Another Scarves GIVE-AWAY

April 15, 2011, 12:31 pm  Posted by Lark

I see from my previous give-away post that there are a lot of lovers of Vera out there—and that’s just the way it ought to be! There’s still time for you to sign up to be in that random drawing for a signed copy of the book and two Vera scarves; the deadline isn’t ’til next Friday, April 22, 2011.

So I bought oodles and oodles of scarves to grace the pages of Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves, and that’s to your benefit. You get a second chance to win other vintage scarves! (And if you didn’t know, Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves is a new little book that shows you how to unleash the full potential of a scarf or two and transform it/them into some other amazing thing.)

Today’s give-away is for a signed copy of the book and two dotted scarves in red, white and blue. One of the scarves is a diaphanous Vera measuring 44 x 15 inches, and the other is a no-name 30 x 30-inch polyester square. They look great together.

These are the give-away scarves. Very Boden, dontcha think?

It’s totally easy to enter for a chance to win: just leave a comment on this post by 9 a.m. E.S.T. on Friday, April 29, 2011. One winner will be selected at random and announced a week later. Click here for the official rules.

The winner of this giveaway was Ellen Hunt of Lacey, Washington.


54 Responses

    Melonkelli says:

    So pretty!

    Erin N. says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the contest!

    Ashley says:

    Dots?! Yes, please!

    sewlindaann says:

    Oh they would be perfect to play with for Spring…and also would really like to have that book!

    Lindsay Sews says:

    Very pretty scarves! I’ve linked up the giveaway at http://www.craftbuds.com/giveaway-roundup/

    Tamie says:

    These are pretty scarves too. Recycling is a good thing.

    Lisbeth says:

    Beautiful scarves, And I’d love to have a copy of the book to help me figure out what to do with a whole mess of scarves I inherited from my grandmother.

    Janel says:

    I love repurposing things and you can always find scarves at the thrift store.

    Melissa says:

    I just love these “diaphanous dainties” and the book would be invaluable for suggestions to show them off at their best. Thank you for your generous giveaway

    I really enjoy collecting scarves and then repurposing them into other accessories. I like to make applique’ pieces for my grand-daughters t-shirts with novelty scarves.

    Paovang01 says:

    pretty scarves :]

    Jannav says:

    Love scarves, both old and new!

    Pamelarichardson28 says:

    Oh so love Vera!

    justval says:

    I have been savoring my husband’s grandmother’s scarves for years, they are amazing. The book looks fantastic and would greatly welcomed and enjoyed!

    Jan says:

    Gorgeous scarves! My scarves are packed and in storage (we are mid-move) but this book makes me want to hit the thrift stores!

    Beckysews says:

    Oh I do love Vera! Your Book lookes fab! Thanks for the chance to win.

    debbie says:

    I would love to win! Thanks. Debbie in Alaska

    Mary Alice says:

    I LOVE Polka Dot Scarves!! I would love to win. Thanks!

    Colleen says:

    The scarves are beautiful! thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    Mommapudding says:

    Seeing as you can still, just about pick up these lovely vintage scarves for a song, I’d love to win a copy of this book and have a go at some of these projects. I’ll get my family back home to scour the car boot sales too.

    Kitchengrrl says:

    I have TONS of vintage scarves that I bought at estate sales for a previous project that never got off the ground. Plus I have a ton of hankies from my Grandma that I can never find the right project for. I’d LOVE to have a copy of your book! Thanks for coming up with so many great ideas and the giveaway!

    Danna BC says:

    What a great giveaway, the scarves are lovely. :)

    Gamersteph says:

    Sounds like fun! :D

    Sharlyngp says:

    Another chance for this book! Yeah!!! Count me in as a fan and a wanna-be winner of the book and scarves!

    Janie says:

    Just discovered this site and am looking forward to finding all its secrets!! Would love to get a loot at this book and I love anything vintage, this would give me another reason to go around all the antique stores again! :-D

    christy says:

    great giveaway

    Lauraneidich says:

    I love scarves!

    There’s always infinite ways to resurface/repurpose fabulous finds for the modern chic feel….love it love it love it!

    Ariel Carman says:

    What a great idea, just in time for spring when I can get out the lighter fabrics.

    What a wonderful opp to win a great scarf and Book, Please sign me up. Thanks Doti

    Deborah Dawdy says:

    Scarves are a wonderful accent piece and not just as accessories to outfits anymore. They can be used EVERYWHERE! Good Luck everyone. That book would be a great addition to my collection!

    shab says:

    Scarves are a great accessory to spice up any wardrobe… I cannot wait to spice up my closet with these gorgeous scarves!

    Beadsophisticate says:

    I’d love to win this book, and of course, the scarves!

    Teak3600 says:

    Looks like fun

    Muireann says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to have this book – and I’ve never said no to a scarf yet. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Nancy says:

    This book looks wonderful. I have scarves I have had for over 20 years. I may get some ideas here!

    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    More scarves please!!

    love these neat ideas :)

    Agnes says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! Awesome prizes, especially the book. I’d love to have it as I’ll be teaching sewing in a poor country, and they don’t always have electricity or sewing machines.
    btw, love your name, that’s also my daughter’s name :))!

    Deb says:

    Love Vera scarves! I’m a scarf person for sure!

    Melinda says:

    Love the dots!

    Lorenbeller says:

    I LLOOVVEE SCARFS.Just something around my neck to keep my coozy, a bold color ,or crazy patterns. I love them all. I also have an “OBSESSION”(says my husband) with vibrent. colorful things and Soft and silky fabrics.When I search my local Goodwill ;wether it is the visiual or the sensation of touch, I just can’t seem over look them..if they don’t fit I buy it and turn it into something else.I do. alot of recreating from things I find or waste from things I’ve made.I currently am trying to turn some left over fibers and clippings from a scrapbooking project; into textile. I usually just make colorful note paper but I’m looking for new things to do.I would love to win your prize as I am sure this will help with inspiration and taking my craft into a new direction.WISH ME LUCK. ; >

    Celeste Hardy says:

    well im 30 something and its taken me this long to do some embellishing which im really proud of. Ive done an owl design which is popular at the moment. i have just stumbled across this site hope to win a scarf from a newbie

    ChristyD says:

    I just found you through a link at Sew Mama Sew and I am in love! It’s not often you find unique crafts that are actually do-able for “normal” people! Love love love your projects. Signing up now! The great giveaway is an added bonus! Thank you!

    Hilary Short says:

    This is an excellent series, and I love the two scarves!

    Trish says:

    I love those scarves!!

    Wordygirl says:

    Wow, “Vera” really takes me back to my childhood! Thanks for the memories, and the giveaway.

    Rebecca says:

    We love repurposing and would love this book…not to mention the scarves. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

    Cemetz09 says:

    I have the book how to repurpose a pillowcase! I LOVE it! I’m sure this is great too!

    I’d love to try my hand at repurposing some scarves…although I like them just as they are also!

    This book sounds awesome!! Especially for me who is totally a scarf-lady… I’ve got more than I can wear and can’t bear to get rid of them!!!

    Ellen says:

    I love to repurpose scarves – because I don’t like to wear them as is.

    Dr Agon_lady says:

    When i was working I bought lots of scarves at yard sales….then came belly dancing….I am swimming in scarves that I rarely get a chance to wear…this book is a great idea….

    I am not sure the place you’re getting your info, however great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thank you for great info I used to be looking for this information for my mission.

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