Color Me Blue? Or Green? Or….

May 04, 2011, 09:01 am  Posted by needlearts

Are you in a monogamous relationship with color? What I mean is, are you so taken with one particular shade that you forsake all others? (Hey, we did just have a royal wedding, after all.)

In celebration of Stash Happy month here in Needlearts land, we’re curious about what you’ve got sitting around on the shelf or in the drawer. I know I have lots of black fabric (the essential color in any editor’s wardrobe), but my yarn choices tend to be more colorful. How about you? Please share your favorite spoke of the color wheel with us: [poll id="017"]


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    Beckysews says:

    I turned around to survey my fabric stash and fully expected to see purple. To my surprise I see mostly white! and then green. hmmmmmmm…………

    Shel says:

    I checked out my fabric box and thought it was mostly pink/purples,…but I guess they’re actually blues,…..

    GREEN is predominate – however, it depends which tub you are looking in :-)

    Woolensails says:

    I said red, since I have the most of that, but my favorite color is green.
    I find it hard to find the shades of green that I like, in our local stores.


    Anonymous says:

    I was suprised by my stash too! Thought I’d have more green than blue but it actually wasn’t even close!

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