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June 10, 2010, 07:00 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Have you checked out My Mom, the Style Icon? It’s the majorly addictive blog curated by Piper Weiss, “daughter of the ever-stylish Marilyn,” that pays tribute to how fashionable, chic, and way cooler than us many of our moms were back in the day. You’ll find contributed pics of perfectly coiffed moms perched on the hoods of convertibles, moms in mini skirts being crowned homecoming queen, moms in cat-eye glasses lounging on the beach—and moms in halter tops they crocheted by hand!

Mom in crocheted halter

This shot was posted by Emily Fontaine. She writes,“I remember coming across this picture when I was about 14 or 15 and being in complete awe of how laid-back and gorgeous she looks. She grew up in Orange County, CA, and completely embodied the ‘California Girl’ with her long blonde hair, golden tan, and cut off jean shorts that showed off her legs that went on for days. I’m pretty sure she was the type of girl The Beach Boys sang about.” (Hearing these super-stylish moms described by their grown daughters—and a few sons—is one of the sweetest features of the blog.)

Emily’s mom didn’t give up DIY fashion when she moved on to motherhood. “She made a lot of her clothes growing up, and a lot of mine throughout my childhood. I never felt more stylish than when I was wearing a dress my mom sewed for me.”

Head on over to My Mom, the Style Icon for more, including some crocheted halter top patterns and even a link to vintage versions you can buy on Etsy.

And while we’re at it, who has other good crafty mama stories and photos to share? I’m digging out a shot of my mom in the floor-length patchwork evening skirt she made (the huge tortoise-shell glasses complete the look). Would love to see your stylish moms in their handcrafted fashions, too!


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