Embroidered Baby Art Ornament

December 09, 2010, 18:49 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

vickiehowell I’m a big fan of embroidering over my kids’ artwork. In the past, Ive turned my sons’ Halloween drawings into trick or treat bags, their birthday art for Nana into a pillow, and a holiday doodle into our family Christmas card.  I love the look of pride in their eyes when they see their drawings come to life through fabric & thread!

This year, my daughter’s old enough to hold a pen herself so clearly, it’s time to add her artwork to the embroidery mix. With Christmas time upon us what better way to showcase pint-sized  pictures, than on a pine tree?  Here’s how I changed her scribbles into a a one-of-a-kind ornament–you can do it to! Just think of it as baby’s initiation into the handmade holiday hall of fame!

Embroidered Baby Art Ornament

Cotton Fabric Piece
Marking Pen
Masking Tape
Embroidery Floss, Needle & Hoop
3″, Wooden Embroidery Hoop (for hanging)
Craft or Spray Paint


  • Tape a small square (at least 5″x5″) of fabric to a piece of cardboard.
  • Saddle-up baby in a highchair, give him/her a marker, then let ‘em have at it.
    TIP: Don’t let them draw for too long; the more scribbles the tougher it is to embroiderAs my editor once said to me, “Think pithy.”

    Artist at Work

  • Remove finished masterpiece from cardboard and place in larger embroidery hoop. Use Split Stitch to embroider over scribble lines and French Knot stitch any scribbled dots.

    Split Stitch Over Scribbles

  • Spray or hand-paint smaller embroidery hoop, desired color. I chose silver, ’cause I’m fancy like that. Let dry.
  • Cut embroidered piece into a circle that’s at least an inch larger in diameter than the hoop.
  • Place embroidered piece into hoop. Tie a piece of thread to top of hoop; on on tree and admire!
    Tip: These also make great, grandma gifts for any holiday!



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