A Geek’s Needlearts Etsy Wish List

December 13, 2012, 15:51 pm  Posted by Lark

I’m a geeky kid at heart. I grew up on Star Wars and Super Mario. I love Star Trek. I can’t get enough of Doctor Who. I still watch cartoons (admit it, you do, too). Adventure Time is awesome!

To celebrate my geek life, I surround myself with geeky things. My walls are covered in movie inspired art, my shelves filled with action figures. And I especially love handmade geek art, so also scattered around are handmade Super Mario cross stitches, and needle felted aliens. But, since I don’t have enough space for all the geeky things I want to buy or make, I put together wish lists of pieces I want to add to my collection. I’m sharing one such wish list below, so have a peek at all the geeky needlearts goodies I found on Etsy that I simply covet. And maybe this will inspire ideas for what you could get the geek in yourself!

Geeky Neeleart WishlistFrom left to right: Nyan Cat Rainbow Scarf by ZukkaBlu; Doctor Who Tardis Cross Stitch by WistfulBird; Fancy Totoro with Mustache Felt Plushie by Mielamiela; Rainbow Dash Hoop by TimeTravelersWares; Star Trek Cup Cozy by WolfandSquid; Needle Felted R2D2 by TheLazyKitten; PAC-MAN Ready Screen Cross Stitch by GeekArray; Doctor Who Knit Scarf by HandmadeByAnnSwaim; Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant with Pipe Pot by CrazyCraftLadies; Marvel Avengers Skirt by Roobys; Jake the Plush Dog Loaf by Cornstarch; PAC-MAN Ghost Hat by ZukkaBlu; Hobbes the Tiger Amigurumi Doll by LottiesCreations; Chewbacca Stuffed Plush Animal by Windsday; Tauntaun Plush by MisfitMenagerie; Despicable Me Minions Amigurumi by JNArts; Batman Messenger Bag by MaeGouMichDesigns

  • Karen Sue

    But Shannon–no Tribbles? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      I love Tribbles! But they just multiply too fast! Even the fake ones, because one is just not enough. =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.kay.zira Joanne Kay

    As a geek I can only say I’d love all of these! Thank you for featuring my Nyan Cat scarf :)