possible at all times. And they make great gifts!

    Candi Oldfield says:

    Yay! Happy Birthday to Vickie! My favorite crafty gift to give is at Christmas, for the past 3 years I have been making something with my daughter for her grandparents, something homemade, and personal. Last year we gave them oven mitts with her handprints made into flowers, and the year before we made sign with her feet and hand prints and painted What happens at Grandma’s house stays at Grandma’s.

    Jacy says:


    Jacy says:

    Ack! Sorry, hit send before I meant to! My fave crafty gift to give is usually a shawl (or a scarf for the menfolk). Hope you have a great birthday!

    jp197012 says:

    happy birthday! i love to do baby gifts-blankets and more recently animals and sweaters. I don’t usually do for adults as they already have preferred tastes and styles and little ones don’t ;)

    Merchy says:

    My favourite crafty gift to give is an amigurumi, or a crocheted cap/beanie.
    I also crochet mobile covers and they are very happily received!

    Catherine H says:

    Hmmm…that’s tricky since I make different gifts for different folks. I think overall, I love giving gifts that include photos – - whether that’s a nice crafty frame, a scrapbook or bragbook, or an ornament.

    Diane Sparkes says:

    My favorite gift to to knit and give is Mason Dixon’s Mitered Hanging Towel. :-)
    Happy Birthday, beautiful lady!

    Jenny Layton says:

    I am new to knitting but really loving it. I have really enjoyed the kids’ purses and headbands that I have made so far and my daughters love them! I plan to tackle a shawl and toddler sweater yet this holiday season.

    Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for sharing your special day.

    Michele Judd says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is aprons or pajama pants. Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday!

    Anne Berstler says:

    I love to crochet twisty scarves!

    Wdmmlc says:

    I absolutely love to give gifrts that are homemade. The Cowlgirls and FalLaLa Felt would be great additions to my library. I have been planning on what to make and give this year for Christmas gifts…I think it will be knitted mug cozys with mugs filled with goodies. Cheryl Clemons

    Louise Marsalko says:

    I like to give knitted any type of thing. usually something quick like socks or dishcloths.

    Priest Morielia says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is anything made out of lace, specifically shawlettes. An appreciative recipient treasures a lace gift and treats it like an heirloom.

    Cathy Rech says:

    My favorite craft to give away are baby blankets.

    Brynn says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is anything made out of lace, specifically shawlettes. An appreciative recipient treasures a lace gift and treats it like an heirloom.

    (reposting because I fail at typing out my name apparently)

    Brynn says:

    Name won’t stick!

    It’s Brynn :)

    Eighteenhourmakeup says:

    my favorite crafty gift to give is…amigurumi hello kitty!

    Linleym says:

    My favorite craft gift to give is homemade lap afghans. They’re great for our little community, where blankets for high school or midget league football games can get cold!

    Snowbird102 says:

    Would love to have one of these books. I used to watch Vickie on TV faithfully–love the show and learn a lot about knitting.

    Debbie Carmichael says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie! I crochet mostly toys for my 14 grandchildren & love making scarves & hats for the “big” kids! Always grabbing your patterns on Caron!

    Jo-Ann Coles says:

    My favorite craft gift is anything handknit! I learned to knit this year and am enjoying making hats, mittens, and lace shawls for friends & family :)

    DBarrentine says:

    Oh Vickie Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Let me win one of these books! Especially the craft or crochet or a knitting one Pretty much anything but the felting !!!!
    Thank you soooo much for this opportunity! Your books are great just like you!

    DBarrentine says:

    My favorite craft to give to people is something I’ve knitted or crocheted for them

    Rose West says:

    Happy Birthday from one crafty girl to another! My favorite crafty gifts are afghans. They take a little longer but they are always so well recieved, well used and last forever.

    Dendiane says:

    My favorite thing is probably knitted scarves. So many different varieties and styles to suit anyone. Everyone is happy that way!

    Lynn Higginbotham says:

    I love giving tatted angels and bookmarks. I also give knitted scarves and hats. Working on a Houndstooth pattern for my sister this year, buy her request.

    Lindsay Morris says:

    This year my favorite gift to give are crocheted cowls.

    Thanks and happy birthday!

    Barbara Robertson says:

    I don’t have a favorite crafty gift to give; I try to customize the gift to the recipient. However, I always keep a supply of hand-knit dishcloths on hand — three of those tied up in a beautiful ribbon always makes an appreciated little gift.

    Sarah says:

    Scarves and hats are my go-to knit gifts.

    Savingmom5 says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is crocheted baby blankets. They make great shower gifts. :)

    Arletta S says:

    Vicki, I hope you’re having a great birthday. My crafty gifts are usually based on how much time I have available – in past year’s I’ve given jewelry, pillows, and afghans. This year I think there will be some upcycled things – I’m exploring the world of Plarn and since everyone loves the first bag I crocheted, I think there will be more to come.

    Teresa_goad says:

    My favorite gift to give is quilts. I have made around 10 baby quilts and 3 bed size quilts. My next project of making “elephant” quilts for all the nieces and nephews. This is something that my Mother started before she got Alzheimer’s and forgot how to do them.

    Jean Choate says:

    Hi, Vickie, today is also my birthday, so Happy Birthday to us! I love to give crocheted scarves and afghans. I am also a member of an organization which crafts for charity, so I make lots of chemo hats and scarves, as well as cat blankets for our local animal shelter.

    Ronda Runyan-Spencer says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is my homemade soy candles. Everyone loves them! Sometimes I give handmade soap of the same scent with them. It is such a joy to see their faces when they open and smell them!

    Pamela Mchugh70 says:

    I recycle yarn from sweaters I buy at thrift stores or charity stores, I use them to make scarves and hats for friends and the homeless.

    Andrea Lorenz says:

    My favorite crafty gift is scarves of different styles.

    Craziebunny says:

    my favorite gifts to make are oraments sending them to friends all over the country and to the greeters and cashiers at the grocery store :)

    Aprilkimble says:

    Last year I crocheted stockings for everyone for Christmas and they absolutely loved them.

    Tperich says:

    I love your work Vicki. I have taken to crocheting most of my gifts now.

    Amy Boswell says:

    I love to crochet so I love to give hand crocheted afghans and toys to my family and friends. This way they can always snuggle up with a hug from me.

    Carol Sherman says:

    My favorite item to give away is the prayer shawls that we make in oiur prayer shawl ministry. It give me great pleasure to see the face of someone receiving the shawl and a hug to go along with it.

    Desertblonde says:

    I love to crochet hats and cowls, so snuggly.

    Amy Durocher says:

    I love to knit hats for gifts, especially babies and kids…so many fun patterns and they are quick to do. Happy Birthday Vickie! I won a copy of Aware Knits last year but never received it so crossing my fingers that I am a lucky winner again this year!

    Cynthia Prater says:

    My favorite crafy item to give is fat quaters (if not bundles). I like giving someone a fat quater with a pattern that they may have not thought of. Sometimes we tend to stay within the lines and not branch out to add that pop of something within our quilts to make them stand out from everyone else’s. With a fat quater the person getting it as a gift can then say WOW, I never thought that was pretty or that I would like that style and even if they don’t like it, they can turn it into something else, or better yet, have something for their stash (I love to see my stash increase, ha ha).

    Christine says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is knit scarves.

    Tombraiderjmb says:

    My favorite crafty gift is handmade soap, and learning to crochet small gift bags to put them in and crocheted washcloths.

    Joyce Bloom says:

    My favorite quick gift to give is usually hand knit fingerless gloves. For newborn babies I love knitting up cute little cardigans that they can wear for their first winter. I made 8 baby cardigans in 2010 alone. That’s alot of warm babies this winter. =)

    Josephine Beal says:

    apparently I didn’t do this right to put my name in here, actually it wouldn’t let me,

    Josephine Beal

    Beth Vaughan says:

    I absolutely love Caron yarns! If I have to pick just one, my favorite crocheted gift to give is a baby blanket/afghan. I love making the heirloom afghans that can be used and handed down. I love making gifts for everyone, so it is very difficult to name just one!

    Sara says:

    It depends on how much time that I have to make gifts, but I love making knitted gifts for friends and family during the holidays, birthdays, baby showers.

    trina griffin says:

    I love to crochet. I have been doing this since I was 10 years old. I love to try new patterns and helping new crocheters start out. I appreciate your passion for the craft. I am working on hats for my church group. I am trying to learn to knit.

    Ali says:

    I love to welcome a newborn into the world with a knit or crochet blanket.

    Miz says:

    My fave crafty gifts to give are afghans. I also like making jewelry for friends.

    Kortney Bewley says:

    My favorite gift to give away is crocheted amigurumi toys! Everybody loves to add a dash of cuteness to their cubicle or strange collection of knicknacks, young and old like them, you can make just about anything so it covers a wide range of tastes and ages! I love it!

    moonstitch says:

    Doodle Stitching seems like it would be right up my alley – i like it :-)

    Allison von B. says:

    I love love love knitting berets for people! I think most of my family has a hat or beret from me so I might have to make new friends just so I can make them hats :D

    Midge13619 says:

    Happy Birthy Vickie and thank you for sharing your gifts with all us crafters. I love doing baby items, knit, crochet, embroidery. Never had babies of my own but love everyone elses. I was lucky enough to adopt a young man from India who gave me 5 wonderful grandchildren and my joy would be for them to come here to see me and enjoy Grandma making things for them.

    Shannon O'Connor says:

    I love to give handcrafted ornaments for the holidays.

    Sunfleur1 - Michelle Maher says:

    I love to give scarves as gifts to women, hats to men and my own knitted googoomonsters to children…

    The5becks says:

    Most recently my favorite crafty gift is baby sweaters. They are so tiny and adorable – and fun to knit in such soft yarns! Happy birthday Vickie!

    Adrienne says:

    I do washclothes for gifts often. They are generally well received! This year I may pair them with soaps and knit a little bag for them.

    Jo says:

    Favorite crafty gift is coffee truffles! Everyone loves them! A very happy birthday to you, Vickie.

    Margie St. John says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is tunisian crochet (picture) afghans. I back them with fleece and give to family and friends. I also enjoy knitting socks, magic loop, two at a time, which I give to whoever will take them. Margie St. John

    Laura says:

    I love giving anything crafty for gifts. Scarves are always a quick and easy last minute project, but its the ones where I’ve had the time to pick just the right thing for the recipient that I enjoy most.

    Jeanne says:

    Happy birthday! I’m learning to crochet, so I’m looking forward to the gifts I will soon be able to make with that skill. Also, I love to make cards for any occasion, either through collage or print-making, so I can stay in touch with family and friends spread out across the country.

    Amanda Amos says:

    I just learned how to crochet and my favorite gift to give this year is a crocheted purse. I have made one for each of my nieces.

    Shellie Dunn says:

    I’m a crocheter, first and foremost, though I am also an experienced sewist. My favorite gift to give changes from year to year — from hand sewn dolls to Holiday stockings (Ever seen a Star of David Hannukah stocking? I made them!) This year, I’m making crocheted bath mitts (my own design) and bookmarks (for my local library).

    Corin Mehringer says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is knitted hats. I’m such a sucker for a good hat pattern, and everyone needs a good warm hat. Happy Birthday Vickie!!

    Tessa Siegfried says:

    I love to give blankets!

    solange lebrun says:

    ” Knit Wrap” and “Colw Girls” are my favorite books since I knit al lot these and always looking for new patterns!
    Thanks for the contest.

    Becky says:

    Since I’m more likely to buy a gift certificate for someone, my favorite crafty gift to give is a container that holds the gift certificate. For instance, a tin that once held mints can be re-painted and decoupaged then adorned with buttons, sequins, etc. After the gift certificate is taken out it can double as a container for anything from handyman stuff (nuts and bolts), spare office supplies (paper clips, thumb tacks, mini-post-it notes, mini-pens or mini-highlighters), toys (army men, crayons and a tiny note pad, magnetic pieces for tic-tac-toe or checkers), or stuff that usually gets lost in the bottom of a purse (gum, spare change, etc.)

    Debbie Hamilton says:

    I like to give knitted scarves. They are quick and easy to make, and there are a million designs to pick from. People also love to receive them.

    Thephillipshouse says:

    I like making prayer shawls and hats for grown ups and hats and booties for the little ones! I also like to thread crochet crosses and angels and initials.

    Theresa Gilmer says:

    Happy Birthday Vicki! THanks for sharing with all of us. Favorite craft to give? That is hard as I don’t have one favorite. I try and look for each persons favorite and then crochet for them.

    Kimberly Reid says:

    I love to knit and crochet scarves for gifts :)
    Happy Birthday and Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

    Judyallbee says:

    I love to knit shawls for the cold winter New England nights

    Vikipa says:

    I love to crochet scarves as gifts, or baby afghans for expectant mothers.

    Bronwyn says:

    My favorite craft to give is definitely hand knits! (which is how I found Vickie in the first place! :-) My ulitimate goal is to give everyone a pair of handknit socks for christmas! Happy Birthday Vickie! And thank you for the giveaway!

    Renae Brooks says:

    Crocheted dishcloths, everyone loves them. And a pretty one gives you a little lift when you do your chores.

    Jane Kelly says:

    My favorite crafty craft to give is a nice homemade warm and cuddly afghan. I love to give them almost as much as I love to receive them. Since today is my birthday I would love to have this book

    Katie McLain says:

    I love giving homemade items, especially baked goods or art pieces I’ve created. I’m just learning to machine sew and knit, so once I improve my skills, I will be making gifts for others.

    Carol Anderson says:

    No “specific” favorite item, but almost always crochet. I usually think long and hard about the person I’m giving to…(what are their likes, and needs), for instance, my 3 year old niece, I just learned she loves pigs! So, I am looking for a cute pig stuffed animal pattern to crochet for her. Sometimes, I just come right out and ask them what they would want, cause, it will still be a surprise when they they see the finished product anyways…

    Pauline Jackson says:

    Love the 101 Snappy Fashions book.

    Lisa Schwartz says:

    I like to give amigurumi crocheted animals. They seem to make people smile no matter their age.

    C.C. says:

    I’d love to win. My favorite crafty gift to give is either knitted hats or knitted baby blankets.

    Tnjade says:

    I love to give baby afghans and hats as gifts!

    Lauren Manzer says:

    i enjoy making personalized baby outfits for baby showers and i LOVE seeing them on the new babies once they arrive!!

    Carmel Johnson says:

    So far I think my favorite is hats, though I like to do a lot of different gifts. I recently did a blanket to go in a baby’s car seat (complete with hole for the harness to pass through!), though and I think it is my new favorite baby gift. The parents loved it! :)

    Celia Stogner says:

    My favorite craft to give is crocheted afghans. Right now, I’m making hand warmers from felted sweaters.

    Liz Barringer-Smith says:

    My favorite gift is hand-knitted washcloths and a pretty bar of soap!

    Carmen Brown says:

    Happy Birthday Vickie!!
    I love to give crochet blankets and hats to the expecting parents, sometimes sweaters. Knit hats, mittens or scarfs to the neices and nephews for birthdays!!

    I love these books!!

    Pitbuny says:

    i love crocheting and giving afghans, large or small.

    Sandy DeHart says:

    I love crocheting afghans and then giving them away…….

    sandy dehart

    Raydra Hall says:

    I love to knit super soft washcloths with baby footprints on them to give as new baby gifts.

    Deb says:

    Hats and boots are my fav’s

    LaDonna Loehrke says:

    Happy Birthday Vickie!!
    I love to knit, crochet and rubber stamp cards for gifts! I usually alternate each year what I will be giving and am always looking for new ideas. One of these books would be a great addition to helping me with some new gift ideas this year. :)

    courtney thompson says:

    i love to make mini quilts for my friends- they work up quick, and are so much fun to give!!

    Marcena32 says:

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!! m/(><)m/ you Rock ! I have always enjoyed many different crafts, so I really do not have a fav to give away. I like to base it on the individual. So, I never know what it may be….lol…

    Ruthann says:

    My favorite crafty gift–oh, that’s easy! I love to make cotton market bags in vibrant colors. Especially if I can find some nice organic cotton on sale. I like to see them around town, knowing I am helping reduce the need for plastic bags, plus creating a colorful environment. I have a second favorite–cancer caps worked on my circular loom, in very soft yarn. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, and the caps are fun to give. I love to work in color. But I’ve noticed that working in such soft yarns is pleasing–rather a tactile therapy!

    Ruthann says:

    I forgot to add that I crochet these items!

    S.Lim! says:

    I love to give scarves or cowls.

    Kristy says:

    I love giving lots of different little things embellished with some cute embroidery

    Melissa says:

    I love making and giving No-Purl Key Hole Scarves! They are a quick, mindless knit. They are especially great for windy weather because you don’t have to worry about your scarf flying all over the place.

    my favorite crafty gift to give is either something crocheted or handmade jewelry.
    ps-i love the book selection this year!

    Cuteandcrafty says:

    i like to give away hand knit stocking & crocheted angels 4 the holidays :)

    Barbara says:

    I love to give crocheted scarfs and hats, angels, purses etc. I don’t knit so that rules that out. I love the wonderful books you’re giving away and I think it’s just super that you do this every year on your birthday.

    Barbara Moore

    Martha Sobolow says:

    I love to crochet scarves and afghans to give as gifts. Would love a crochet book to keep me busy as we just retired and moved from NY to AZ.

    That’s quite a goal! You’ll have to share FO pics. :)

    angela wagner says:

    i get asked by request for my dishcloths, so every year i make them for everyone in my family :)

    That’s very cool. I’m sure people are touched by the time you put into them. :)

    Yeah, it’s hard not to smile when you’re handed an amigurimi toy. FYI, there’s a pattern for a bunny in AwareKnits. :)

    I love giving hand-picked crafty kits of sorts, too! I sometimes put yarn, a pattern and some pretty needles together as gifts. Great idea about the bundles!

    Jean McNear says:

    These books are awesome! I love to re-purpose items and give handmade knit, crochet and painted gifts. Right now I’m really into felt and painting… should make for some interesting projects! :) Happy Birthday to Vickie!

    Yeah, making things that fit people’s tastes can be difficult. I find it helps if you ask what their favorite colors are ahead of time so that you can snap up the right fabric/yarn/embroidery thread, etc. when you see it.

    Sony Hartley says:

    I love to give fingerless gloves – camoflauge for the hunters and frilly for the ladies in the family.Even the little ones like them as they are easy to put on and uses up scrap yarns for me.

    Jessica Szerszynski says:

    My favorite crafty gift, is to watch as the big day gets closer and see what kind of accessories orthings the birthday boy or girl is pining over, and then make a knitted version! Normally they like it better than the original!

    Suzanneb2 says:

    My favorite gifts to give are knitted scarves. They’re practicsl yet made with lots of love :-)

    Laura McCabe says:

    Love to give scarfs and cowls and fingerless gloves as gifts..would love to get my hands on Cowlgirls and Knit&wrap!!

    Tina says:

    Happy Birthday! My Aunt Rusha taught me to crochet when I was young and I started knitting several years ago. I love making afghans for the little ones and hats and scarfs for the grown up ones. You need to keep warm in this Ohio weather. What fun books!

    Thea F. says:

    I love to give gifts of poetry and jewelry, typically made out of recycled metals and beads.

    Condoblues says:

    I like to give fleece sleep pants as gifts. Last year even the teen and tween boys on my list (and hard to craft for) loved their gifts because I made them with licensed sports team fabric.

    Heather says:

    I think my favorite craft gift to give is baby sweaters. I don’t have children of my own, but I love to knit up little wee baby stuff, so far everything has been well received and loved. I am loving hand embroidery right now, but I just found out I think I have been doing it wrong, so back tot he drawing board on some Christmas items.

    Corinna says:

    I love giving crochet hats and scarves for gifts.

    Brandy Klotzle says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is reusable, reversible shopping/tote bags. They are so easy to make and customize for each person by fabrics.

    Brandy Klotzle says:

    My favorite crafty gift to make is reusable, reversable shopping/tote bags. They are easy to make and customize for each person by fabrics.

    Marathongal says:

    My very favorite crafty gift is to knit a poncho in the softest yarn ever for a baby-toddler girl. Otherwise, I love to make sock monkeys, because everyone loves a monkey! : ) Kirsten Love

    Jessie Heil says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give away is embroidered tote bags. I’m working on two at the moment. I think it’s a gift someone could always use.

    Melissa Saenz says:

    Every year I learn something new to give to people. I make cards for my stateside family. I’m crocheting white snowflakes as tree ornaments to give to all my USAF friends in Europe this year. I’m making a little cotton tag to hang on the back since we move away so often they will always remember who gave them the snowflake ornament & what year. Melissa

    Lauren says:

    Socks and scarves are always my favorites to give. Happy Birthday, Vicki!!!

    April says:

    For new babies I love to give the usual knitted or crocheted baby blanket, hat, booties, etc…. but I also do a small 5 -8 page starter scrapbook, that includes pages for mommy to put pictures before she was pregnant, pictures of all three trimesters, baby’s first bath, etc. Everyone I have given them to loves it, one less thing for them to do!

    Cindy Hubbard says:

    I make Jewelery and I Knit{among other things. And I love to combine the two when I can. Just today I made Stitch Markers for the Ladies at the VA. They are making hats for some of the soldiers overseas. I could easily enjoy any of these books. Thank You and Happy Birthday.
    Cindy Hubbard

    gamelldansk says:

    My favorite gift to give this holiday season is the Fleur de Lis Pincushion. It is for my Grandmother, who has sewn many special things in my lifetime, and longer. She sewed over fifty buttons on the back of my mother’s wedding dress; hand-quilted log cabin tote bags for me, as a youngster, and now for all three of my girls; my keepsake Christmas tree skirt, and all the lace on my wedding veil and train. She is someone who I have the hardest time shopping for, because nothing I buy can show how special she is to me and how much she has influenced my life. This year is different. This year I hand knit her this pincushion in vintage colors of off-white and dusty blue – which she loves. I have filled it with roving to keep her pins and needles sharp and well taken care of. I love being able to give her a gift with special meaning to represent how special she is to me.

    Julie Myers says:

    Wash rags, for anything and everything. Perfect gift for any occasion and they do not take very long to make.

    Chris Beatty says:

    My favorite crafty gifts to give are crocheted socks, hats, scarves, and blankets/afghans.

    Katherine Hutter says:

    I love to give anything knitted. One year I made shawls for my mom and all 4 of my sisters and loved how they all could wrap themselves up in warmth. I also enjoyed making Santa hats for my sister and her husband which they took on their trip to Poland at Christmastime.

    Amber Funk says:

    I have a favorite gift for each craft I do: If I want to sew something, I like to give Gathered Clutches (from the tutorial on the noodleheads blog). If I want to work with yarn, I like to make knit hats. When I want to do some hand embroidery I like to do a framed piece of wall art.

    Stitchybritt says:

    I have been making little Lavender Ladies – sweet lavender bags for your underwear drawer or under your pillow that are shaped like cute Matryoshka dolls. They are excellent quick gifts for friends and colleagues.

    RachelPaton says:

    My favorite gift to give is mittens. You can personalize them to match the personality of the recipient by adding embellishments, intarsia pictures, or duplicate-stitch lettering.

    DK says:

    I like giving quilts and quilt tops, crocheted hats and scarves and silk-screened bags and shirts.

    Pam Karlins says:

    This year my fav crafty gift is a cute little 3 pocket purse that’s just the right size for a gift card and then can hold credit cards, store cards, DL and fit in your pocket. I make them with recycled clothing and/or fat quarters. So fun and cute! I am also making felted slippers from recycled wool sweaters, blankets and socks. I saw that adorable pink bag on the cover of the Aware Knits book. I can’t wait to see the pattern for that one. Among my knitty friends, I’m the avant garde one who knits with anything and recycles everything. Hahaha. I can’t wait to share that book with my knitty friends. I’ve asked the library to add it to their wish list.

    Linda says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is slippers. Whether they are crocheted or sewn. Happy Birthday! Linda Armenti

    Debbie Hallamek says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win any one of these books. Debbie in Alaska

    jessamine says:

    My fave crafty gifts to give are winter accessories: scarves, mittens, convertible mittens, and hats.

    My favorite craft gift to would be whatever the recipient most wants… My dad loves beanies, one of my daughters, jewelry, a friend; an afghan, husband; sweaters or scarves. etc. I like to hand make (usually crochet or knit but occasionally tatting) gifts that please my friends and family.

    Margaret Singbeil says:

    I love to give scarves. Simple to make, and with a cool yarn you can personalize for that person, plus they always fit! :)

    Lisa_mcinerney says:

    ohhhh..snappy fashions! My little boy will be the best and most originally dressed at Mothers group!

    Anne Sampson says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give away is hats
    I knit them all year long

    Michele Timms says:

    I love to make skinny quilts (table toppers) as gifts! My sisters have quite the collection!

    Ruth L. says:

    I like to give beaded jewelry or fabric pins as gifts, I love to make a unique card too.
    Happy Birthday, your day falls between my husband’s (40 this year) and mine (NOT 40) in two weeks ;)

    Janel says:

    This year I am making scarves, with big hooks and needles to save time, and armwarmers.

    Rbndbld says:

    My favorite craft gift changes each year. Last year it was fingerless gloves and this one it is knit covered ornaments

    Kim Yue says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and got lots of goodies, but mostly to relax and enjoy the day :0)

    Griffons2 Kathy Shinabery says:

    Wonderful books! My favorite craft gifts are warm, knitted hats and scarves. I also love to knit washcloths for my special people!!! Knitting and crocheting is very therapeutic to me. If I make a mistake and have to “tear out”, I don’t mind as the actual process is very soothing to me.

    Emily Mecca says:

    Happy birthday!!!! I really love to knit toys to give as gifts. I do love making baby sweaters, too.

    I Do Crochet says:

    My favority crafty gift to give is a lacy knit gift bag that holds a bottle of wine. Done with metallics and fine mohair yarns these are so beautiful and yet so easy to make. Of course whipping up a pretty crocheted cloche and matching scrarf is always a welcome gift, even my skater beanies for the guys.

    I used to knit goodies for Xmas gifts – now I only knit socks for my grandmother becos I know she appreciates them.

    Have a great bday Vickie!


    sherri brower says:

    So many projects, so little time! All these books look great.

    Delana Gray says:

    I like to give either sweaters, scarves or hats.

    LisaT says:

    Although its not a craft, my favorite gift to make is homemade fudge. Yum!

    Lynne says:

    I like to knit sweaters and scarves. Last year I crocheted slippers for my co-workers. We take care of babies all day and spen our time in slippers everyday.

    Margay1122 says:

    I love to make accessories for gifts – hats, scarves, arm warmers.


    Carolyn says:

    The vintage knitwear looks just stunning, i am a bit of a vintage nut and its so hard to find different patterns. Craft is my life.

    Carolyn says:

    P S: Happy birthday Vickie!!!

    Mosaic Magpie says:

    I love to give journals made from old books. Also scarves and afgans are gifts I give to those I like to spend more time on.
    Debbie Hembree

    Christie Ackerman says:

    I love to give hats, gloves and scarves as sets for the colder months. This year I am giving blankets to everyone. I am also making a few dog sweaters, doll clothes, and of course, crocheted food.

    Kmcla67-shop says:

    Happy Birthday! Any of these would be exciting……..socks, wraps, what fun.

    Sharon M Patrick says:

    I loveto give friends and family fun knitted hats – I made my bother a Jayne Hat and gave a friend a Black and Red Center Square from Knitty!

    Sherray says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie!!! I love to knit AND crochet. My favorite crafty gift to give is usually a hat, scarf or fingerless gloves. I also love knitting washcloths and combining them with soaps in a gift basket for a special gift. I’m always on the lookout for quick gift projects.

    katie foreman says:

    My favorite gifts to knit are those that I can finish in a short amount of time. The longer the project takes, the greater the chance I will never finish it! Darn this ADHD brain of mine!

    Mylyne says:

    I like to give hats, cowls, and scarves as crafty gifts. They’re all quick knits and tell the person, “I really care.”

    Karen Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie!

    I like to give anything homemade. I guess I’ve done a lot of crocheted afghans in my time, but now that I knit as well as crochet, I’ve given scarves, socks, hats, washcloths.

    Patti Tyler says:

    I love to give cowl necks, or neckwarmers. They are great purse projects while waiting! I love the many ways and colors to knit them in. Everyone has loved receiving them. They are a great stash buster for those odd balls of yarn. I would love to win this book collection!! Patti Tyler

    Rachel Hicks says:

    I love knitting scarfs for my kids teacher gifts… I have lots of friends that are teachers and they receive a ton of crazy gifts. Each year, I make a scarf and the teachers have always loved such a personal gift.

    Ruth D says:

    I tend to plan ahead and make things that are especially for the person. I’m a knitter more than anything else and like making oversized sweater jackets and wraps.

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday, Vickie! It’s so nice of you to give us presents for your birthday!

    Cathy Champion says:

    I used to rescue cats and kittens, and at one time had 24! I always warned people that they would be getting a kitten/cat as their gift, and then I would crochet or sew one for them! It always got a laugh (usually of relief!) and was well remembered each year. I got the added bonus of being remembered throughout the year when people had extra cat food, food coupons and kitty toys!

    Thanks for the book offer!

    Melissa says:

    Every year for my birthday I make up dozens of origami cranes with beads and a hanger. I pass them out in gratitude for another year of friendship, camaraderie and support to family, friends, workmates, etc. Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway.

    Tanya Riley says:

    I like to give my crocheted blankets as holiday gifts
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

    Theeastwoods says:

    I love your site…We love yoga socks..Easy to knit and also a quick knit. Great for the Dancer that you know.. and even just to sleep in!!

    G. K. Green says:

    I’d like a chance to win one of these books, especially Marnie Fogg’s Vintage Knitwear (hint, hint) … My favorite crafty gift to give is a handknit scarf that is reversible (not necessarily identical on both sides, but definitely equally presentable); if I have time, I “wrap” the scarf in a coordinating handknit hat! (We’re talking winter gifts, here, of course.)

    Cindydrott says:

    I Love to Knit…This year everyone is getting neck warmers…they are my new favorite. Hope you had a GREAT Birthday.

    Northsideknitter says:

    I’m still drawn to making either fingerless gloves or a hat as gifts. I’ve wanted to branch out to maybe a cowl or even a lace scarf or shawl but have been too chicken!

    Diane in Northern California

    Kimi says:

    This year I’m working on my crochet skills and plan on giving scarves, cowls and hats to everyone in my family.

    T. Moore says:

    this year, my favorite gifts to make are fingerless gloves and arm warmers

    Jean Schneider says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie I love to give knitted face cloths with a jar of homemade oatmeal almond facial scrub. Or knitted dish clothes and double-knitted pot holders that match the recipients kitchen decor.

    Jean Schneider says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie I love to give knitted face cloths with a jar of homemade oatmeal almond facial scrub. Or knitted dish clothes and double-knitted pot holders that match the recipients kitchen decor.

    Barbara Grenier says:

    I have given many many crocheted bookmarks in various patterns to people. and then I discovered a filet bookmark pattern and then I gave lots of bookmarks to people with their name on it

    Anita Adams says:

    I give a lot of crocheted afghans as gifts. I “retired” and applied for disability on December 31st last year and everybody told me I’d be bored – still waiting for that to happen! I did finally get my disability in October. Since January I have done 3 wedding afghans, and 4-5 baby afghans and a baby sweater set as gifts. Working on Christmas presents now – 3 sweaters and some crocheted dish cloths. If I have time, there are a couple of Star Wars figures I want to crochet for my son (he’s a big Star Wars fan!).

    Sue says:

    I have been thinking about the doodle stitching book for a while – would love to win it!

    [...] 3rd Annual Birthday Book Giveaway! « Lark Crafts Happy birthday! I really love to knit toys to give as gifts. I do love making baby sweaters, too. I Do Crochet says: November 19, 2010 at 13:30 am. My favority crafty gift to give is a lacy knit gift bag that holds a bottle of wine. [...]

    Joanandkevin says:

    I love to give my upcycled mittens. They are made of old felted sweaters. People love to get them.

    Judith Gellerstein says:

    Scarves. Definitely scarves. Infinite ways to make them so you never have to repeat. And eveyone loves a great hand-made scarf.

    april helms says:

    i like to gift afghans and i gift alot of hats for all the kidos in our family/ friends.

    Ruth Ann Bull says:

    Happy Birthday Vickie! I love to knit baby sweater set to give to our Alpha Center. They appreciate them so much, I also knit slippers for friends who have been in the hospital. I’m making sweaters, mittens, hats and socks to give to family for Christmas. Thanks for giving…

    Knittykitties says:

    I love to make hot/cold sacks for friends as well as making knitted scarfs!

    Ellen says:

    Vickie Howell’s Craft Corps: Celebrating the Creative Community, One Story at a Time would be an excellent book for this 64 year old to make up-to-date projects for the younger generation and for those who are adventurous at any age!
    Any book, blog, Facebook posting, etc. by Vickie Howell peaks my interest.

    Judi says:

    I would have to say that my favorite crafty gift, really, is anything hand-made…but if I had to choose I would say anything hand-knit. I believe that it is a true expression of your care and love for someone with all the time that is put into the gift.

    Shirley H. says:

    I’m not very creative. I love to crochet, but I always end up crocheting blankets. So, my favorite crafty give to give away is either a custom blanket that matches some specific colors, or a wrap (which is actually a small afghan). However, for some of the wraps I make the triangular, instead of rectangular.

    CAREN says:

    i do handnade cards and crocheted bracelets!!!

    Gemmiss says:

    I love crocheting blankets, scarves or hats for gifts

    Norma says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is of course afghans. I love giving them because people really appreciate them and use them every day.

    Connie Fish says:

    Vickie, I love all your posts, especially those about crochet. I have made many of your patterns. I would love to win one of your books. Thanks for the chance.

    pinkap says:

    I love to knit socks – but having small feet means that I always have leftovers. So, I make bead crochet bangle bracelets with the leftovers. :-) :-) My favorite style is a color changing yarn with clear beads – you can see the color changes through the beads! :-)

    Shiela says:

    May favorite crafty gift to give is handmade scarves.

    keisha gaynor says:

    my favorite gifts to give are bracelets, crocheted blankets, and cards. all of which i make myself. i wish more people would see the joy in crafting.

    Brenda Jones says:

    Wow I would love to have any of these fantastic books!! I want to thank you for providing all of us with the opportunity to get the Vickie Howell experience. I also want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope all your Birthday Wishes come true. I live on a fixed income so cannot afford to buy most books but I am going to save up to buy both of your books. You are a wonderful designer and I enjoy crocheting all of you designs.

    Brenda Jones

    julie b says:

    wow happy birthday to you also :}

    Melissa Pierce says:

    My favorite gift to make and give away is brightly colored crocheted baby blankets!

    Itabenjamin says:

    I love making baby dresses for gifts – I’ve never failed to wow! the parents!

    Laura O. says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is knitted hats.

    Sara says:

    leg warmers, thanks so much

    Elizabeth says:

    What a great giveaway!
    My favorite crafty gift at the moment is hand-knotted ribbon bracelets with a sparkly vintage button to clasp it together. They’re very sweet.

    Carolyn Stephens says:

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each new addition.

    Bairdmtn says:

    My favorite crafty gift is redwork embroidered kitchen towels. I buy good quality towels by the dozen so I always have some on hand, and get towels that are creamy white with red stripes all around. I have a stockpile of designs and am always on the lookout for new designs so that I can personalize the towel to the recipient! I have embroidered twin annies holding hands for my friends birthday (she’s a twin). a kitty cat with a snake next to it (my friend had a snake in her house and her kitty saved her!) and just a penguin this week! I also embroider the recipients name on the right just below the design. Everyone loves these and they can hang them in their kitchen!

    CherinFL54 says:

    My favorite crafty gifts to give are scarves and hats in all different designs and color combinations. Knitting and crocheting is pretty much my life now that I am retired after working for 50 years.

    Wendy Gilberd says:

    I knit fingerless gloves as my go to gift. Friends love them.

    Dixdizzy says:

    Rachel Bates, dixdizzy@hotmail.com love how you guys are able to give us up to the minute patterns in your books.

    kerrie more says:

    These books are a feast for the eyes. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I REALLY want to read “Craft Corps!” Thanks for keeping me inspired!!

    Marys_yarn says:

    Hi all, just working on headbands and mittens, bags, cross bookmarks, doll clothes, tree skirt, decorations and ornaments, and anything else that doesn’t move for Christmas, LOL, hugs, Mary

    Caednkat says:

    I give a large variety of gifts. Baby gifts are the most fun to make and give though. because everyone gets so excited about baby stuff. I really like making house stuff too. My family appreciates that.

    Kathy Banfield says:

    Happy Birthday Vikie! Thanks for giving me the “knitting bug”–I taught myself to knit from your book, “Not Just Another Teen Knitting Book.” Shawls are my favorite gift item and that batman shawl is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I make lots of shawls, both knitted and crocheted, as gifts and everyone loves them.
    Kathy Banfield

    My favorite gift to give right now is cowls, they are very popular and take half the time as scarfs. My real name is Debbie B

    Dnew7047 says:

    My favorite crafty give to give are the cowls. I absolutely love them. I have the Cowlgrils book and can’t wait to dig right into it!

    Kathleen says:

    My favorite crafty gift is a hat crocheted out of Hawaiian Homegrown Wool. I live in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawai’i, and when I need a gift, I drive for about an hour up the beautiful Hamakua coast to the farming and ranching community of Waimea. There, at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings, Jan of nearby Mahulia Farms sells delicious wool spun from sheep she raises right here on the Big Island. Hand-dyed, in a variety of weights, the hard part is choosing! The resulting hats, though simple, are gorgeous (well, the wool is, I’m not braggin’ on my crochet!). The “warmth of Aloha” is always very well received by my family and friends on the mainland!

    Djsherline says:

    It’s hard to pick my favorite crafty gift; it’s probably always the one I’m about to make! This year I’m making pincushions and popsicle soaps, embroidering tea towels and sachets, and canning apple butter and tomato chutney. A lot of love goes into all of it, and I always hope the recipient enjoys getting it as much as I enjoyed making it.

    WOW – Great Giveaway. I love to create, and give, OOAK Holiday ornaments.

    candida says:

    Since taking up embroidery, I love giving personalized banners or kitchen towels. Working on crochet skills now, so there will be some slippers and scarves in stockings this year!

    Holly says:

    I make little teddy bears that I give to my friends when they are “expecting”. I always make sure they’re easily washable and have no small pieces for little kids to get into trouble with. So far, they’ve been a hit!

    Jennlucas1 says:

    I love to give personalized collage shadow boxes. I make them for weddings, births, birthdays, etc.

    Jessicaknits says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is either a knit scarf or wristwarmers, or handmade caramel!

    zuma byrd says:

    My favorite crafty gift is my latest (last minute, it always seems) obsession. Last year was crocheted mary-jane slippers. Year before, everyone had to have knit scarves. A few years ago, record bowls and marble magnets in origami boxes. I wish I already knew what this year would bring: I’m running out of time. Perhaps one of these books would help. :) Seriously though, thanks for all the inspiration. Happy birthday and holidays to you!

    Cathbridge says:

    I like to do dishcloths and bookmarks. I’m doing my first cable scarf. It’s been very interesting. I try to do things that are simple but elegant. My granddaughter loves to do thread bracelets, she’s very clever. We do crafts together.

    Christine says:

    I love to find projects to crochet and usually a friend will comment on it, so once finished I wrap it up and give it to them.

    PugLove says:

    Happy Birthday, Vickie! All these books look great. (crafts and books — two of my favorites!) I especiall want Pop Goes Crochet and Doodle Stictching.

    My favorite crafty gifts are scarfs (easy to make, easy to personalize, and great for males or females.) I also love to make tatted lace bookmark for all the readers in my family. Finally I’ve recently gotten interested in crocheting Amigurumi figures. Made some great ones for Halloween and now am moving on to Christmas ones.

    justval says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give are cowls. They are fabulous and so much better than a scarf ! The warmth is amazing and when I step in doors somewhere, pop it off, fold it in half and pop it into your pocketbook. No scarf hanging on the back of your chair, dragging the floor .

    Jinna says:

    Ohhhh, so many wonder books. I am green with envy. I love to gift scarfs and shawls. Maybe because I love them so much myself.This is a Birthday prize and I have a birthday next week. What a wonderful surprise this would be.

    Nancy Reed says:

    Ah. My favorite crafty gifts include socks and scarves and neckwarmers and wristlets and all things knitted. And lately – baby things! Lots of babies popping up – or out – in this cold part of the country ( northern Minnesota)! Any of the knitting books would be a lovely addition to my library. Thank you for the opportunity!! Miss seeing you at the Mall of America Knit-Out. Sorry it ended!

    Trudi says:

    I love to give knitted hats to friends and relatives. Particularly stranded and fair isle ones!

    Shauser says:

    I love to gift washcloths, hats, fingerless gloves, scarves and the extra special gift of shawls.

    Womanji says:

    my favorite crafty gift(s) are, knit or crocheted hats and scarves and sewn market bags. I think my family is getting tired of them though

    Tammy says:

    This Christmas I am crocheting washcloths with simple pictures graphed in. I’ll wrap them in a basket with a pretty bar of soap :)

    Anya58 says:

    My favorite craft gift is giving away blankets to those in need. I love watching their faces when they open the package and find they have “Love” to wrap themselves up in.

    Ahtomlinson says:

    My favorite crafts to give away are either hand knit hats or reuseable fabric snack bags that I sew with recycled fabric and velcro.

    Elizabeth Daugherty says:

    My favorite craft to do for christmas is Pajama pants with hand stenciled shirts! Every other year for 8 years I have made my nieces and nephew 2 pairs of pajama pants and 2 matching hand stenciled shirts! I love it because it gives me the opportunity to make them something unique that matches their personalities and likes! I now have a 7 month old son and I can’t wait to do the same for him.

    Turtleknits says:

    I think hand-knit mittens are the best! Warm & practical, and a quick knit.

    Sandy says:

    I think people smile more when they wear knitted hats. Time to replenish my supply.

    julie k says:

    I love giving fingerless mittens. You never have to worry if they will fit! Sometimes I crochet them; sometimes I knit them. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome titles!

    Froggyfrench says:

    To give anyone anything that truely touches their heart is a gift in itself.
    Whether in jest, or just a small gesture, I enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face. I always carry caramels…to offer to the harried cashier or the garderner working out in the rain, or the person sitting next to me somewhere. I always get a chuckle in return, and that alone makes my day brighter! So just think what you could do with a “crafty; made-to-order” gift !

    Jen B says:

    I love to give scarves. They’re so simple and easy to customize depending upon the recipient. Funky, classic, cabled, cotton or alpaca… so many ways to make it the perfect gift!

    Daisy says:

    I don’t have a typical handmade gift I like — depends so much on the person and what kinds of crafts I’m most into at the time. I always like doing hats and scarves, though. And gift baskets are fun to make – bath ones with knitted washcloths, bath salts/bath bombs, natural body scrubs, handmade soaps (these I buy to add in with my handmade goodies–haven’t learned to make soap yet!), etc. Or kitchen ones with knitted or crocheted potholders, knitted dishcloths, and a few jars/bottles of fun things like cookie mix or homemade vanilla.

    Angie says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give are hand knitted hats. It is my way of keeping the people I love warm in the cold blistery winter months.

    Anonymous says:

    My favorite craft thing are scarves. Crochet scarves are great for instant gratification and I love the way the yarn can be created into an awesome design.

    Katalini says:

    I love the give scarves as gifts, either knit or crochet. There are so many ways to personalize them!

    Amynoelle14 says:

    This will be my first Christmas after having learned to knit and crochet, and I love making quick and easy hats for people– that way I can include everyone.

    Claires says:

    I always offer knitted hats and neckwarmers: easy to do, quick, and really appreciated!

    Kroshey says:

    I am a giver of cowls! Love them!

    Sarah Daniel says:

    I like to make scarves for family. my dad expects one every year. i also learned to make yarmulkes as well.

    Robin says:

    I crochet and I like to give dishcloths, scarves, and hats.

    Beth says:

    I love to give handmade gifts. I try to come up with something new every year. A couple years ago it was fabric jewelry totes. Last year it was socks, a shawl and breads and peach honey (all made by me). This year it’s fabric napkins, crocheted scarves and knitted dish clothes!

    Shari says:

    I love making and giving short knitted ruffle neck scarves. They are attached with a vintage brooch that I seek out at antique flea markets.

    My favourite craft to give us knitted scarves, shawls or cowls. Lately I’ve been knitting in mohair/silk blends with beaded details. I also enjoy knitting washcloths or dishcloths that I package with colour co-ordinated kitchen or bath soaps/accessories.

    Memeo333 says:

    my new favorite project are cowls, quick n easy you can splurge on 1 pricey yarn and knit up a gorgeous gift~

    Amkdingo says:

    My favorite thing to give for a gift is knit scrunchy socks to keep all my friends toast warm in the winter. They always ask me for another pair the next year!

    Too many awesome books, I don’t know which to drool over the most!
    I love giving either scarves cause everyone can always use more or screen printed t’s cause I can be very specific on what I print for each person.

    Cheryl says:

    I love to give socks because everyone wears socks. They are a quick and small take along project. I can do between 4 and 6 pair a month depending on size.

    Anonymous says:

    My favorite gift to give is handmade beaded jewelry; I can make it with the recipient’s favorite colors and just the right size for a wrist or neck. Although I’d rather provide a knit or crochet item, I’ve been beading much longer than I’ve been working with yarn, so I’m a lot better at it.
    The favorite gift I’ve ever given was a crocheted shawl for my mother after she’d worn a giant hole into the shawl she loved wearing for a couple decades.

    Karen J. says:

    My favorite crafty gift to give is hand-knit hats. They are wildly customizable, super quick, and also extremely useful to the recipient!

    Lesleyd says:

    here lately I’ve been making booties and giving them to pregnant friends and fam. Usually I make hats or ornaments for presents at Christmas. I hope I have enough time to make a few this year.

    Lesleyd says:

    Happy Birthday Vickie!! You Rock!

    Julia says:

    Hmmm. I think my favorite crafty thing to give is my time. I love to share craft time with the people I care about. It really doesn’t seem to matter too much what craft we are doing!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    the holly says:

    for wee ones, crocheted stuffed animals. guys, hats. girls, cowls, scarves. :)

    Lynn Corona says:

    I always try to include something I made with the “main” gift for everyone. I have done gift baskets, knitted scarves, beaded and charmed bracelets. And of course decorated boxes of cookies & Fudge! They fight over those, looking for the one that appears to have the most fudge in it!

    Helen ling says:

    So far I’ve given hand made jewelry as gifts. I know how to knit and crochet but have only completed three projects…I made two dish cloths and a small knitted purse and gave them away as gifts. I’m a beginner and can not wait to learn more techniques.

    Dixdizzy says:

    yay. great books. thanks for the giveaway.

    myssie says:

    I always give an ornament. This year my son will help me sew small trees. Our go to gift is a homemade bookmark.

    Anonymous says:

    I like making knit and crocheted items for friends and family members. I usually try and find out if there is something on their wish list and make that.

    Barb Fessler says:

    My favorite crafty give away is something made with hand spun yarn. Could either be knit or woven. You sure do have great books!

    Marcia W. says:

    My favorite craft gift to give someone is a quilt or item made of fabric. These are great books. Happy Birthday!

    Laura stewart says:

    I love giving scrapbooks and photo gifts

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