Free Project: Button-Down Apron from Sewn by Hand

July 14, 2012, 09:44 am  Posted by Lark

Picture the perfect summer sewing project in your mind…. for me, it’s got to involve a bit of repurposing (from all those summertime thrift-store outings), it’s got to be portable (hello, vacation!), and extra points if it’s something I can use and show off when friends stop by. Well, we may have found a winner! This Button-Down Apron from Susan Wasinger’s Sewn by Hand really does combine the best of these worlds.

Simply grab a few worn-out men’s shirts and download the project instructions here: Button-Down Apron

Like what you see?  Sewn by Hand is on sale 50% off now through July 17th on BN.com (along with lots of other great summer sewing titles).


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