Crochet Flower Necklace Kits

May 07, 2010, 07:09 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

I’m in our New York offices (with others from Lark Crafts, showcasing all the great content we’re bringing out this coming fall), so just a quick note from me this week. Have you seen the fabulous and artful small-batch kits Jenny Doh and her wonderful team have available on their equally fabulous Crescendoh site?

Here’s one for making Jenny’s signature crochet flower necklaces.

Crochet flower necklace kit materilas

You get a bamboo crochet hook, ball of hemp yarn, pink vintage buttons, and instructions—and for a couple of extra bucks, they’ll also toss in a how-to video.

Totally hOT, as Jenny would say!


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    Jenny Doh says:

    Yes indeed. Totally hOT is what I'd say to this post. Yay! ;)

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