Etsy Valentine’s Finds for your Sweetheart

February 05, 2013, 10:00 am  Posted by Lark

heartsIt’s right around the corner, that day where we celebrate our loved ones and our crushes. The usual gifts of roses and chocolates are all good and nice. But, you want to stand out. You want to let your special someone know that you really, really, really like them. You LIKE LIKE them. So get them something special, something unique, something COOL.

Well, we’ve got some suggestions. We’ve scoured Etsy for some of the neatest and awesomest Valentine’s Day gifts out there. Who wouldn’t want a cute little heart-holding fox? And the Love You Periodic Table Pillow would be great for the nerdy love in your life. Personally, I would be over the moon if my cutie patootie got me any of these fantastic finds (though I’m partial to owls and dinosaurs, hint hint).

Enjoy these Etsy finds, and we hope we’ve inspired you to find that perfect and fantastic gift for your sweetie pie, honey bun, love muffin, cuddle bear, snuggie woogems…

Etsy Valentine's Finds

From left to right:

Amigurumi Love Birds with Nest by chubbyninjacrafts

Scrabble Letter LOVE Pillows by RyensMarketplace

Cloudy Rain of Hearts Embroidery Hoop Wall Art by buligaia

Geeky Cross Stitch Card ‘My Heart Beeps For You’ Robot by symmetwee

Love Heart Fingerless Gloves by HodgepodgeArty

The Little Love Bunny by AdoraWools

Needle Felted Fox Holding Heart “Sweetie” by TimeTravelersWares

Felted Sheep Love Ewe by BondurantMountainArt

Felt Valentine Piggy by Owiekiddie

Foxes in Love Woodland Animal Embroidery by FluffedAnimals

Valentine’s Day Scarf by greenaccordion

Love You Red Periodic Table Cotton Pillow by YellowBugBoutique

Red and White “I Love You” Crocheted Mug Cozy by TrendyEarth

Knitted Stuffed Owl Soot Hoot by WoodsyWools

Be Mine Valentine Cross Stitch Wall Decor by BritterflyGarden

Valentine Sweetheart Cowl by MarciLynnDesigns

Cross Stitch Quote from The Princess Bride by notsomodernmillie

Cross Stitch “Rawwwr means ‘I love you’ in dinosaur” by RagingStitch


3 Responses

    Marie Waterman says:

    I like those fingerless mitts. Maybe I will try to make a pair, only in white with a red heart.

    Ray Hemachandra says:

    Great images and selections, SY. And I like your wordsmithing: “LIKE LIKE” and “cutie patootie,” especially.

    Chubby Ninja says:

    Thanks for including my love bird amigurumi in your blog! Very cute selection!

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