Birdwatching at Lark

June 11, 2011, 10:16 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Long before we thought about putting a bird on it for the month of June, birds began nesting all over the Lark offices. You might think I’m just using that phrase to describe all the bird-related art around here (and I am), but the nesting also happens in a very real way from time to time. In fact, right now there’s a large office on the ground floor of our building where you can hear the Starlings that have nested in the ducts.

But we do have our fair share of decorative birds around the office as well. So this week I took the camera and did a little birdwatching around Lark:

In the mosaic above, the first thing you’ll notice is the crow that keeps watch over the second floor. In the right column, there’s fabric art from Valerie’s office, Travis’s skateboard helmet (look really close and you’ll see the eagle), and Abby’s bird tattoo.

In this mosaic, the large photo is of a tiny bird making its way up our Art Director’s magnetic board. And next to that you can see Ray’s bird (made by Shane Fero), another piece of bird-related art, and some hungry chicks who are always waiting to be fed over by Megan’s desk.


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