Free Fall Project from Suzann Thompson’s Crochet Garden

November 09, 2012, 09:41 am  Posted by Lark

Crochet GardenI’m bound and determined to hold on to the last vestiges of fall. Even though the trees around my house are almost bare and we’ve seen some early snow here in Asheville, I’m still surrounding myself with fall-themed creations. Hey, winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, right?

This weekend, I’m planning to get started on my goal of learning to crochet, and my first project just might be these mums from Mini-MumsSuzann Thompson’s Crochet Garden. You can keep the spirit of fall alive, too, by downloading a PDF of “Mini, Midi, & Maxi-Mums” for absolutely free! Crochet a variety of sizes in any autumnal color you’d like, then spread some fall love by tying a string to each mum and hanging them in a sunny window, scattering the mums around your table at Thanksgiving, or attaching them to other projects. (Bonus: you can use them as Christmas tree ornaments, too!)

After you’re finished, get inspired to crochet other projects for the holidays—the Pineapple on page 42 is a great way to welcome holiday guests, and the Poinsettia (page 91) and Edelweiss (page 98) add indoor cheer when it’s chilly outside. Plus, Crochet Garden offers tons of other garden-inspired designs to keep you happily crocheting all year long. Click here for free “Mini, Midi, & Maxi-Mums” project instructions, and get started today!


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