Free Project: Felt Plant Pouches

October 14, 2011, 14:59 pm  Posted by needlearts

Did you join us earlier this month when we made felt from a wool sweater? If so, we’re sure you’ve already picked up a copy of Stash Happy: Felt–so you have plenty of projects going already. But, on the off chance you still have some felt around and were just waiting for a new project idea, Cynthia Shaffer is back today with a really neat idea for your felt. There’s no way you’ve seen this one before! Take it away, Cynthia:

1. First, you’ll want to gather your felted wool sweaters and cut out a panel that measures roughly 6 x 15 inches.

2. Next, overlap the side seam and whip stitch it together with a large eyed needle and yarn. Machine stitch across the bottom seam, then add a running stitch to the bottom of the pouch.

3. Embellish the pouch with buttons if you’d like!

4. Cut a length of steel wire approximately 24 inches long. Poke the ends of the wire into the sides of the pouch and twist together. Make sure the wire is secured about an inch down from the top of the pouch.

5. Snip small holes into the bottom of a sandwich bag. I really like the ones that have the extra heavy zip lock top. Makes it easy to add the soil and the plant.

6. Fill the bag with potting soil, and then slip the bag into the pouch just to make sure it fits. Take the bag out of the pouch and pot your plant.

7. Slip the potted bag into the pouch and arrange the stems and flowers around the wire hanger.

Note: You can water the plant while it’s still in the pouch if you have these displayed outside. Excess water will just drip out the bottom, though some water will get absorbed into the wool.

As always, a thank you is most certainly in order for Cynthia Shaffer. Don’t forget to stop by her blog from time to time!


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