Two-Hour Cross-Stitch: AnimalsI have done the occasional cross-stitch, and sometimes I even finish them! I have a whole box full of materials just waiting to be used. Well, I think I’ll open that box again, because Two-Hour Cross-Stitch: Animals is full of great ideas. Have you ever seen a cross-stitched alligator? How about a lion jumping through a ring a fire? And my favorite: a unicorn! This book contains all kinds of animals for you cross-stitching pleasure. There are your more tame animals, such as dogs, cats, ducks, and squirrels. And then there is the more wild side of the animal kingdom with seals, monkeys, kangaroos, elephants, and more!

To get you started, download these two free patterns in one PDF: a gentleman frog, and an owl and her owlet.

And to get you even more inspired, we are giving away the two finished pieces from these patterns, along with a copy of the book!

owl & frog finished cross-stitch

To enter to win two framed cross-stitched pieces and a copy of Two-Hour Cross-Stitch: Animals, leave a comment on this post between now and 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 9. Any comment is fine, but we’d love to know what would be your favorite animal to cross-stitch. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and announced by Wednesday, April 10. Click here for the official rules, and good luck!

Congrats to Laura, our winner!

  • Beth T.

    Little birds, perhaps.

  • Cara

    Just from looking at the cover, I love the snail, the fox, and the little goldfish! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • kathyS

    I’m fond of foxes.

  • kathyS

    I’m fond of foxes.

  • Michelle

    A Wombat! Mainly because I have never seen one, but they were a favorite of Dante Rossetti…But that fox looks very dapper!

  • Frances

    I would like to cross stitch ducks but any cute animals would be fun to do

  • http://twitter.com/thisgirlcreates Melissa

    The little black dog looks super cute! I’d love to cross stitch him. :) Thanks for the great giveaway and the free patterns!

  • Becky

    An octopus would be cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/dhallamek Debbie Hallamek

    My favorite animal to cross stitch is cats! Thanks

  • MrsDW

    My 11 year old daughter would love this book – the giraffe and the unicorn would be her favourites!

  • MelissaV

    I love the fox and rage snail!! I recently got back into cross stitching and I am loving it. Thank you for this great opportunity to win this wonderful book.

    • MelissaV

      Sorry, I thought I had read the terms and conditions but I guess I hadn’t. I’m Canadian so I’m not able to enter. I couldn’t figure out a way to delete my comment. Sorry. Looks like a awesome book. Congrats to whoever wins.

      • Anonymous

        Well, darn, I’m sorry about that. I hope you enjoy the free patterns, though!

  • Laura

    These are delightful! I would love to stitch some magical animals such as a unicorn that I’m sure I can easily adapt a horse pattern for as well as a dragon.

  • Chris

    I want to make butterflies and froggies please!

  • Mary

    Look forward to the book! I’d make a collection for a Noah’s Ark style wall display!

  • Jennifer R. Gojira

    My favorite animal to stitch would be a fat, bushy, orange kitty. I love those.

  • Mary Mac

    Oh, I love to cross stitch owls. They are my favorite.