Isn’t getting a gift wrapped in fabric really like getting two gifts? It feels great to shower the special people in your life with twice the handmade love! To help you get inspired, we’ve pulled together 5 super charming fabric gift wrapping goodies from some of our favorite blogs. Easy and fun, these delightful projects will cover your holiday packages with style!

Don’t miss our holiday how-to video roundup from last year for more festive projects to help you celebrate this holiday season. Crocheted candy canes, felt menorahs, quilted stockings, and more await you from video vaults across the internets.

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Fabric Gift Pouch (from A Spoonful of Sugar)Fabric Gift Pouch

From: A Spoonful of Sugar

Charm Factor: It’s super easy to use and twice as cute! Everyone’s seen a drawstring pouch, but this little number neatly folds and ties into the most adorable package.


Eco Christmas Gift Wrap (from Zakka Life)Eco Christmas Gift Wrap

From: Zakka Life

Charm Factor: You get that classic Christmas present feel without the rolls of wasted paper. Plus, velcro!



Good Luck Gift Bags (from The Purl Bee)Good Luck Gift Bags

From: The Purl Bee

Charm Factor: The contrasting thread color for all the stitching along with the lovely embroidery take this drawstring bag to the next level of cuteness.


Personalized Gift Tags to Make in a Snap! (from Sew Daily)Personalized Gift Tags to Make in a Snap!

From: Sew Daily

Charm Factor: Patchwork and gift tags were made to go together! Can’t you just imagine all the festive color combos?



Fabric Gift Bows (from See Kate Sew)Fabric Gift Bows

From: See Kate Sew

Charm Factor: Sure, it may look like just a soft fabric bow, but it can also double as a sweet headband!


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