Doodle Stitch Along with us!

January 07, 2011, 10:00 am  Posted by guestblogger

Hey there crafty people! This is Aimee Ray, the author of Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection. I’ve got a fun project for you, a Stitch Along! We’ll be giving away a free embroidery pattern motif a week from my book for the next 4 weeks, and we’ll all stitch them up together into a super cute mini quilt. The motifs are from the Woodland Fairy Tale set (one of my personal faves), and you can get the first one today: first up is the Gnome and Mushroom (click the linked text to download a PDF of the motif, which includes two size options). Start embroidering them right away! Get creative and use whatever colors and stitches you like. (If you’ve never embroidered before, this is a great time to start! If you need some beginners tips, visit my blog for some free tutorials. :)

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I’ll be posting my progress from the previous free motif each Friday, and in our Stitch-a-Long flickr group. We would LOVE to see your photos too, so please share them as we go along!! If you don’t already have a flickr account, it’s free to join. (Update: there’s a good conversation happening over in our group pool regarding plans for the final mini quilt sampler, just in case you’re curious or have questions.)

At the end, I’ll be putting my embroideries together into a mini quilt, but you can use yours for anything you can think of. It will be great to see how everyone does different things with the same patterns!

Sound like fun? I hope so! But, there’s more! Lark is generously having free giveaways each Friday as well! Read below for details. I hope you’ll join us!

To enter for a chance to win an embroidery kit and a copy of Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection, leave a comment on this post by 11 p.m. EST on January 13, 2011. Any comment will do, but we’d love to hear about your creative new years resolutions (if you have any). We’ll randomly select a winner and announce the results on January 14. Click here for the official rules.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your creative resolutions with us… how very inspiring! How awe-inspiring! It was wonderful to see how many people are working to bring a little bit of creativity into their everyday lives! Best of luck… we completely, absolutely, 100% salute you!

And now for the winner…. congrats to Veronica Leigh who wrote: “This year, I plan on stitching more and going out for more creative endeavors (upcycling as much as I can, attempting to knit once again).” Go, Veronica!
Looking for motif #2? Grab it here!


249 Responses

    Amber F. says:

    This sounds like so much fun!! The only thing I’ve resolved to do this year is to in regards to my crafting is to complete at least one project every month. Hopefully I can cut down on all the started but incomplete things laying around!

    Dixdizzy says:

    I am getting back to my stitching . What are some of the most popular stitches used these days?

    Virginia says:

    One of my goals is to actually practice some new stitches. I think I’ll use this stitch-a-long as a motivator to do that!

    Tina Bonney says:

    I want to learn to knit this year! I need to search out a class or convince a friend to help me. Just trying to learn on my own hasn’t worked so far. I think I’m going to join along in the Stitch-A-Long! I have the original Doodle Stitching but not the Motif Collection book. I just love the style of Aimee’s patterns!

    Catherine says:

    Aaah! I love you, Aimee Ray! I’m getting that swoony, crazed fan look in my eye. Okay, not really (don’t be frightened!), but I love Doodle Stitching and am so excited about this.

    I was just thinking yesterday that I want to embroider a little something to hang on the side of my bookshelf, so that’s what I plan on doing with these when they’re completed. Yay!

    A creative resolution of mine is to take more chances and worry less about what others think of the outcome.

    Happy Friday,everyone!

    Lindsay Conner says:

    I actually pre-ordered this book because I was so excited about it, and haven’t had time to stitch up many of the adorable little things I’ve been wanting to. I’d love to participate in this stitch along! What a great idea… So if I win, I’ll have the share the book with a friend. Love gnomes… just in time for Gnomeo and Juliet. :)

    Marsy says:

    All of my New Year’s resolutions are crafty! Finish those quilts in the pile, and embroider more are pretty much all I’ve committed to. This came along at just the right time.

    Kdotstudio says:

    I’m in ! Sounds like fun.

    Gillian says:

    I have two crafty new years resolutions: one is to be better about finishing what I start (no new projects until I finish at least one old one!), and the other is to hand-make gifts for Christmas this year. I’m hoping to get a couple of quilts out to family.

    mebythedeepbluesea says:

    Oh, so adorable!! This is the year I plan to start actually creating all the crafty projects I have tumbling around in my mind. And this little embroidery project looks like just the place to start. Thank you for helping to ignite my creative spark! :)

    Elisaesteve says:

    The gnome is so cute. I have never embroidered before but no time like the present to start learning. I will be checking out the beginner’s tips.

    Theatregirl25 says:

    I love your stuff. I got your newest book for Christmas. I am all in on this one!

    Jessica says:

    I don’t really have a resolution, but I definitely want to make more art this year!

    Kristin says:

    I’m planning to do more stitching this year, and I’ve also just started needle felting.

    Anita says:

    I’ve resolved to do something creative every day!

    Ramona says:

    oooh, how fun! my kidlets love your noms….

    Kristin says:

    My creative resolution is to make something every month this year from one of the craft books I own. :) I’ve done pretty well so far- I made two things from books this month! I would also love to improve my sewing skills as far as clothes go.

    Iamchickenfoot says:

    I have promised to try to do something creative every day. No matter how small. This will be a cute stitch a long. Off to join up

    Meghan says:

    I am so excited to do this stitch along- I got the book in December and love it so much!!!! Thank you for such a great giveaway too! One of my creative resolutions is to come up with more of my own knitting patterns.

    Else10 says:

    This is a great stitch-along idea! I also love the fact that it will become a mini quilt. My new year’s resolution is to do something crafty every day, even if it’s only a half hour. :)

    Ashley J says:

    I resolve to start being brave and trying new techniques and actually using the materials I’ve hoarded.

    Danielle h. says:

    One of my goals is to learn some more stitches. My Grandma taught me to embroider when I was a kid and I picked it back up when on maternity leave with my daughter 3 years ago. I love stitching but really only know the basic stitches. I recently learned the fly stitch and the stem stitch and decided that it was fun to learn more stitches and it can really make a piece. So thats my goal! This sew along looks fun! Thanks for hosting!!

    ajsnow says:

    Very excited to get stared on this project. I want to get more involved in the hand embroidery community this year, especially after I graduate in may with my BA in art and business. I love Dear Little Tracks and all her designs, so inspirational! Thanks!

    Pamela says:

    So glad to see this would love to win

    Jengouldsmith says:

    Sounds like fun. Never have done any kind of stitch a long!

    NancyH says:

    This looks like fun… thank you for making it something tractable! One of my goals is to learn to do some free motion quilting as well as using embroidery thread for large, bold quilt stitches. I’m also planning to (finally) start a stitch sampler!

    Anonymous says:

    I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

    Sheila Bales says:

    Sounds like fun, One of my goals is to use what stash I have and try not to buy anymore for a while, you know too much to do in this life time.
    Anyway thanks for the SAL

    yvonne says:

    ok love love to get this right, embroidery! learning is the most powerful thing and art rocks! ydpalermo@comcast.net

    Libby says:

    This sounds like so much fun!! Thanks Aimee!

    justval says:

    I hate to admit it but I have not embroidered since the early 70′s on my jeans. It is time for this girl to get back into embroidery. The gnome and mushroom pattern is wonderful, brings a smile upon the face. Thank you so much for offering a free embroidery pattern motif a week. Will keep me busy!

    Razberiswrl says:

    I have just learned how to sew this fall, and can’t wait to do some serious business in 2011! I intend to make 2 full size quilts and start a king (eep! the fulls are for my boys and the king for me!), and make decor items for my home. In fact, these embroidered goodies will be featured on my walls and on my couch pillows! I also want to sew some clothes for my daughter and I this year. Thank you, Aimee Ray, for sharing some of your patterns, and thank you Lark for such a generous giveaway! :)

    Linda in NC says:

    I have been itching to do some embroidery; my past experience is sketchy at best other than crewel and cross stitch, so I’m in need of mentoring! This little gnome design is too cute! Thanks for the chance at the book and kit. My creative New Years resolutions are simply to be creatively active and to stick with one project long enough to finish (more process than product oriented).

    angelus says:

    I need to motivate my brain more. Thanks for the chance to win

    Luluvision says:

    oh yay! I love your patterns! The Motif Collection was on my Christmas list but I guess Santa thought I was a bad girl because I didn’t get it! :-) Hope I win it!

    I am always on the lookout for crafty tutorials online, so much so, I feel like I do more searching than actual doing! So one of my crafty resolutions is to actually start doing some of the cool tutes I find online and stop searching so much! In other words, less computer time and more crafty time!

    Margo says:

    Thanks for the chance to win – I’d love to make at least one thing handmade each month. With a two year old in our home I have a long list of little crafts to make for her dollhouse, kitchen and general play but hopefully a few items for myself and our home will make it to the done list as well.

    My embroidery skills aren’t great – I’ve been using the blanket stitch to make some felt toys but that is about it. I look forward to some projects that will force me to learn and put into use some other stitches.

    Merry says:

    I love to embroider, thanks for the cute free pattern.

    Mallory says:

    Hey there, I love all the craft books Lark produces, Aimee Ray being a favorite- actually, she’s the reason I started learning how to embroider to begin with! It’s a wonderful past time, and although I’ve done a lot of smaller pieces that came out beautifully, I’d love to learn how to more than a backstitch!

    Laura says:

    What a great idea. I am so in!

    Gasuski says:

    My resolution is to stitch more for World Charity of Stitching.

    Paula says:

    I will try!!! My resolution is to try appliquéd this year!

    Lei says:

    Thanks for the stitch along. I can’t wait to stitch it. My resolution is to attempt to finish up some projects that I have started but just never seem to finish. I can dream.

    Aprilshecon says:

    I hope to pick up my embroidery again. I enjoy it and miss it but sometimes there are other things that have to be done.

    LeAnn313 says:

    Gnome and Mushroom is beyond cute!! I resolved this year to get a little better at sewing. I already cross stitch ALOT so this embroidery will be a fun change…thanks so much!!

    Tamdoll says:

    I love the chance to win this book – actually bought a copy as a gift for someone this Christmas and was hoping to get my own!

    My resolutions this year include crafting some new dolls and doing a lot more hand-sewing – it’s really relaxing.

    thanks for the chance!

    Anne And Kita says:

    Doodle stitching is what got me to try something other than counted cross-stitch! This looks like a ton of fun!

    As for my creative new year’s resolutions, I want to try quilting this year. I’m a tad intimidated by it, but I’ve decided I need to stop letting that get in the way!

    Jennifer Y. says:

    I’ve been wanting this book! Thanks for a chance to win one! I hope to find time to do more embroidery and sewing this year.

    Colleen says:

    I just love doodle stitching. Thanks for the cute pattern! My news years crafty resolution is 4 quilts as gifts this year!

    Chris says:

    Love the book and the cute pattern. Thanks ! My craft resolution – to do some hand sewing.

    Karen says:

    Your patterns are so cute! I haven’t embroidered in years but this is just the project to get me started again!

    Kristie says:

    I love these patterns. I put the little racoon on my son’s hoodie. I’m doing the spaceship next. I’d love to make a set of patches for a quilt for my kids. Great idea. Thanks! kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

    Alicia B. says:

    I love the designs and book and would love to own a copy! My resolution is to figure out what direction I want to go with my crafting, I cannot decide what I like to do most, I have too many to choose from and get easily overwhelmed. I’ve also made a promise to myself to get to know my sewing machine more.

    victoria says:

    Your first book was such an inspiration. My resolution is to organize my brand new sewing room. I have been ironing for 3 days!! I can’t start a new project until it’s all done.

    Melanie G. says:

    I’m really new to embroidery and I’m excited to learn. Thanks for the beginners info :)

    Michelle says:

    I love Aimee’s Gnome and Mushroom design and can’t wait to try it – I have never attempted embroidery ::nervousness ensues:: but am very excited about making the pieces into a quilt for my 2 year old daughter at the end of the month!
    Thank you for the website for all skill levels – even those of my umm….newest level of skill ;)


    Woolensails says:

    Sounds like fun, love your books.
    I got some wash away to try, so I could do stitcheries on wool.


    Fieryone says:

    I will be visiting your blog to get some beginners tips for sure!

    Christa says:

    Yea! I love your designs and am doodle stitching #227 right now! Can’t wait to join the stitch along.

    Tracey says:

    I absolutely love your work Aimee!!!
    I just got your second book the other day! :) I can’t wait to try out some patterns! :)

    Dee says:

    Would LOVE to have this book. My ny resolution is to be more thrifty in my crafting endeavors.

    Pick me, pick me. Love your books. Just wish there were 39 hours in each day!

    Kerry James says:

    Oh my, I will be hauling out the fabric and floss colors to embroider that little guy!!!
    My sister has her 2nd baby due in April – these will make a cute foundation to a crib quilt:-)
    I would LOVE to get my hands on that lovely book.

    Jenn says:

    Omg that gnome and mushroom is absolutely ADORABLE!! I don’t do a lot of embroider but it’s something that I would like to start doing!! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Jenn – shedaisy@hotmail.com

    Adiyaber says:

    I would love to have this book! I love embroidery art work…thank you!

    Rachel says:

    For this year, I’ve taken up the Creative Everyday challenge and have started on The Artist’s Way to discover my creativity. This will be my first time embroidering. Thank you for organizing the giveaway.

    Snafflesmummy1 says:

    I have onyl just discovered doodle stitching and wanted to try and make somehting for the imminent birth of my baby. I cant wait to join in with this. Making them all into a quilt at the end sounds like a great idea. I cant wait to get some supplies and get started.

    Ruth Al-mushadani says:

    this sounds like lots of fun, I’ll be joining in!

    Papgena says:

    I saw this on Craft gossip, it looks fun!
    I’ll try to join, althought I have already a lot of projects: a mistery quilt from Erik Homemmade, a quilt for my baby niece, some gifts for birthdays…a lot but…I’l try!

    daphne says:

    My resolution is to create more of my own unique raw materials by hand dyeing, screen printing, and embroidering natural fabrics for my sewing and quilting projects. This book would be a great addition to my inspiration library!

    Mary Anna says:

    Oh, I’m excited! I adore your work and haven’t bought any of your books yet – but I stalk your blog! My overall resolution is “Good enough is good enough.” I’m paralyzed by imperfection, so oftentimes I won’t even try something because I fear failure (failure = not perfect). My crafting resolution is to just try the things I want and to be happy with the results, no matter how wonky, left of center or bumpy!

    Ruby_murray says:

    I have several NY resolutions, I even started a blog to keep me focused on them: To use up my huge scrap bag, to bust through my wip projects, I can only start new projects after finishing and blogging about two on my wip list. To keep an up to date wip list and to use up more of my stash before buying new supplies. Here’s hoping I am true to these resolutions :)

    I may just have to do this…though like a few other posters I’m in the middle of at least two projects right now.

    wendy says:

    I haven’t done embroidery before so this is an excellent way for me to start. Luckily I have a laser printer and following your tips on your blog I should hopefully be able to print this off and iron onto my fabric – Fab!!! Just going back to your Blog now for some stitch advice.
    Thanks so much this is Brill.
    Wendy. x

    K Blome says:

    I am so glad embroidery is back in style! I have been teaching my granddaughters and they love it. I think I will have them follw along also. Thanks so much!

    Jagels says:

    I love this pattern, i’m so excited! i am trying to finish a couple of ufo’s and making a scrap quilt to use up some of my stash. thanks.

    Anonymous says:

    One of my resolutions for the new year is to do more needlework. The first project I started is cross stitch. I think this book would be a great way to incorporate embroidery patches into a childs quilt. Thanks.

    What a fun idea! I really want to do more stitching and less b*tching this year ;) A structured Stitch Along is just what I need! Thanks!

    Jolley Anna says:

    This is great! I really was hoping to get the book for Christmas. Thank you for the chance to stitch something for it.

    Bonnie says:

    Oooh, I would love to take some of the crafty plans out of my head and make time for them to actually happen — some embroidery, some crochet, and some felty-fun are on my list. The stitch-along seems like just the right inspiration to get started! Of course a new book of beautiful ideas would be extra inspiring :)
    Bonnie Cummings

    CalicoPrairie says:

    Hi! Hmm, creative New Year’s Resolutions…..to sew for myself, and for my own enjoyment! :D

    Rita says:

    I love cross stitch. I hope I have time to do some of the projects.
    Thank you Rita

    [...] here to see the original: Doodle Stitch Along with us! « Lark Crafts Tags: all-stitch, embroidery, fairy, free-embroidery, mini, motif, motifs, pattern, quilt, [...]

    Sandy N. says:

    My resolution is to finish at least 1 quilting UFO a month. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

    NADA says:

    Awww he is so cute! Will be trying to join for the S.A.l. this time. Thanks for including all of us. My resolution???? Try to finish all the projects I’ve started!

    craftyamy1978 says:

    My resolution is to make a set of cotton napkins for family to use so we can move away from paper napkins. Some might be plain – some might be embroidered. I’d also like to make a set to give away to my cousin when she gets married this summer.

    I have joined the crazy january 2011 challenge to stitch start stitching 15 pieces in 15 days and continue to stitch them in the hope of completing all of them in the year. I will be getting my cotton out to stitch these cute gnomes although as yet I am unsure as to what they will be stitched into in the end, a quilt is a very nice idea though!

    Excited to do this doodle stitch along!

    Allie says:

    I found this through Craft Gossip! Sounds like super fun. I’ve never embroidered before, but have been wanting to try. My new year’s craft resolution is to start making jewelry again and get going on all the sewing projects I have bookmarked!

    twiggy_legs11 says:

    Hey Aimee! After spending hours trying to figure out how I can transform my designs into something other than digital and printing them out onto fabric paper (very costly!) and making them into my homemade cushions, I thought about embroidery after seeing your book advertised, I always thought it was old fashioned but after seeing your designs and adding you as contact on Flickr and viewing your work I can wait to get started learning and turning my designs into something similar to yours hopefully!! that is one of my resolutions for this new year! – once I have learned I then hope to make a whole stack of my designs transforming then onto everything I can think of from cushions to wall art to bed linen and EVERYTHING! and then enjoy uploading all of them onto flickr! thanks for the inspiration!

    Meaghan says:

    I had so many crafty resolutions that I made my own blog post about them at http://www.ohmeaghan.com. Stitching is, of course, my biggest priority. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Loveslove00 says:

    One of my resolutions this year is to finish a circle quilt I am making for my fiance. It has 256 12×12 circles that are completely done on their own. Each circle has a top, batting, and the bottom fabric and it is turned so no edges. It is taking me a while. I think I have about 60 of the circles done now. lol. So that is my one quilt that I need to make sure gets done this year.

    Llaneli says:

    Wow. I am glad that I found this link through my fb feed! I like the idea of making a mini-quilt for my baby girl that I am sure she will love and cherish. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    BabyBird says:

    My craft resolutions for 2011 are three-fold: First, I want to learn to knit. Second, I would like to learn to crochet, and finally, I want to see my stitchery projects through to completion this year instead of stopping when they are partially done to rush into a project that needs done for birthday or holiday deadlines! I love needlearts of all kinds and like to do all kinds of crafts. I found this blog through Craft Gossip, but I didn’t learn about the awesome giveaway until I read the blog. It sounds great, and I would love to win the Doodle Stitching book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Elena says:

    My goal for this year is to learn embroidery, and maybe even cross-stitch. I’d like to incorporate them into my sewn projects.

    Hammy says:

    Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! Just the thing to kick of my year of doing a crafty blog post every week…

    great — thanks for the chance! And I love that you’re doing a stitch along — one of my creative goals is to spend less time reading about crafts, and more time crafting. The stitch along seems like a nice low-stress way to kick that off!

    Callie Callender says:

    How cool would it be to win this… my resolutions aren’t creative, but resolution is to be more creative, in work, home, life in general!

    diane brides says:

    love to win this for my 10 year old granddaughter. i started to teach her when she visited me this summer, she seemed to really love it. and did pretty darn good!!

    Ina says:

    My goal is to finish all my embroidery and cross-stitch projects.

    angela says:

    I would like to learn some new skills in sewing this year.

    Robinsnc says:

    One of my resolutions is to get more involved with the online crafting community–stitch-alongs, quilt-alongs, taking and uploading more photos to share. So I owe you a big thanks for helping me out on this one. Now, what can you do about the 5kg I want to lose?

    Marshmallows and Pickles says:

    How fun thanks for doing this Aimee! My new years resolution is to finish some things I’ve started and learn how to hand quilt.

    emma p says:

    Thank you Aimee…looking forward to learning and creating with you.

    JS says:

    This is a fantastic idea! So often I stitch and do nothing with the results (I have a lot of finished pieces simply folded and packed away)…

    Dennis says:

    Hi and thank you for your help getting this year started. My resolutions are to finish all projects from 2010.Next is to finish projects before starting another. That is the hard one because I see something else that I want to do and then I put down one to start another. This year will be better I am going to do this project before any thing else.

    Melissa says:

    How much fun! My goal for this year is to finally make something for myself! :)

    Crystal says:

    HI! I’m new to your blog but am following it now and really like all of your crafty ideas! I knit and crochet but am interested in getting started with embroidery. I would also like to learn how to knit a cable pattern this year!

    Nikki Pacheco Theard says:

    Hi to Aimee and all the LarkCrafts fans out there! I am resolved to D.I.Y. and create a more artful life during the upcoming year. I am a confident beginner in fiber arts, knitting and embroidery and continue to find great inspiration here at Lark Crafts. Thank you for the fun Doodle Stitch Along. Gotta find some embroidery fabric right away, so I can stitch with you.

    Knappy1 says:

    Hi Aimee & LarkCrafts! Such a fun project! I hope to find the time to join you. For this years crafts I have decided to finish a few old projects that I started long ago, I want to move a children’s ABC project I planned a year ago to the forefront — involves a bunch of embroidery! — so what better way to get motivated than your stitch along, and I want to try a hexagonal granny square scarf!

    I love my copy of the original Doodle Stitching. I’d love to win a copy of the new one. Oh, to be so lucky!

    Tara says:

    Oh wow! This seems like a great way to learn some more techniques! Also, I’d love a copy of the book, and so would my library, so I’ll stop repeat-borrowing theirs! My creative new year’s resolution is simply to make the time! I’ve started to learn so much in the past year, but I have a bad habit of ignoring spare time where I may be able to work on things and then getting upset that I don’t finish anything. So, this year? MAKE THE TIME! :)

    Tina M. says:

    My plan is to finish my unfinished quilts. Or make peace with the ones that I’m NEVER going to finish and just give them away or something. Thanks for the marvelous book (bought it already) and the project to sew along with. If I win the kit, I’ll give the book to my girlfriend who also loves your work :)

    Trneeley says:

    Already stitched my gnome and looking forward to the next doodle

    Leilani says:

    I’m looking forward to trying these motifs. Especially because they do look easy/low time commitment, which is just my speed. :)

    Leilani says:

    P.S. One of my resolutions is to sew/craft/knit more this year, which includes getting my Xmas gifts started in June, and not November XD

    I started the process by getting all my printed patterns and parts for each placed into sheet protectors and envelopes, and then into a nice large binder so that I don’t lose anything.

    Anita A says:

    I think this is adorable!! I’m thinking it will be an awesome way to introduce embroidery to my two kids as a homeschooling project. We all love gnomes and fairies and other cute things.

    Hillbilly (Tonya) says:

    This is so cute! I am new to your blog and to stitchery so this would be an awesome thing to win! My birthday is in January too…so it would make a great bday present!

    Bridgitt says:

    Too cute, although I can’t get the pdf to load, will try back later.

    Anonymous says:

    Hi, Bridgitt. I’m sorry you’re having trouble downloading the PDF. I’m looking into things right now…. if you check back and are still having issues, email me (amanda [@] sterlingpublishing.com) and I’ll send you the file directly.

    anka says:

    Sounds so much fun. I hope I can give embroidery a try this year, so I’ll be coming back here.

    Miesmama says:

    Adorable! I love all Aimee’s work.
    I’d looooove to win the book and kit, if not I’ll be buying it anyway : )
    I’m thinking of making a mini quilt for me, to use on a table, and also a mini quilt for my Blythe doll, too cute! ♥

    Janine says:

    i think this is a fantastic idea, i am new to embroidery and my new years resolution is to do as many projects as i can (and finish them) over the next twelve months.

    janine x

    what a great idea! I love your books!

    My resolution is to craft more as well and so far I’ve completed 3 crocheted dish cloths from 2 really cute patterns and I’m working on a sofa throw for my sister. I’ve got lots of quilting to do and this will help out with the embroidery side of things. Can’t wait for the next pattern!

    Camilla says:

    I’m in!!! I have to join this since I have desited that 2011 is the year where I start Stitching.
    My christmas wishlist was: Embrodery surplies.
    It would be a realy big deal to win the kid and book, but I live in Europe!!!

    Tara says:

    I plan on trying to sew a baby quilt and sheets in the next couple months.

    My first crafty goal of the year is to learn how to embroider!

    Sharon says:

    Love the free pattern. My resolution for stitchery, is to never be more than a few feet from at least one hoop of embroidery. So far, so good! I take something stittchy with me everywhere, but church. I think our pastor would frown on my stitching though his preaching. :D

    Helena says:

    My creative resolution is actually to learn how to embroider…last year saw some starts and stops, and I’ve decided I need to just figure it out, so I can make lovely things rather than just drooling over the ones others are making. :)

    Sarah says:

    What a fabulous pattern! My New Years resolution is to just keep crafting, and keep blogging. Last year was a really hard year for me, and my crafting got a bit neglected. This year I’m going to keep crafting and blogging no matter what.

    Julie Buxton says:

    My crafting resolution this year is to stop collecting projects and starting getting stuff done!

    Ingrid says:

    I would love to join this stitch-along. Actually one of my goals for 2011 is to do more crafts. :)

    Oooh! I’m gonna try to keep up. Sounds fun!

    Normanack says:

    Creative new year’s resolutions:
    Apply my “one little word” to crafting:
    It has all sorts of positive implications for me.

    Ejricca says:

    My resolution for the new year is to find the time to actually be more creative!

    I am going to stitch some things for my home that I have been longing to do.

    Acajjou says:

    I really loved DoodleStitching, so I’d love to win a copy of the new book! Thanks for the stitch-along!

    Melissa says:

    How fun! I’m definitely going to join the stitch along.

    Melissa says:

    How fun! I’m definitely going to join the stitch along.

    moiraeknittoo says:

    My resolution this year is to do more embroidery! I’ve been concentrating on other crafts for some time, but I’d like to get back to improving my embroidery skills this year. :)

    Leah says:

    Lovely giveaway! And it fits nicely with my crafty resolution to try more embroidery. How amazing it would be to get a copy of Doodle Stitching!

    Nicole says:

    Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I wouldn’t say I made a resolution I just want to make the time to actually work on my crafts and embroidery along with quilting are two of my top crafts. I would absolutely love to win a copy of your book, otherwise its on my wish list!

    Odonnellette says:

    This is my favorite time of the year for stitching!!!

    Catbrown76 says:

    My resolution is to finish all crafts projects I have started and not finished this past year. I am almost done with the first piece and can’t wait to see what the next one will be!!

    Melissa says:

    I was just telling my sister that I’m really into gnomes this year! I’m definitely adding this to my list of projects!

    Alicia says:

    I would like to learn, I am going to check out the website now! adorable!

    CarolAnn124 says:

    Please Enter me to Win. My gramma taught me to embroider when I was just a li’l girl, now, I’m a grown woman and can’t remember how. But, I’m determined to re-learn, I’m sure it’s like riding a bike. :)

    Jacqueline Terbrack says:

    My new years resolution is to learn how to embroider! (and to run a 5k, but embroidering will be more fun!)

    Danna BC says:

    One of my creative resolutions is to finally put some of my creations up on etsy instead of giving things away. It’s fun to make and give things away, but I think I’m ready to share on a larger scale and maybe make some vacation money. :) Thanks for sharing the pdf.

    Miko says:

    My new year’s creative resolution is to incorporate embroidery with my felted goodies I sell on Etsy.

    woolly1 says:

    My new year’s creative resolutions are to finish all those knitting projects I started in 2010, improve my sewing skills, and continue making time and space for creating whenever the urge strikes!

    Anonymous says:

    I don’t really make resolutions, but I have decied that this year I will:

    -Craft more. Period.
    -Finish knitting Don’s socks.
    -Make a quilt for use in my home.
    -Create some home decor (table runners, wall hangings, etc.)
    -Did I say, “Craft more. Period.”

    I’ve made a few things with “Doodle Stitching ” patterns. I’d love the add “The Motif Collection” to my library. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jennifer Cheek Payan says:

    This is so cool! I am in. Not sure if I’ll be able to stitch along for the entire 4 weeks but I’m gonna’ try!!! Thank you so much for the patterns & the chance to play along!

    Sandy says:

    I used to embroider all the time – this sounds like a nice way to get back into it. Thanks!

    Stacy B. says:

    I am so excited about finishing projects this year! My resolution is to put snow days to good use (as a teacher, I get as excited as my students!), and work on all my little crafty projects. I’m also looking forward to putting my new sewing cabinet to good use!

    suesue says:

    One of my first resolutions was to clean up my studio and I got a good start on that. Other things do include making a few pieces of some kind of art (embroidery, knit, crochet, etc.) for my house. I started on a crocheted blanket which is lovely to work on when its cold and I want to do some hoop art for my bathroom. Thanks for the chance!!

    Cattyjenny says:

    My sister gave me Doodle Stitching last year, and it inspired me to take up embroidery! I haven’t done a lot, I have 4 children that I homeschool so I’m pretty busy as it is, but I try to stitch when I can. After years of watching my sister embroider and cross-stitch and do stuff like french knots, I am so pleased that I finally, finally, finally! successfully attempted and completed a french knot! I don’t know why those look so hard to do, but now that I get it, I do it all the time! I’d love to try making a sampler like the old ones I see out there this year!

    Amy says:

    I just read about this on Feeling Stitchy, and I’m very excited about it! What a great way to start the creative new year. Thank you, Lark Crafts & Aimee Ray!

    Genevieve says:

    My last year craft resolution was to learn how to add crocheted lace to table cloths, towels, etc.. like my Mima used to.
    This year, I’d like to learn how to embroider. My grandmother would add the little things like flowers, french knots, leaf looking things in such a way that made the decorated items simple but beautiful.
    My husband might lose me to yet another craft but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the break. lol

    Jessie Hansen says:

    Someone just posted about this in the Embroidery Hoopla gallery on Craftster. I am so excited!
    I don’t make resolutions. If I am going to be resolved to do something, I think I should start when I think of it, not wait until the new year. That’s just how I feel, though. I know a lot of good has come from people making NY’s resolutions.

    Anita says:

    I must admit to not making any resolutions in the New Year. Most of my goal setting is an ongoing process throughout the year. My latest goal is to finally finish one of my UFO’s that’s been languishing about for several years. So I purchased the flannel for the back and just need to sew that up and on and ta da!

    Samlyman says:

    Wow what an awesome thing to do! I love your book and this is just amazing. Thank you so much for doing this, as for my new years resolution, Im trying to spend more time finishing the things im doing and less time starting new things. Like any of the 12 quilts i have started! Thanks for the fun stitch along!

    Pixiefirefly says:

    This is really cool! It’s great that you are having a drawing.

    Judy says:

    I am loving this!

    Kate says:

    I am so excited for this. I just got brand new plain napkins from my mom. Now I know what I can put on them! And at this pace, I can get one done every week.

    Jaime says:

    This sounds wonderful!! Thank you!

    Robinpich says:

    I’m in…..not sure I’ll get this week’s done by friday but I will stitch them at some point.
    Please EXCLuDE me from the drawing – I already have the book hahahaaaa…


    Katie says:

    That gnome is so cute! My resolution is to make time for embroidery.

    Kathy says:

    Looks like an interesting book. I have one of the Doddle books of yours already and its a great book.

    lille-ursus says:

    Such a fine idea with this giveaway.
    This year I have decided that I definitely have to learn how to crochet…and that I will do a lot of stitching. That is such a wonderful way to relax and gather new energy…

    Jessken says:

    One of my crafting New Year Resolutions is to finish the half a dozen or so embroideries from Aimee’s first book!

    Esthermalvern says:

    My crafty New Years Resolution is to start what I finish!!! isn’t it always though!! :)

    Missie says:

    Super fun giveaway! My crafty New Year’s resolution is to open up an online shop for my crafts, to work on a few new patterns, and to crochet a rippled tree skirt.

    Melblackrose says:

    He is soooo stinking cute. I’d actually like this for my 7 year old.. she’s been introduced to embroidery and loves it. But most designs bore her. But the Doodles…. AWESOME!!!!!!! crossing my fingers!

    Madeleine says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to do more stitching, take time to be more creative!

    ida says:

    I love the clean, crisp look of your designs. And as for gnome vs. squirrel … i’d take either. They’re both so cute! :)

    Carrie says:

    this is so awesome!! i love gnomes! i can’t wait to see the other designs!

    Stacey says:

    i would love to win this, i have your doodle stitching book, and saw this book at my local bookstore a little while ago. would be great to add to my doodle stitching collection :O} i hope to have more time to craft this year, and hope to get more places out there with my business. thanks


    lorie says:

    My new year’s resolution is to actually start an embroidery project! I’ve bookmarked, scrapbooked, and saved images of projects I love, but haven’t mustered up the guts to begin. This would definitely kick my butt into high gear!

    Resolution: Chip away at the huge stack of prepped dinner napkins I have. Sew away!

    Ricki_22 says:

    I love that little gnome! Can’t wait to see more!

    Beth says:

    My creative resolution for 2011 is to make something each month from one of the many pattern books/magazines I already own! Doodle Stitches is one of them!

    Katie M says:

    I’m an art major, so creativity is a part of my daily life, but I would love to find time each week to work on personal projects.

    Heather says:

    My creative resolution for this year is to make something for everyone I know, just because. Not for any specific thing like birtdays or holidays. Just random acts of Craftiness! :)

    Judith says:

    I would like to complete some of the projects that I have started. I get so excited by new projects that I tend to leave others incomplete.

    Sarah H. says:

    my resolution is to be even more creative in 2011 than i was in 2010. and eat more chocolate.

    My creative new year’s resolution is to make more things for myself, because I usually focus on other people!

    Anonymous says:

    My resolution is all about time management (whose isn’t?). I have a lot of projects to do this year, so I’m giving myself two weeks per project, and I’ve set up a routine to balance my crafting, and mom duties.

    Shearow says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to quilt. My mom is a quilter and I am hoping she has enough patience to be my teacher! Also, take more pictures.

    Justinny says:

    I love Aimee Ray!

    Schnuckiputzi says:

    I taught a junior high class last week in embroidery, and it’s amazing how those girls took to it! My resolution is to keep encouraging and inspiring them to keep it up — showing them sites like this so they can see how creative they can be!

    Nancy says:

    So cute! I want this :)

    Winnie says:

    My new year’s resolution is to learn embroidery. Last year, I tackled (sort of) knitting. Feeling inspired!

    Veronica Leigh says:

    This year, I plan on stitching more and going out for more creative endeavors (upcycling as much as I can, attempting to knit once again).

    CW says:

    My new year’s resolution is to finish my WIPs. I seem to have multiple projects going at once and have a tendency to abandon a project to start a new one if I’m bored.

    M Kuroko says:

    I want to make more time for all of my creative pursuits and hobbies by organizing them into separate days: a day for reading, a day for sewing, a day for gaming, etc…


    Cass_wilson says:

    My New Years craft resolution is to craft more! And give a ornament to everyone on my Christmas list.

    I’m on the squirrel side– evil little creatures.

    Thanks for the pattern!

    Lindsay says:

    I just started learning embroidery, and my resolution is to get better at it. :)
    linds273 at yahoo dot com

    Expectfaith says:

    I have two big projects for the new year! One is learning to knit in the round and make myself a sweater. And the other is the complete a redwork embroidered quilt for our bed using a mix of modern ans vintage patterns. Both could very well take the year to complete!

    Malinda says:

    DRAW MORE!! like, every day – even if it’s just a doodle in the margin of my notebook at work. oh and work on training the dog to NOT steal my yarn and run around the house with it.

    Qnbee says:

    Finish the quilt tops I’ve completed. That’s a tough one for me.
    Love the Gnomes!

    Trhfox says:

    Oh! I want to learn embroidery and that is such a cute pattern! Think I’ll give it a shot.

    elsa says:

    I’m doing new projects this year, but also finishing old ones ~ I do have a few in all sorts of crafts, needlepoint, knitting, quilting and embroidery (to name a few). I love all your designs! thanks for the chance!

    Krishna says:

    I resolve to finish my 3 or 4 incomplete crafting projects (especially the embroidery).

    Carrieannthomas1 says:

    I taught myself to knit/ crochet last year. This is the year I want to learn how to embroider, sew, and quilt. I got my toes wet embroidering the cutest Christmas ornaments and now I’m hooked. Looking all over the house to see what I can cover In little embroidered doodles.

    lavender says:

    One of the things that I would like to do this year is sew a patchwork quilt. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    Mega4beth says:

    My new years resolution is kinda long to explain on a comment, so I’ll just say it has to do with tattoos and quilts :)

    Inoculatted says:

    My creative resolution was to handmade each card I give to someone this year. So far I’ve made a dozen new ones to give out throughout the year! Stitching ON the cardstock is one of my favorite things to do! It’s awesome!

    My news years resolution is to sew as much as I can!!

    texttussi @ Pins & Pens says:

    Thanks for the chance to enter and for sharing your sweet patterns! My new year’s resolution is to finish the Christmas projects I started too late last year: an embroidered advent calendar and some napkins.

    sew~amy (amy) says:

    I would love this book!! My creative new years resolutions is to finish some projects I started already. And be inspired my kids!

    Grace says:

    I started with Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners a few weeks ago. I am having so much fun. It is so exciting to add a new dimension to my sewing :)

    NJ Quilter says:

    Thanks for the free patterns. I’m a quilter who is learning embroidery. Loved your other book Doodle-Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery. The designs are great and easy to learn.

    Niseybean says:

    Can’t wait to use your book for inspiration and patterns!

    Cindy says:

    Thank you for the chance to win the book. My grandma taught me how to embroider and am picking it up again.

    Grace says:

    Thanks for a chance to win this cool book. My crafty New Year’s Resolution is to fit in more stitching and get in some great projects this year.

    Amparahancock says:

    For 2011, I plan on stitching more gifts, especially for my friends and family who love handmade crafts. I hope to also finish 2 special projects for my daughter who is 4. I really hope she gets the stitching gene like me and her grandma!

    Cat K. says:

    This goes PERFECTLY with my resolutions this year, the first of which is to reduce waste in our house. Because of this, we’ve gone old school back to the handkerchief, and I really want to learn some embroidery to fancy mine up a bit. Thanks!

    alex says:

    I love gnomes and mushrooms. but then again I dont know a stitcher who doesnt.

    Msfineprint says:

    That is super cute. I love embroidery. My creative goal this year, is simply to plan better so I always have something in a hoop and ready to work on. For whatever reason, I love the stitching but getting the designs ready takes so much time–that I tend to avoid it and then miss out on stitching. I also want to remember to add a little personal embroidered touch on all of my kid’s clothes this year.

    msfineprint at gmail dot com

    Bethtoller says:

    Love, love, love your first book. It’s why I started stitching! Thanks!

    Megan says:

    My resolution is to finish up some outstanding knitting and stitching projects.

    Carrie P. says:

    Oh, this looks fun. I have one of your books and I love looking through it. I am joining in the stitch along.

    Velma says:

    how awesome! I really want to get better at embroidery this year!

    Jenifer says:

    This is so adorable! It would be great to embroider it on a pillow or towel. :D

    Auntbeast00 says:

    I love Aimee Ray’s books! Fantastic stuff.

    Dani says:

    i just started and I am loving the first doodle-stitching book for beginners. my new years resolution is to do one embroidery piece a week.

    Kat says:


    Abby says:

    Do something creative every single day! :)

    Natemikeshawnwan says:

    hmm.. i am not making any resolutions this year because i stink at sticking to them.. a couple of years ago my only resolution was to learn to use a sewing machine.. well i did, but i only used it once or twice.. now i can’t remember what i was taught! love the pattern!

    Oooooo…my new year’s resolutions include deepening my exposure to the craft world and finding my “style” for lack of a better word. I just want to keep swimming in creative passion!

    Dkayehowl says:

    Love your book and patterns! Thanks

    The Whitness says:

    I don’t actually have any creative New Year’s resolutions. I think perhaps I should change that.

    ashley m says:

    my crafty new years resolution is to finish a project before starting another one!

    Kaleidoscope_eyes0 says:

    My new years resolution is to only give handmade gifts! I recently started sewing and am loving it! I am super interested in learning embroidery too :)

    Karencita says:

    Ahh, guess I am a wee bit late finding you to enter, but I’m glad I did anyway! Disabled, I am slow to stitch but I am going to try it out… LOVE these cuties!

    [...] tide you all over while I work on a couple larger posts! I decided to jump in on Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitch Along. Total instant gratification project — I started last night and finished up this [...]

    Marcias542002 says:

    mMy birthday is Tuesday the 18th. I am turning 60 years old, what a fabulous birthday gift this would be!

    I know I’m too late to enter, but just want to say I love Amiee’s work and have her first book and it’s so loved. I can’t wait to get my mits on her newest book! I’ll be stitching along – love it!

    [...] and here I am!  Lots of stuff to share from Christmas, but in the meantime, I joined along in the Lark Books Doodle Stitch-Along with Aimee Ray.  She is putting out one free design from her Motifs book each week and you can [...]

    [...] you happen to see Aimee Ray’s “Doodle Stitch Along” at larkcrafts.com? She has free patterns from her new book “Doodle Stitching: The Motif [...]

    [...] other day, through my awesome Google Reader, I came across the Doodle Stitch Along at the Lark Craft blog hosted by Aimee Ray, the author of “Doodle Stitching: The Motif [...]

    [...] guess it was just a matter of time – I got bitten by the stitchalong bug. I’m not usually a gnome person (I can’t watch that new gnome movie trailer without [...]

    [...] Hello! I thought I’d post one of the embroideries I did during the Doodle Stitch Along over at Lark Crafts! I have a few more but those will have to wait until I have some better [...]

    [...] recently, during Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitch Along hosted by Lark Books, I won a copy of Aimee’s latest book, Doodle Stitching: The Motif [...]

    [...] #2 from the Doodle Stitch Along! This week’s motif was “Woodland Children,” although I found myself thinking of [...]

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