Doodle Stitch Along – motif #3!

June 17, 2011, 18:50 pm  Posted by guestblogger

Hey guys, this is Aimee Ray. Are you ready for another week of stitching? Here is this week’s free nest pattern! I used the satin stitch for the leaves and eggs on this one. Also, I found it easier to just wing it on the nest lines rather than following the pattern exactly, but do whatever works best for you. :)

If you’ve missed the first two weeks, it’s easy to catch up. And we’d love to have you along! Here’s motif #1 and motif #2 if you missed them.

Be sure to show us what you’re stitching by posting your photos in our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/doodlestitchalong/

Next week is the last free pattern, then we’ll be putting them all together into a cute and easy apron. Don’t miss it!


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