Doodle Stitch Along: The Grand Finale!

February 04, 2011, 10:10 am  Posted by guestblogger

logo Hey guys, it’s Aimee Ray again with the final installment of our Doodle Stitch Along! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, it’s been so much fun seeing all of your embroideries along the way. Today, I’m going to show you what I made with my motifs (including the toadstool house): a mini ticker tape quilt! I’ve loved ticker tape quilts since the first time I saw one and this was the perfect way to try making one. Let me tell you, this is my kind of project. Quick and easy, no patterns or measuring, and you can use up scrap fabric! This is a fun, freestyle, make it up as you go along quilt. I found this awesome tutorial online and followed it almost exactly. Also, if you’d like to add a few other stitched elements to your mini quilt, download some free embellishment motifs here.

My little quilt measures about 13 x 17 inches; I started by cutting out the front and back pieces and the batting and pinning them together. You can add fabric strips one by one as shown, but I wanted to space out the embroidered pieces and see what it would look like finished, so I put all my scraps in place and secured them with a tiny bit of fusible web before sewing them on. The tutorial says to use a walking foot, but I just used my standard sewing machine foot and it worked fine.

Quilts are a great way to showcase embroidery, and you guys have had lots of great, creative ideas too!  Be sure to check out our flickr group to see everyone’s photos. Feel free to continue to add your embroidery photos to our group, or come join the Doodle Stitching group as well. I always love to see what you’re making with my patterns!

Thanks so much for joining me! I hope you’ve been inspired to pick up or continue embroidering. Happy Stitching!

P.S. If you missed any of the motifs, find them here:
Motif #1
Motif #2
Motif #3
Motif #4


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    Superbly cute! Thanks for the fun!

    Colleen says:

    Thanks for all the patterns to embroider and all the fun!

    Tricia says:

    Your patterns are so cute and your book looks fabulous and sooo inspiring!

    Jytte R says:

    Thank you for these cute patterns. I am a little late, but I just came home from holidays on Sunday.

    Pink Ka'n says:

    I really love the idea of combining embroidery with a ticker tape quilt! So much so that I blogged about it here:

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